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1976 MV 750 Side Car Racer

Posted on January 24, 2014 by Scott in Classic, Racer. 12 comments


Words by Ian Lee.

There are unique bikes. And there are ‘unique’ bikes. A unique bike will catch your eye in the street. The latter you won’t come across at any show, they are generally relegated to the confines of the computer screen or magazine cover. Today’s feature bike falls into the latter category. Definitely unique, this is a one off aerodynamic-as-hell racer with an Italian heart. Looking as good as it did when it rolled out of the workshop 34 years, this MV Agusta special is the first time a sidecar racer has graced the pages of Pipeburn.


This aerodynamic art piece was built in the late 70s, most probably by Guy Bon Giovanni – who was the MV Agusta importer & dealer for the Lyon region. The rig was campaigned in the 1977-78 racing season, after which it was campaigned in the Championnat De France. Here it was pitted against the likes of Suzuki, Guzzi & BMW powered machines.


Building a frame ‘with great care and rigour’, the builder has utilised a sleek aerodynamic design. A MV four-cylinder motor, sitting low in the chassis sprouts velocity stacks from the carb setup. The entire bike is sprayed in MV Agusta colours and adorned with Agusta emblems to ensure its competition knows who put the speed into it. Final drive is from a specialised transmission setup, by chain to the fat rear tire.


Sitting at the front end is an Earle’s springer fork arrangement topped by a tachometer, the only gauge a gentleman racer needs. The rear tyres are Cromodora type car rims, with a disc brake setup fitted to help keep those Agusta ponies under control. To allow for the rider to lean down as far as possible a mucho flat fuel tank has been fitted.


This one-off racer was purchased in 1996 by the current owner, after coveting the sweet ride for a long time. Shipped to Italy to the workshop of the MV specialist Peppino Minervi, the mechanicals were restored to original. From there it was off to the paint shop of De Marchi for painting and reassembly, the finish being described by the owner as ‘being costly but a superb result’. The money and hard work paid off, the bike featuring at the Coupe Moto de Legende in the Ubaldo Essi raceteam stand.


With many a competition mile behind it, and a full restoration completed this bike is ready to turn heads. Or just put it in your lounge room and admire it. All the best period competition parts make this one hell of a ride, and you can even take a mate along for the ride.


The best part is this MV Agusta special is up for sale – but you may need around $100,000 to seal the deal. If you are interested in this one-off beauty, it goes to auction on February 7 at the Artcurial’s Salon Rétromobile sale. Happy bidding.

Spotted on MotorSport Retro.

Photos copyright Motolegend.

  • John in Pollock


  • itsmefool

    Looks like fun…now who would I take with me?

    • I volunteer, under one condition: beers and barbecue on me after the race 😉

  • So cool. What an awesome ride.

  • Chris Gagnon

    You had me at “Sidecar”. I would put lights on it, a mirror, and 100lbs of kitty litter in the monkey seat, and totally street that B**ch!!!!!!

  • 3s and 7s

    It’s nice to see a legit race machine on pipeburn once in a while. Sure caught me attention.

  • Front suspension blows me away…

  • rafe03

    What a luscious machine.
    Apparently, the Renwick-Konig “Wedge” (early 70’s) is being rebuilt/restored/readied for sidecar racing in UK. It brought many firsts to the track & helped break the BMW lock on the pot collecting in sidecars. Made use of F1 car & aero technology with hub-center steering & double wishbone suspension. Got 3rd in the 1972 TT I used to have a cut-away drawing on my shed wall. (High up where the slobber drips wouldn’t reach)
    All Great stuff!
    see www dot koniggrandprixracers dot com/renwick-konig/ for some pics & History

  • Terry Hopkins

    Wow is right! building a 1970’s race rig now…this is way cool!