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‘The Delivery’ by Old Empire Motorcycles

Posted on November 21, 2013 by Scott in Video. 16 comments

A few months back we featured Old Empire Motorcycles stunning Royal Enfield Bullet which received much praise from you guys. This time they have sent us a little film they made about delivering a Honda CB250 Superdream they call ‘The Hunter’ to one of their friends and customers. The journey starts in Suffolk, England – where their workshop is based – and then follows them as they travel over 1000 miles, eventually arriving in the south of France and surprising their friend.

Apart from the fact it has been shot well and has an engaging story, the thing I love is the honesty of the video. The fact that they left in the ‘uncool’ bits, like not being able to do up the helmet properly (which I’m guessing was given to them by Ruby for the film). Plus also showing the bike breaking down on its first ride – which is completely normal but they could have easily left it out. I’m glad they didn’t. Everyone loves a road trip, and this little film has made me want to go on one, real bad.

  • Work, blah, blah,blah, excuses, excuses, excuses…
    Knock down the wall of excuses, seize the day and ride. Ride the heck out of it!!!
    Beautiful film, thanks for sharing!

  • Who?Me?

    Great film. Couldn’t help but smile at the end. Good job y’all.

  • Kevin

    Man that just looks like a dream job ….. I hate you guys !

  • revdub

    You gents are too young to build such nice bikes. Great video. It made me want to get out and ride.

  • Russr33

    Thoroughly enjoyed that gentleman; has to feel pretty cool to surprise a friend like that. One question: where did you guys get the leather backpacks?

    • OldEmpireMotorcycles

      Hi Russr33 the backpacks are actually waxed canvas Bashilo backbacks froma company called Azo Equipment designed and made here in the uk -

    • OldEmpireMotorcycles

      Hi Russr33, they backpacks are actually made from waxed canvas and are made by a company called Azo Equipment designed and manufactured here in the uk –

  • Sloan

    I have to know what that square headlight is off of.

    • VR


  • Fadz

    brilliant little film, nice bike, obviously good mates (1000 mile just to drop it off in person!), And yeh, I also had a smile on me dial at the end.

  • bsa


  • LukeG

    Great film. Very nicely shot and just such a friendly vibe! What jacket is the
    Reddish looking one?. Cheers

    • OldEmpireMotorcycles

      The reddish looking one is the Lewis Leathers Western nubuck jacket

      • LukeG

        Awesome, thanks a lot!!! Make more videos!! It was so good!

  • LukeG

    Great video. Nice vibe!! What company makes the reddish colour jacket?

  • Art

    I see the music credits at the end for the artists, but what were the tracks used in the video?