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Honda CM400 – Flash Rabbit Custom Garage

Posted on September 23, 2013 by Andrew in Bobber, Brat. 23 comments

Another day, another killer Honda build. This time it’s a build from a relative new-comer to the scene; Indonesia’s Flash Rabbit Custom Garage. Run by celebrity and actor Derby Romero, the shop seems to exhibit all the classic traits of the best builders in this part of the world. Namely, a fresh approach with the guts to do things a little different from the mainstream scene. In this case that translated to a build that took influences from the café, bobber and brat scenes. The results? We’ll let them speak for themselves – with a little help from Romero, of course.

“My name is Derby Romero. I was born in 1990 and I’m an actor in Indonesia who really loves classic and custom motorcycles. In fact, I have loved them since I was a kid and now I run my own custom garage called ‘Flash Rabbit’. This all started as a hobby; I had a small workshop at my house and I started designing custom motorcycles and building them for my friends; they were mainly café racers, bobbers and trackers.”

“I guess my passions counted for something, because after a year or so people started to notice my work. It was then about 12 months ago I decided to take this to professional level, because it was something I always wanted to try. The work is still coming in, and now I even have my own team to help run the garage. I’m still working on our website, but it will be up soon.”

“The bike is a Honda CM 400. The first step for us was to get the bike’s engine checked. It was still in good shape, but we had to change the clutch plate, redo the wiring and change the carbs to a set of Keihin PE28s. After we were finished with the engine, I started working on the looks. To try something completely different, I decided to combine café racer, bobber, and brat-style influences all on the one bike – and I think it really works. The gas tank is a handmade with curves on both sides for a real café racer character, and then I put the leatherwork on the gas tank and rear fender to match the leather seat, which is a key feature of the bike and which really gave it a bobber feel.”

“Then we chopped the rear frame a bit so the seat would fit perfectly and to make the bike just a bit lower. The footpegs, clubman bars and the exhausts are all handmade. I used a medium size custom light for the front. For the finishing touches, we sprayed a battleship grey color on the gas tank and rear fender, with a light brown leather stripe and leather seat. The grips are also grey. And yes, we used exhaust wrap. We really hope you all like it.”


  • Cobsad


  • mason123h

    What type of exhaust is that? Where could I pick up a pair of those?

    • PatrickL

      They’re common as dirt on the internet. And dirt cheap too. Your local bike shop probably has had some hanging on the wall for years.

      • PatrickL

        I believe JC Whitney sells them for about 60 bucks apiece. Slash cut megaphones are what they’re called.

  • Nello

    How did you do the wheels? Did you adapt the constars?

    • NateK

      This is a CM400E, came stock with spoke wheels and a front drum

      • HP

        Is this the same frame as the cm400t has ?

  • adienbro

    Ok Bray, new comer well enough lahh.. you have to learn more taste how to build a custom bike. not only taste but also feel. for all you people here next 5 to 6 Oct we Indonesia will have Kustomfest, another custom bike show in here. come and join us in Jogjakarta

    • Harun Al Rasyid

      Lagu loe kek udah master aja. Motor buatan loe pernah diliput website apa?

    • nathas909

      Oh please give details of the show!!! I will be in Bali around those dates, I may come over have a look. Have you got an email or webpage about the show. I would love to see that.

      • Harun Al Rasyid

        It’s an annual event, Indonesia best motorcycle builders get together and show their best build. It is located in Jogjakarta, Central Java.

    • cale

      You have to learn appreciate what other builder did and support your local builder bro 🙂

  • NateK

    Great Build! Are you running VM30’s?

    • Thom

      He mentioned in the article they’re Keihin PE28s.

  • IronHorizon

    The Flash Rabbit logo is killer. Slap a front fender on this one, and she’s done.

  • Flash Rabbit

    Thankyou Andrew for featured her on the site!!!! It’s an honour for us!!!

  • Flash Rabbit

    Yes they’re keihin pe28s

  • handsome rob

    Plethora of cheap parts, awkward styling, and amateur-class details.. jabgan kobam ae makanya dek, bljr bangun motor yg bener dulu

    • Harun Al Rasyid

      Gimana dunia building motorcycle di Indo mau maju, kalo sesama builders aja merendahkan. motor yang di like 620 orang di FB aja dibilang awkward… jadi penasaran sama motor2 yang pernah loe buat.

    • cale

      Orang kalau sirik bisanya hanya mencela hasil karya org lain..emang ente udh bangun motor ape borrrr??? Viva Flash Rabbit! Keep up da’good werk, cant wait to see ur upcoming build brad – cale

  • bagus trilaksono

    what the use ban ? firestone or shinko 240 ? give me information :))thanks all

  • ryish

    What size wheels are those height and width? Does anyone know ?

  • ryish

    Where can I get these tires? I have been looking for wheels like these if anyone has info please respond!