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Yamaha XJR1300 ‘Eau Rouge’ by Deus Ex Machina

Posted on November 6, 2013 by Scott in Café Racer, Racer. 23 comments

Last year Yamaha started asking motorcycle customizers to provide inspirational ideas on how to transform modern Yamaha motorcycles into what they have dubbed ‘Yard Built Specials’. It’s only been a few months since Deus Ex Machina Italy launched their last ‘Yard Built’ Yamaha XJR1300 named Project X. Now they have just unveiled their latest take on the XJR1300 at the EICMA 2013 in Milan – the largest two-wheeled show in the world. Deus and Yamaha have collaborated to transform this powerful XJR1300 into something to behold. The ‘Eau Rouge’ is Deus Ex Machina’s modern interpretation of endurance racing bikes of the 70s and 80s – and what a wonderful interpretation it is.

The lines on the bike are what makes this build truly special. The angular seat unit and petrol tank have been hand-built, along with the ‘Cyclops’ nose cone that houses the off set headlight. The bike has been finished in a special paint that gives the appearance of bare metal. The iconic Yamaha ‘speed block’ design finishes the bike off perfectly and gives a nod to it’s racing heritage.

When it comes to the components, needless to say they have spared no expense. Up front they have used retro-styled Öhlins right way up forks that embrace an iconic Marvic five-spoke gold wheel, with solid discs and unique engraved Discacciati calipers. At the rear is a titanium stubby 4-into-1 exhaust system and twin Öhlins shocks with machined aluminium rearsets.

The ’Eau Rouge’ is a stunning tribute to those that pushed the limits in non-stop 24 hour endurance races. Deus might have given a modern twist to the semi-faired 70s style endurance bikes, but it still looks like it has the soul of something much older.

To see and hear ‘Eau Rouge’ in action, make sure you watch the video below. 

  • itsmefool

    So I thought this thing had no headlight from the lead photo…now that I see it from the starboard side, I’m wishing was I right! Too bad those “special lines” don’t include the fairing.

    • JLKasper

      I wasn’t looking at the fairing; I noticed that the rug the bike sat on really tied the room together.

      • itsmefool

        Hah! Good one…

    • Spyker May

      I am not prone to swearing, it shows a certain lack substance, but there is no other way to put this,

      Deus’ best build, bar none – it puts the F^CK-YOU back, into avant-garde.

  • Fix

    Why oh why won’t Yamaha bring this bike to the states?

  • Стефан ‘Dobermann’ Петров

    Ohlins conventional forks – need one of these!!!

  • revdub

    Oh man. I love this beast. Can I just say that Yamaha is on a roll? With the re-release of the SR400, the custom Bolts, and all of these “yard builds,” they certainly have me interested in new model Yamaha’s as a platform (which I’m guessing is the whole point). I’ve been a Yamaha guy for a while, and that’s a distinction that’s only feeling better with time. Now, if we can just work on getting some more models to choose from in the States. Back to this bike – the tank, seat, and fairing are just plain amazing. Kudos to the scientists over at Deus Italy.

  • JLKasper

    That iconic racing stripe on the fairing makes any Yammy look good!

    • itsmefool

      Now that’s for dang sure!


    Bad ass!!

  • Fadz

    Lovelt tribute to the Boldor Yamaha XS1100 Endurance Racer!

  • daelm

    what's the other bike in the second last photograph?

  • arnold

    The cincher for me was the last scene of the short film. The fuel tank was ‘bent’ rather than rolled. Quite a feat, even if pressed or stamped.ald

    • The SOUND is what grabbed my attention the most, and the old Monza circuit with Parabolica, a temple of speed!
      For history lovers check this out, (highly recommended):

      Can you imagine to ride on full speed at an angle like this???

      • arnold

        If I were capable of owning and riding a bike of this caliber, I would be on the top of the curve.Excellent post. ald

        • That’s the spirit Arnold, full throttle!!! 😉

  • AndrewF

    To me this is probably the worst Deus offering ever, just thanks to that fairing. It made me cry, it did.

    • KJV

      I love the fairing. Different strokes for different folks!

  • Is it me, or do those pipes look red hot in every single shot?

    • arnold

      Now we’re down to the nitty -gritty. The rider seems to be wearing a pair of vintage Chuck Taylors. Old style leathers and vintage basket ball shoes, half face and goggles, a perfect retro fit. Warms my heart like hot headers.

    • This is the main reason that I don’t like mummy wrapping. You miss this beautiful headers-burnt patina, whether it is titanium or stainless steel.

  • Sooty

    I like the other bike in the photograph. Silly fairings just kill the cool factor for me.

  • dagema

    I like the fairing and the offset lamp. Not too keen on the rest of this build though.