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‘72 Harley Sporster – Ilovedust vs Boneshaker Choppers

Posted on January 6, 2014 by Andrew in Bobber, Classic, Rat. 29 comments

It seems fitting that for our first bike of 2014, we’ve chosen a matt black Harley with hand-painted artwork. Not only does the bike look amazing in its own right, but it also harks back to one of our all-time favourite posts – Jed DePyper’s infinitely badass ‘69 Sportster rat. Both bikes show scant regard for chrome, polish and delicate aesthetics. Instead, like a drunken sailor’s tattooed forearm, they display a brute artistic impulsiveness that screams rock ‘n’ roll from the rooftops. Meet The Drayton Porkchop; a bastard lovechild from an unholy union between Boneshaker Choppers and the Ilovedust design studio.

This motorcycle was never meant to be a polished, perfectly executed custom bike” say the boys. “It was not destined to sit amongst glittery show pieces. It is not an exercise in high end fabrication. It was not meant to have flowing lines and blended edges; that stuff is for hatchback designers. The Drayton Porkchop was built to be a mean brute that looks as if it was built for a purpose, some kind of abused, enigmatic race bike with an illustrative flash of race graphics in white and gold to finish it off.”

“We started with a ‘72 Ironhead Sportster frame and motor. The bike needed to be low and fat so we laced a sportster drum brake rear hub to a 16” rim and a later sportster front disc hub to another 16” rim, then shod them both with Firestone ANS tyres. A race bike with chunky tyres – what’s all that about? Depends what you are racing on… if you are slamming a quarter-mile on a dirt track this bike would be pretty handy. Then, to keep with the race vibe we went for clip on bars, shortened the forks by 4” and strutted the rear end.”

“We hate master cylinders on handlebars, so we set up one operated by a cable lever. But then we didn’t want this set-up totally hidden as we like to see working parts – cables and the like. The parts that make the bike stop and go.

The bodywork was designed to be simple; a use what you got approach. A Yamaha tank was chosen and re-tunnelled to sit on the sportster frame. A bayonet central filler cap was fitted and we also fabricated a cutout for the carb and throttle cable. Then a custom fiberglass tail-piece to continue the race vibe was fitted – completing the slammed squat stance.”

“For the exhaust we wanted something that was tight and industrial looking. We made the high level two-into-one pipe to sit close to the motor and exit from inside the rear right strut, helping to keep the bike compact and narrow whilst also looking fat from the rear.

A key theme on the bike is keeping things simple, a few speed holes here and there. No lights, no bolt on tat, no fancy branded parts, just the raw bones. And when it came to thinking about the design aspects of the bike, it was felt that any visuals needed to compliment the bikes toughness and roughness, too. So many bikes we looked at were very polished, high gloss versions with bright colours and fun typography.”

“It had to be matt black, all black everything, that flash of white and gold is the only fancy part about the Porkchop. All the imagery on the bike was meticulously hand painted and each illustration has its own specific meaning. There are odes to old friends past and of course a few of ilovedust’s house brand elements with an illuminati nod thrown in.

It was very important to have a feeling of familiarity, also a worn in quality about the ‘coating’… it’s almost like the bikes been inked.”

And the boys were kind enough to reveal that this isn’t the last of the bikes they intend to make. “Through building ‘The Drayton Porkchop’, the Ilovedust & BoneShaker bond has grown strong. We have a few other things in the pipeline so stay tuned for more in 2014.”

Somehow, we don’t think that will be a problem. Not at all.

Bike photography and film by Ed Schofield

  • Hollywood Bob

    Rolling thunder!! The Sportster V twin look and perform well with an abundance of parts available to choose from. Top job of this counter culture café racer!

