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Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Sydney 2013

Posted on December 12, 2013 by Andrew in Video. 4 comments

Consider, if you will, the pitiful life of the average pogonophobic. ‘What’s a pogonophobic,’ I hear you ask? A pogonophobic, dear reader, is a person with a morbid fear of beards or facial hair. How quickly their daily goings-on must transform into nightmarish, hair-filled scenarios brimming with unimaginable terrors. The accidental glimpse of Tom Selleck while changing TV channels. Waking in a cold sweat with a head full of Ned Flanders. And what could be worse than a monstrous craving for fried chicken only to flee in fright at the Colonel’s wondrous white whisker wings? This is what; a veritable ‘perfect storm’ for pogonophobics the world over. They call it hell on earth. We call it ‘The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride’.

Video by MY Media Sydney and Paste Studios

  • Paddy

    A beautifully shot video. Definitely a cafe racer fans’ wet dream.
    However, I thought the music chosen is highly inappropriate for a “Gentlemans’ Ride” video. Something more discerning, more ummm, mature, as befits the occasion. Otherwise, it sure made me wish I was there!

  • Phooey

    Just shows what fun can be had on some fabulous bikes with like minded people, the bonus is it’s for charity! The other side to biking that people should see if their opinion of us is negative stereotyping, we just want to have some fun people! We’ll done all.
    Life in the slow lane, we’ll they can’t see how well you are dressed otherwise old boy….

  • arnold

    You go guys .The promotion has even penetrated me. For what little it is worth from me, it is a good deal. (FWIW My upper lip has been a subject of pogonophobia for many (50) years) Though I never knew why until now.ald

  • Hipster hater

    what a shit bike at 3:16