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‘76 Honda CB750 – Sur les Chapeaux de Roues

Posted on November 30, 2013 by Andrew in Brat. 25 comments

As anyone who has tried to learn English from scratch will tell you, the language makes about as much sense as a totally blootered Mel Gibson at 2am on a Sunday morning. It’s Raining cats and dogs. Keeping an eye out. Kicking the bucket. Wearing your heart on your sleeve. But you’ll be glad to know that the Anglaises aren’t the only ones with a market share in complete nonsense. The French phrase ‘démarrer sur les chapeaux de roues’ translates literally as ‘to drive on your hubcaps’ and is used in a similar fashion to the English phrase ‘hit the ground running’ or ‘get off to a flying start’. It’s also happens to be the name of the Brittany-based bike shop that is responsible for today’s feature bike, this very beautiful and very hubcap-less Honda CB750.

“I’m a 31 year old Parisian guy,” says Dorian Miras, the bike’s owner. “I’ve been riding bikes for about 4 years and felt the need to get something a little more exotic. I would have loved to build my own bike, but it’s pretty much impossible given that I live in a 35 square meter flat in the center of town. So I searched all over the internet to find a workshop that could make me a cool ride and meet my limited budget.”

“I came across a shop called Sur les Chapeaux de Roues (or SLCDR) on a random blog. They had built a cool little CB125 and I was very impressed with the paint job and the quality of the finish. I contacted them by email and it turns out the ‘company’ is just two guys in a barn lost somewhere in Brittany. Manuel is a former Honda mechanic and takes care of all the greasy work, his buddy Yann is an artist and designer who does the paint jobs. Yann’s sister also lends a hand and stitches the seats. The first two bikes that came out of their shed are the builder’s own bikes. My CB750 is only their 3rd build and I am therefore their very first paying customer.”

“I bought a 1976 Honda CB750 K6 on the internet and picked it up with a van. The engine was dead and she had 80,000 km on the clock. But the overall condition of the frame was rather good. I did most of the design by myself in Photoshop, sourced all the parts including the headlight which was from a tractor in Ohio and the guys at SLCDR did all the tough work.”

“The mods to the bike include a full engine rebuild and basically everything else, too. New brakes, wiring, the rear loop, a custom seat and some custom paint. And yes, the dent on the tank was kept on purpose. They also reversed the handlebar, added some Metzeler block C tires, and topped it off with some Vans cult BMX grips.”

Photography by Alexis Le Naour

  • Lewn

    Really nice, CB750 all the power you’ll ever really need. Great paint sits really well if a little slammed. I think I’d tweak the muffler a bit higher maybe with a supertrapp and go with a darker seat. But I really like it.

  • Piyasawat Vilathong Dek Pum

    tire size ? rear and font

    • Dorian Miras

      Metzeler Block C 3.25R19 54P
      Metzeler Block C 4.00R18 64H

  • Ur Momma

    Pretty but it still handles like a CB750.

  • dannyb278

    I like everything but the seat. I know the style is in right now but it looks incredibly lazy on everybike i see it on

  • BigPeeWee

    Why not paint the tank instead of leaving all the scratches and gouges ?

    • I believe they call it ‘patina’…

      • BigPeeWee

        Patina: A surface appearance of something grown beautiful, especially with age or use, which adds value to an antique or collectible and should not be cleaned or removed.

        New Patina: take a body grinder to anything nice. Then leave it.

  • ccc40821

    Sweet, potent CB. Or, as we Danes would say; “it’s the raisin in the sausage end.”

  • fraone

    Reminds me to the few years ago franzgarage one…

  • EJduffy

    This is beautiful. I’m underway on my first cafe build at present (a 1976 CB400F) and am definitely going to steal a couple of ideas from this.

  • PC

    if you like the bike, here is a video that’s shox how great the work on the engine is on this CB750, enjoy! “Puzzle”, une nouvelle vidéo pour “Sur les chapeaux de roues” from Alexis Le Naour on Vimeo.

  • philip

    Would love to own it, ride it!

  • borgesabreu01

    Amazing! Please, where i find this model`s seat? Tks

  • snaj

    Anyone have more information on the headlight? I’d love to know what kind of tractor it came off?

    • Dorian Miras

      Contact this guy for the headlight :

      • Snaj

        Thats awesome. Thanks for the lead Dorian!

  • Dazzypig

    What size are the shocks? Were the forks shortened? love this Build.

    • Dorian Miras

      305 mm at the back. But it’s a little short : can’t ride with two people on the bike… Will have to switch to 325 mm or 335 mm.

      Won’t look as good though :/

      • motodragon

        how was the front end lowered?

  • Chris

    For a budget build, this bike is pretty nice. I myself did budget cb750 build on my own with no prior knowledge of motorcycle fabrication. I bought it foror $1000 cash and put another 2000 into it. it was running on one cylinder and I had no idea what I was getting into. I had actually never ridden a motorcycle before! Like the guy who owns this beast, I was just pumped to get into the cafe scene! My bike has won trophies and I man up a Facebook page for vintage riders in the Denver area called cafe moto Denver. All in all, not a bad bike, but not quite my taste ! But, I’m glad this bike is not like mine or the next guys either.

  • Foyil100

    What tank is used on this bike? very clean looking