  • MotoTrooper

    Hey, I sort of like the look they created here. But as a proclaimed non-exercise in high end fabrication I’d say they nailed THAT. Also the “TRUST NOBODY” scrawled on the tank is apt as I wouldn’t trust this to deliver in any way other than sitting still looking sort of interesting. Also apt is the “PRAY FOR ME” on the fender for whomever has to ride this thing on the road -and I’m not being snarky here. There is no reason for getting rid of the rear shocks. Their handmade exhaust is apparently nearly crushed at the outlet.

    I really don’t like to comment when I have nothing good to say but this seems like a really lazy build aside from some good oldstyle hand painting on the tins. I don’t get it and probably shouldn’t have wasted the time to write this.

    • BaS

      The painting is wonderful.

      • From an aesthetic aspect it is, from a symbolic aspect it isn’t…

        • Tyler Stone

          This bike’s not really my style either. I don’t like the idea of rat bikes – the whole “ugly is pretty” thing doesn’t work for me, with women or bikes. It’s especially true when it’s done intentionally. If you told me this was a bike that evolved over a decade of rough riding and use, it would be cool. Instead, this bike’s just pretending to have history.

          • nathas909

            God I have yet to meet a person that said ugly women are prettier.

          • Scott T.

            I go for more plain looking girls…. but right, never ugly.

  • cagivarider


  • pushrodmofo

    This bike is awesome.

  • revdub

    I really love the paint and overall stance. Makes me want to try my hand at some painting on my tank. I wouldn’t tour around on this, but really, I don’t “tour” anyway. I just cruise around town causing trouble. This bike seems like the perfect bike to get that done!

  • Killer lettering.

  • Jed

    Rats for life! Love this, of course. Here’s my current ugly:

    • Trap_tech9

      the pipes on ur bike are insane. nice handwork….NEVER WRAP UM!

      • Jed

        Pipes are done by my mate Paul at Evolution in Sydney. welding genius.

  • Jeffrey Wallis Bell-Zekas

    awesome bike

  • Trap_tech9

    im sorry but what brand of Tig welder was that…. love the bike

  • Zac

    This bike in its own right is really cool and by the looks of it its not really asking for any ones opinion of ‘how good it looks’ if a bike could talk that is. It looks pissed off, it looks like it would make you get off the couch and go look outside if it got ridden past your house, and im probably going to get scolded at for this but like your mama always told you if you dont have something good to say then you shouldnt say anything at all (to those of you who didnt really have anything good to say about someones hard work and time they put into a something they obviously love and think is cool to them that is) Good build guys, hate to sound cliche but haters are sure going to hate.

    • Blake Proudfoot

      There is a difference between hating and a critical observance. Are we really that childish to think that only nice and good things should be said?

  • Note to self: add the word ‘sportster’ to spell check. Damn.

    • arnold

      You can always call a mulligan. Blame it on Freudian slip, I was distracted by my wife’s Christmas present, or darn that bike was so good I lost my mind for a moment.ald

  • Scott T.

    Nice try…. I guess…. But I’ve yet to see something out of Milwaukee I’d want to throw my leg over. Sorry.

  • itsmefool

    Put a coat of John Deere green or Massey red on this thing and it’d look right at home on the farm…

  • Any bike that puts a smile on my face is OK by me and this one makes me grin ear to ear. I like the artwork on the tank and the name “Pork Chop” is just right. Like Revdub, I don’t need a touring bike – anything from a moped on up will do for me, but this bike or one like it would be great for riding around town or parking it in a corner of the garage and admiring it while enjoying a Guinness stout. It’s “sporster” look like this.

  • coldsunshine

    Always cool having a video. Shut off the music so we can hear the bike. Too graphics happy. I think modified Harleys are good because there is so much room for improvement.

  • jlgace

    I think the style of the bike is hiding some mad skills as they say. It’s not thrown together at all. Bike is super cool.. Still hate the struts though… why so many customs with struts lately? That’s a trend that cannot die soon enough.

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  • Michael Fear

    LOL It’s a rat bike and Rat bikes are fun to ride and you dont have to keep em clean ect .

  • Jesus Christ

    where can I buy?