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Ruleshaker’s Honda CB750 – “Old Spirit”

Posted on March 26, 2013 by Andrew in Café Racer, Racer. 29 comments

If you ever found yourself riding in France and the whim took you to see just how far you could go west-bound and down before you hit Spain, sooner or later you’d probably end up in Bayonne. Being the last real French city before travellers reach the border, it’s famous as a stop over on the route from Paris to Madrid. It’s also well-know for it’s chocolate, ham, and as being the oldest bull fighting city in France. But we think it’s probably time that something else was added to the list. Thanks to the city’s Ruleshaker Motorcycles, it seems to us that killing angry cows or eating cured swine just got a whole lot less interesting, due to a certain new Honda in town.

The shop is run by Iban, who obviously loves his seventies retro motorsports. Being the purist that he is, the original Honda chassis remained roughly stock. The engine, on the other hand, benefited from a disappeared airbox, some rather large K&N filters, and a classic set of peashooters to handle the four-into-two pipes.

The bike’s wiring has been fully culled to make sure any unnecessary weight was jettisoned. The original chunky instruments have been replaced with an elegant single-dial set-up, and aluminium has been used to replace the heavier, stock items where possible.

Needless to say, the feature that really makes the bike stand out from her CB sisters is the elegant fairing. Part Dick Mann/Daytona ‘70, and part Mad Max, it somehow manages to be both classic and very contemporary at the same time. It’s beautifully executed sunken headlight and the thin blue line that wraps around it as a continuation of the tank and seat decal show the skilled touch of a deft hand. Also notice the blue-hue to the licence plate light. We love a bit of well thought out colour coordination, don’t you?

Taken? We are. If you’d like to learn more on the Basque Bad Boys, then hit them up on their Facebook page, or pay a visit to their site. And before you say anything, there’s no ham on there. I already asked.

(Via the superbly named Un Pneu Dans la Tombe)

  • Nothing left to say! Stunning bike!

  • SportsterMike

    Superb attention to detail – seat cowl, tank and fairing spot on.. the purists might say that seat is too short though

    • LivinSoHard

      I think the purists would actually refer back to the CR 750 and realize that it’s actually a bit longer than the original race bike.

  • Peter Ayers

    Craftsmanship is wonderful and I love the fairing. The colors and the stripe are beautiful as well. The one thing that stands out (in my eyes, anyway) is the very short tail section. It’s about 6 inches too short for my tastes. That being said, those are my tastes. Otherwise lovely!

    • Lewn

      I agree, near perfection, but another 6 inches on the back end would look better. I think I’d also like to match up the speedometer with a tachometer..

      • taka-tz

        It would look less front end heavy if the seat was lowered a couple or three inches down over the frame.

  • Héhé !
    Thanks for the mention Pipeburn.
    You guys rock!

    • cab305

      Thank you, for making bikes worth mentioning! oh lá lá.

  • I tend to be a bigger fan of various types of twin-cylinder engines, rather than inline-4s, but I will say this…

    I am very much in favor of bikes with half fairings, and there should be more of them!

    I like this bike.

    The blue glowing speedo is a nice visual touch, but I wonder if is harder to read than something with lit digits and needle, rather than a lit face with dark contrast numbers and needle.

  • Ur Momma

    Check out the KTM cafe they have for sale on their site — These guys build some fun.

  • itsmefool

    Yep, I’m with Boxer…love the fairing! I doubt I could actually ride this thing, but it’s a beaut; well done.

  • arnold

    I don’t remember purple as an old school item for the rear illumination on motorcycles. Many other places,yeah. They say if you can remember the sixties(bleeding over into the seventies) you were not there. Today though, a well placed rear fender would make this scooter a 9 on a scale of 10 for me.ald

  • arnold

    Very nice over all.

  • bryan kerswill

    Beautiful looking bike. I love the understated paint scheme and the Mad Max comment does have a ring about it. Alas for me and my duff wrist it would be a short ride bike. Nothing wrong with that I suppose but I can picture the bike with a set of flattish bars without the fairing….mmmm

  • Great Bike, great Workshop !

  • High levels of subtle craftsmanship in this build. Great proportions and cool stance. Looks like it could be a factory concept or prototype bike.

  • Woodie

    Stunning bike, love the lines but I gotta agree that tail is 6″ too short, makes it look unbalanced. JMHO.
    But the rest. Stunning, just smooth and sleek… Love it.

  • Carbonarc

    What a beauty, this is quality

  • Wind-blown

    It’s really that little blue pinstripe that does it for me; just drives my eye down the whole bike. Superb build.

  • Jape Sinisalo

    It desperately needs a rear fender, other than that it looks pretty good.

  • Joey Delgadillo

    I have the same fairing sitting in my garage. I thought it was a little large but this bike pulls it off beautifully.

  • Rewheeled

    Lovely bike, and the taillength is just perfect. Great to se abuild with a fairing.

  • Leonid

    я в ахуе!

    • arnold

      Thanks for making it clear and plain!

  • matt lynch

    I love seeing dohc cb750’s customized.
    i have an 82 cb750sc nighthawk that im working on.
    it wont be near as nice as this bike, but im hoping…

  • barney

    Beautiful bike….great job. I think it would look just as excellent with a slightly cut down and shortened original two seater…it’s nice to be able to shift around on a seat after awhile in the saddle. A smaller fly screen would also look good too if less effective. I bike I’d like to own/ride for sure.
    Ruleshaker Motorcycles….you’re alright.

  • chuck

    Hey man, what fairing is it and where can.i get it? Would really appreciate

    • Joey Delgadillo

      It looks like a slightly modified Pacifico Pathfinder fairing. You may be able to find one on ebay if you look for a while. If you can PM me on disqus I can sell you mine, it just sitting around.