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The Throttleroll 2013 Custom Motorcycle Show

Posted on May 2, 2013 by Andrew in Other. 7 comments

In the U.S. they have the 1 Moto show. France has its Wheels and Waves. And now we are very proud to introduce Sydney’s own world-class custom, classic, and café racer biker show – the inaugural Throttle Roll. It’s the brain child of our very own Mark Hawwa and Jordan Kightly. The same guys who brought us the Australian Café Racers and the now famous Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. With a pedigree like that, we’re guessing it’s going to be a doosey. That’s why we put our name on it.

If you’re in Sydney next Saturday the 11th of May, you can drop by the The Vic in Enmore from 12pm onwards. There’ll be more than 40 custom bikes, live bands, a few cleansing ales and a whole bunch of guys and girls who like custom bikes… just like you. And if you’re the type who finds that too much fun is barely enough, then you can also join the Sydney Café Racers on a morning ride through the Royal National Park. Interested? Then check out more on the website and Facebook pages for the event. Scott and I will be there with bells on – and Pipeburn t-shirts as well. Feel free to come up and say hello.

  • nathan

    sounds so fun. this time last year i was working in enmore too.

  • arnold

    You got me to thinking again, pretty dangerous on your part. If you put your …whatever… tablet on your forehead (Hat) we, across the big muddy ponds could see what we are missing and be envious. Course if you have one of those 17 inch thingies that I see new Dads toting around, there may be some physical customization involved. Best of weather and times to y’all.ald

    • Come again?

      • arnold

        Ah, reality check, post us some pictures. thanks.

  • I took some footage from the day and made a video check it out!

    • arnold

      I’ll limit myself to four. 1. Good music. 2. Looked like a Dyno setup in the bed of that pickup. 3. A huffed up Triumph. 4. A yellow 70’s Norton. Way too much fabrication candy to appreciate in one pass of the video. Very well done. Thanks.ald

  • Septic the Sceptic

    Bit late now, but this was a great event.