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1982 Kawasaki Z1100ST ‘Big Z’ by Maccomotors

Posted on April 27, 2013 by Andrew in Brat. 30 comments

Written by Ian Lee.

Some families are close. Sometimes family gets together to start a business, or to work on motorbikes, or to just hang out. Today’s feature bike is a product of all three of these, and as the first build, this custom workshop is off to a great start. Maccomotors is a family based operation, with two brothers working out of a shed in Chiclana De Frontera, Cadiz at the base of Spain. This is their first build, the ‘Big Z’, a customised 1982 Kawasaki Z1100ST, built in a small workshop, by two brothers armed with big passions and great ideas.

Picked up for cheap from a neighbour because it wouldn’t run, the big Kwaka’s motor was stripped down and found to have valve issues. At this point it was decided to completely rebuild the engine, and adapt the exhaust to run a set of pipes from a Kawasaki Zephyr 1100, ending in MIVV exhaust silencers. The factory aircleaner has been ditched for a set of Meiwa pod filters, giving the inframe a nice clean look.

For looks, Maccomotors has gone for mix of street tracker and café racer styling. The brothers decided to run with the lines of the fuel tank, a Maccomotors leather seat following the tank’s curves beautifully but kicking up towards the rear of the bike. The rear frame has been cut down to accommodate the custom seat, a Texas tail light fitted, and a set of SHIN-YO cateye indicators flanking the rearend. Inhouse fabrication is one of Maccomotors’ specialties, the front and rear guards being manufactured in the tiny workshop in the south of Spain, as well as additional steel and aluminium touches peppering the bike.

From the Bates headlight back, the bike has many touches that talk more of quality of thought put into the build, without being too flashy. A set of Renthal ultralow handlebars have been fitted, ending in Beston style grips, a single speedo fitted for simplicity. For quality of ride, a Marzocchi E81 has been fitted to the rear suspension, with Metzeler tyres giving grip to match the power put out by the 1100, 19” at the front, 16”at the back.

Built with the idea of possessing functionality, retro styling, yet have an aggressive persona, Big Z definitely fits the bill. According to Jose, one of the Macco brothers, the bike is a “real rocket” to ride, adding “we have big ideas we just want to share with people as bike crazy as we are”. And with more bikes in the process of being built, keep on eye on this small family outfit, because if they can do this on their first build, it’s only a sign of more good things to come.

[Photography by Sergio Ibarra]

  • Chris Gillham

    Perfect. The paint backing the tank badge looks like an after thought tho, but otherwise a perfect big bruiser. Yes it has pipe wrap, so what.

    • R_Melaun

      So what? It’s a cliché. That’s what.

      • Chris Gillham

        The irony of calling pipe wrap a cliche in the comments section on a custom motorcycle blog…

        • R_Melaun

          As is all too typical, you completely misunderstand the word ironic. Irony is defined as saying (or writing) something the opposite of what you actually mean. And, since you brought it up, what is “custom” about pipe wrap?

          • CBIWhite

            custom is defined as building something made to order, or for a specific customer. pipe wrap was not originally on this bike, and has been put there according to the stylistic choice of the builder or customer. QED.

          • arnold


          • Chris Gillham

            Alanis Morissette might have a different idea

          • Alex Braun

            Alanis Morissette wrote a song about irony without a single example of irony in any of the lyrics, just bad timing for the most part. 😛

      • barney

        Geez….will you guys get over your ‘pipe wrap’ whining…yer boring me to tears…

  • Mrityunja Singh

    Great to see a Z1 in this fettle!

  • metalguru

    worn out brake discs. pod air filters on CV carbs. cheap Chinese turn signals. masturbation should never be done in public…

    • barney

      Looking forward to seeing your bikes….


      Worn out disc brakes???? Is there a problem with RIDING your bike?

    • tincantroubadour

      Hey, maybe they bought the turn signals at a substantial mark-up from a boutique online store front. That’s what I did, ten years ago. Holeshot performance. I’m not sure if the cheap ones available now are the same, just more directly available, or knock-offs. Also, had K&N pods on my 550 now for about as long. CV carbs. What’s the problem? Never saw anybody who could mic a rotor through a photo, now that has me impressed!

      • Davidabl2

        He’s referring to the apparent wear lines in photo 1..and I hope that they DON’T automatically show that the rotors are worn out..I’ve got some I haven’t miked yet.

  • nathas909

    Nice bike. I love the seat, looks comfortable, has some nice angles and that brown leather is real nice. The whole bike is sweet.
    If people can only pick on the pipewrap and indicators you have done a great first build.

  • barney

    Great bike….I’d buy one in a minute if i could. Shame the mocos aren’t producing more new bikes like this one. Simple, sporting, organic lines. That said at least we’re seeing some new bikes coming out along these lines…the new CB1100, Kawi W800 etc.

    • Davidabl2

      re the never-ending story of pipe wrap.. ceramic coating inside&out isn’t seen enough
      either white or black..and as an i4 this one doesn’t even need any heat shields..or pipe wrap 😉

  • Hamish Lamont

    Hell damn, that’s butch! Not a million miles away from the original, while looking quite different. Awesome job. Seriously regretting selling my coffin-tank Z right now.

  • HAT Photography

    Oh man… she’s a beaut! I have an 83 KZ1100 LTD, been looking for some idears. Loving lines, seat is bad ass, solid build!

  • arnold

    You had me untill the elephant ear /exhaust , rear to front photograph.Trying to ride the wheels off of it several times, I wouldn’t be looking at that view anyway.

  • Chad Messersmith

    Bitch bitch bitch! Every time I read one of these articles and read the comments someone has to bitch about some inconsequential minute detail. If those things aren’t to your liking don’t put them on YOUR bike. If you ever have a bike written about and photographed for PB be prepared to have others tear your work apart in the comments section as well. The moral of the story here is “Keep your mouth shut and be assumed a fool, or open it and remove all doubt.”

    • arnold

      To remove all doubt, I acknowledge being a fool. In fact my contributions are so small compared to the Cosmos, I am constantly humbled. Thanks for removing all doubt as to your insight, though.ald

      • arnold

        Now, how ’bout commenting on the bike instead of the commentators. My guess is that if you hate every thing about it , you would have said something pithy or nothing and moved on to something you do like.

        • arnold

          If you could quote Twain correctly, I might have let your silly ass pass.

          • Chad Messersmith

            The quote may not be perfectly word for word, but the p.oint is still the same. As for the bike, I like it and would more than happy to ride it. It has good clean lines, great fabrication work done on the hooped end of the frame, and excellent attention to detail. All clearly signs of shop with skilled builders who know and love what they are doing. Great build Maccomotors.


    …..smooth ….

  • Mikael Lewis

    Geez, stop being such weenies and open your eyes…this bike is gorgeous!

    • battler britton

      Hello guys, sorry I’m late… only 2 years since the last post….
      Ilike this bike, but before commenting, I show you what it took some money and somthing betwen 600 and 800 hours to do.. Only a part of the frame,95 % of the engine an the tanck are from originale bike . seat, muffler and paint have to evoluate ….

      Comment this post…. so I could be alowed to comment other guys ‘work !!

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