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1976 Kawasaki Z900 – ‘La Latina 900’

Posted on September 25, 2013 by Scott in Café Racer. 19 comments

If there is one material Pablo & Carlos Delgado are comfortable working with, it is metal. The brothers have been ‘traditional metal craftsman’ since they started their foundry back in 1995. Having been brought up as the children of a famous Spanish artist, the brothers always knew they were destined for a creative career using their hands. They started out building art and sculptures out of metal, and I guess you could say they are still doing that, except now their sculptures have two wheels and engines. Apart from metal, the Delgado brothers have a passion for vintage Kawasaki motorcycles, particularly anything starting with a Z. This is the Z900 they recently built called the ‘La Latina 900’ which recently rolled out of their Spanish based workshop in Madrid called Valtoron.

The build started with a very basic 1976 Kawasaki Z900 A4 that was in need of some attention. The brothers started by doing what they do best – they started beating metal. They created the complete alloy bodywork, the short but proportionally balanced café racer seat, the handmade headlight brackets, the chain cover, the registration plate holder and the triple tree. As for engine mods, they have opted for four Mikuni 26mm carbs with K&N filters – which should make it not only sound great but fun to ride.

The stunning alloy custom 4 into 4 exhausts were of course hand made, as was the tank which also got a custom brass gas cap. One of the only parts the brothers didn’t build is the Raask rear sets and controls. Valtoron have made the ride abit more comfortable with Showa rear shocks and a Kawasaki 36 mm fork. As for braking they have used a double 296mm disc brake and on the rear is a 200mm drum brake.

We love the craftmanship that has gone into this build. Have you ever seen so many custom badges on one bike, that are all beautifully designed and handcrafted? The term ‘rolling art’ may be a very over used phrase these days, but we think La Latina 900 and the Delgado brothers have created just that. Don’t you agree?

Photography by the talented Kristina Fender.

[Spotted on Inazuma café racer]

  • Randy Moran

    I like it.

  • Jacob Speis

    Interesting stylistic choices with the photography. The groundbreaking decision to make everything too dark to see is bold and daring.

    • bikefartz

      yeah…..too dark!! don’t like the copper frame either…besides that it’s perfecto

  • bjax

    Nice! This thing has serious visual mass. Looking at the nice color of the mufflers and the bit of pipe at the cylinder head, I wonder why they wrapped the rest. Too much metal?

  • Craig Lang


  • coldsunshine

    Nice. I like seeing bikes that are built by artists (not to say that bike builders in general aren’t artists.)

  • Hamish Lamont

    I love the unique ‘made in metal’ look of Valotron’s bikes and this is beautifully crafted! Its got a real ‘hewn from solid’ presence about it! Even the discs add to the visual heft. When it comes to judging bikes I always think about what I would say if a bloke pulled into the carpark at our local biker watering hole on the bike above. This would be a jaw dropper. Stunning!

    • I think you said it best. This bike looks like the Delgados started with a solid block of steel and machined away everything that didn’t look like a motorcycle. There’s a certain substance and stance to it – even the fenders look like they’re 2 inches thick!

  • Greg Simanson

    really love the detail in the patina

  • imwastefull

    This bike is amazing, the attention to detail is spectacular. More of THESE and less of the shed-built bolt-on abortions you’ve been posting lately.

    • nathas909

      Oh harsh… Bring them all on I say. Its nice to see all angles. From Shed Builds to the Pros. We cant all be metal workers and we all cant be professional race mechanics.

      • B. J. Parker

        Amen to that. Most of us are regular guys inspired and trying to do a little something to our own.

  • AndrewF

    Well I’ve always said Kawasakis would look much better without their signature ‘duck tail’ and here’s the proof.

    ps. The other details are nice too 🙂

  • Davidabl2

    In that movie “streetcar Named Desire” there’s a scene where the Karl Malden character asks
    blanche Dubois why she never lets him see her in the light…this photography makes me feel like that…

  • Gaige

    I appreciate a lot of the details on this bike, but as a whole it seems kind of cluttered and gaudy. Theres also way to many “Valtorone” badges all over the thing. Like a Harley that way.

  • itsmefool

    “Serious visual mass” indeed…I’d call this thing El Acorazado!

  • TheBluePig

    Wicked! Nice bike guys. Love the custom badging etc and those side covers look great.

  • Martin Spears

    I”ve never lusted after a bike as much as this one. Great photography!

  • robweeve

    love the colors in the pipes