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’77 BMW R60/7 – ER Motorcycles

Posted on December 14, 2013 by Andrew in Scrambler. 28 comments

Here’s the second bike from a guy who’s reputation is growing faster than a wave of nausea at a Nickelback concert. Arguable one of Eastern Europe’s top shops after only his second build, we’re genuinely excited about what this guy has up his oily, rolled sleeves. This BMW follows his blinding ’83 R80 job from a few months back; this time he’s turned his eye to a rather nice R60/7 from ’77. His name is Blaž Šuštaršič. He has 5 diacritics in his name. His shop is called ER Motorcycles. This is ‘Macchiato’.

“I have been a motorcycle enthusiast since childhood,” says Blaž. “Although I was impressed with the sounds of the engine and the speeds it can reach, I have always been more interested in the way a motorcycle was designed and built, giving my full attention to little details that make a motorcycle special and unique. A work of art you might say.”

“Growing up, a passion for innovative design and creating something from scratch led me to become a graphic designer. Working full-time in advertising and drawing design sketches of motorcycles as a hobby were my life for 6 years. But my heart and soul were more and more into motorcycles. Despite the economic crisis in 2009, I reached for a business opportunity that opened up for me. I quit my job and started chasing my childhood dreams. I gathered a team and opened a shop. ER motorcycles was born.”

“The name ER, or Espresso Racer Motorcycles, stands for our passion for 1960’s cafe racers. Thus, old café racers are usually the ones that are being redesigned and given a new look and feel. We always try to make sure our bikes have four key characteristics – a story, some innovation, a unique design and total attention to detail.

“So now for this bike. It’s a ‘77 BMW R60/7 that we have called ‘Macchiatto’. It’s a build for us, and wasn’t commissioned. It took us about 2 months of really hard work to complete. The carb is a stock Bing unit, and the air filter is stock too. The exhaust is custom and the silencers are HP Course units.”

“We modified the rear loop on the original frame and swapped out the original forks with a set from a R100 RT. The front wheel and rear wheels are from the same bike, with Continental TKC80 rubber; 100/90×19 at the front and 4.50×18” at the back. Other bits we took from the R100 include the dual front discs and the controls.”

“The tank is from a R50/5 and we did all the paint and graphics in house. The seat and seat pan are both handmade; this is one of our signature features. We pride ourselves on our upholstery. The ‘bars are Renthal items and the grips are from Ariete. We completely rewired the bike, too.”

The ER signature touch. Now that’s some sweet stitching

“And to top it off, we splashed out on a Motogadget ‘Tiny’ dial. They make beautiful stuff. We hope you love the bike as much as we do. Stay tuned for our next build soon.”

Photography buy Jernej Konjajev

  • choo

    Cool bike, just a tiny nit, the front fender is not functional at all, get it up off the tire like the rear, make it a functional size, and then I have to shut up with my petty whining.

    • Andrew zehler

      Nobody cares. I doubt they are going to be ripping mud bogs, even if they do they’ve got a huge brick of an engine and gas tank to block debris.

      Awesome build not a BMW fan but this thing looks great and very functional.

      • jlgace

        I agree. I couldn’t stop looking at the fender fail. Perhaps it’s a legal thing. Maybe further to this, the exhaust is really nicely done yet designed to only flow one cylinder. And the headlight is crooked. Getting past my personal needs for symmetry and function, it is a nice piece of art as said. The finishes are meticulous and obviously not the result of afterthought – definitely a high-quality product.

  • Stephen

    Great looking bike and would be a hoot to ride. That seat not only is beautifully done, but looks like it would be comfortable to ride on. Anyone know what the turn signals came off?

  • andrew

    what kind of bars are you using renthal highs

  • hmm

    i would leave some comments, but you would just delete them like you did on the silly moped.

  • nathas909

    Mate I normally don’t comment that often, but that seat is amazing. You have every right to be proud of that upholstery. Its stunning. If the bikes don’t work out, you should just make seats, you would kill it. I will be hassling you for my next build.

    • revdub

      I’m in love with that seat. Lust might be a better way to describe it.

      • davmo

        I’m with the seat lovers and the fender haters on this one. The seat is a full-sized, practical piece with a lot of class. That fender is going to be toast if these knobbies ever see real dirt. Raise the fender and you have a winner. Beautiful , tasteful work.

  • Jason Hamilton

    Nice but rocks are not going under that front fender

  • Paul

    Good to see a shot with a rider on-board, I could definitely find a space in the shed for it.

  • Very neat and tidy – all ready to take to the next ISDT, or what ever they call it now. I don’t know why some people question air-heads for the dirt. They seemed to do alright in North Africa and the eastern and western fronts. I would be proud to ride this example.

  • revdub

    My favorite BMW build of this year. I love everything about it. Stellar!

    • Kevin

      Just when you think these BMW builds have jumped the shark this thing pops up wow!
      that silencer choice is god dam perfect ! .. and he is really pushing the limits of those skinny Jean seams ! ( me too dude Christmas holidays )

      beautiful bike great job !

  • Josh

    I’m just going to comment on the photography, as a photographer–the last shot has half of a lighting umbrella photoshopped out of it. Sloppy.

    Cool bike.

    • I believe that’s a reflection in a window.

    • EofA

      Hahah. I didn’t even notice that umbrella! I’m a photoshop nazi as well but that one would be pretty tricky to stamp out. Not impossible but might take some time.

  • bartys78

    Yes I like it, being a more conservative type I would have opted for a regular Bonneville stlye 2 person sixtys
    seat though.

  • Lars Gustavsson

    Fantastic bike. I really love the last picture. The proportions of a motorcycle includes a driver. BMW tanks are big, but not when someone is sitting on the bike. Well done:)

  • Anthony Healy


  • arnold

    Two things. The headstock looks like it has been raked a bit. Nice tail end ‘muffler’ , but out of character.
    Would I give it a pass, if I was looking to own it?
    Not on your life. Very nicely done.

    • arnold

      I agree with Paul; a rider picture makes it real.

  • EofA

    Should be manditory that a vid be posted along with these builds. I wanna hear that thing rip with HP Corse exhaust. Best looking hydroform pipes in my opinion. Very cool build.

    • HP are the best hydroform pipes indeed, but I agree with Arnold that this beautiful muffler doesn’t fit with the character of this bike. Maybe a Dakar version exhaust would look better, and give this fresh look at the same time. But in the end all these are just minor details…

  • Arno

    Super nice bike ! Where I can find this can of tires ? I want the same for my baby !

  • Valere

    The CRD #14 sister… Very very nice job. One of my favorite. Good balance, well shape, simple solution (seem to be simple !). Love.

  • some good ideas for my build. thank you

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