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Moto Guzzi Nuovo Falcone – Medaza Cycles

Posted on May 27, 2013 by Andrew in Café Racer, Racer. 34 comments

The AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building has some pretty big boots to fill. After all, putting the words ‘World Championship’ in your name doesn’t let you do anything by half measures. They have to throw a net over the entire custom bike scene in order to live up to the expectations. Sometimes this means they can uncover some real gems, but it also means that they do tend to get their fair share of choppers, ape hangers, and billet. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But this year, they’ve really taken it to a new level. All the bikes placed in the top three slots are rides we’d be more than happy to have in our garage. And the winner? Well, it’s a bike that we’d tear down our old garage for and build a new one just to do it justice. That bike is a Moto Guzzi single mounted in a one-off frame called ‘Rondine’.

Here’s Don Cronin. He runs Medaza Cycles, and is an Italian-loving Irishman who’s just been crowned best custom bike builder in the world. “I’ve built all sorts of bikes over the years. Yanks, Brits, Japs – but I’ve always had a soft spot for Italian machines. I adopted the moniker “Medaza Cycles” in 2009 after building Medaza 500 (a Morini based chop) for the AMD championship in Sturgis. If we had a philosophy it would be ‘ingenuity before bought’. A lot of the real creativity happens in the workshop after hours when myself and a few good friends work on each other’s bikes as a kind of social thing. The bikes are built for the pleasure of it, and I hope it shows.”

“I’d had the idea for Rondine for a while but Moto Guzzi flat singles are hard to get hold of and are usually too expensive to break up. The Nuovo Falcone is considered the poor relation of the more venerable Falcone, so they’re a bit easier to source. In standard form they’re ugly as sin, but therein lay the challenge! The donor bike for the build (a ‘71 model) turned up as a project, so fit the bill.”

“The engine rebuild included the fitting of a 580cc piston and compression increase, light weight valves with uprated springs, a modified lubrication system, a custom light flywheel, pumper carb, and one-off permanent magnet alternator. Bar the modified V-Rod wheels and the V-rod swing arm used in the girder forks, very few of the bike’s parts are off-the-shelf items. The frame, tinware, and most of the other components were engineered in house.”

“I’d like, if I could to a quick shout-out to Harisson Billet U.K. who supplied the brake calipers and S+T Steel in Wichita Falls Texas, who produced the rotors. Many thanks!”

And here’s something that put a big smile on our faces. Inexplicably, at the bottom of Don’s message to us, and seemingly out of all context, he finished up with these six seven words. “Do it for the heck of it.” Don, for a man that says “words aren’t my normal medium,” we kind of feel that you are selling yourself short. And we can’t wait to see what you do next.

  • Septic the Sceptic

    Very clever. I'm sure many will not be able to look past the obscure engine choice to see how cool this is.

  • cwright856

    AGH! My groin!

    • No thanks.

      • cwright856

        I wasn’t offering it up. Haha. I love the look of this bike, but I sure do wish the tank sloped forward.

        • taka-tz

          It does look like the gas tank was designed backwards, Now that you mentioned it.

          • It looks like the tank is -state of art- !!!
            Incredible flow combined perfect with the lines of the seat cowl. This craftsmanship deserves the first place.
            Respect to Don for such impeccable design and execution.

    • nathan

      the bars are swept far back enough that i think the seating position would be fairly upright. wish there was a pic of it with a rider, but i would imagine the tank shape is a non-issue. looks amazing.

  • itsmefool

    Wow…I can’t imagine what the matching helmet looks like!

  • coldsunshine

    Looks pretty cool. I’m not usually one of those ride experience premadonnas, but that tank looks like every little bump would knock the wind out of you. As an aside, I think people are going to start getting tired of billet aluminum. Don’t get me wrong, I think this thing is really cool, but maybe a good name for it would be, “The Heimlich Maneuver.”

  • davmo

    “Do it for the heck of it” …Six words?

    • coldsunshine

      Counting like Biden.

    • Counting. The fourth skill in my personal talent trilogy…

      • coldsunshine

        “Dewit4theheckovit”…one word.

  • werdna68

    I wish there was a thousand more pictures. I could spend hours checking out all the details

  • BRDM

    If only the belt driven alternator was a supercharger…

  • Too cool for words. I see it but I don’t believe it.

    • coldsunshine

      It is cool, isn’t it?

  • nathas909

    This is so amazing, the use of a swingarm as front forks is very well done, it looks like its meant to be.
    I do have to admit, even though I like it very much, the raw metal look is starting to become over done…..

    • Raw metal is like denim. It never goes out of fashion.

      • True, and patina is the ‘used look’, or in cooking terms, the spice…

  • Check out the exhaust. NEVER seen one done like that before…

    • coldsunshine

      Way cool. It’s fair to steal…uh, I mean GET ideas from the builds on here, yeah?

  • arnold
  • Oldroadie

    Great craftsmanship, wonderful imagination and a daring donor choice. Too bad the fore and aft photos make it look like the frame is bent.

  • simon

    Wonder what 2nd and 3rd look like? Awesome! Are we going to see more swingarm front forks?

  • barney fife


  • jimt222


  • Ken Lindsay

    This should be the bike that is parked in front of motorcycle/automotive design students as a study on how to fabricate and think through all of the details shown here. Absolutely amazing! Was this designed on CAD? The CNC and sheet metal work is incredible. How many hours of planning, never mind work, went into this bike?

  • Sven Grundmann

    bah hässlich

  • the hipster

    da impazzire

  • cale

    What kind of steering damper is that?

  • well sculpted


    I like all of these put together in into one bike

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