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Welcome to Pipeburn 2.0

Posted on January 30, 2014 by Andrew in Other. 34 comments


In case you didn’t get the memo, January 2014 marks Pipeburn’s 5th anniversary. And what better way to celebrate that with a brand new website?

What you are looking at is the culmination of more than 12 months of planning, design, coding, testing and bloody hard work. Not only does this new site make things a lot easier for us, but it’s built on the cutting-edge WordPress platform, ensuring we will be able do what we do for many years to come. And in a first for a major motorcycle blog, we’re now fully responsive, too.

Welcome to Pipeburn 2.0.

Of course, we couldn’t have done it all by ourselves. We’d like to thank Chris from BikeEXIF for his sage-like WordPress advice, the silly talented Jackson Alsop for his front-end dev skills, Brandon Jones from MDNW for his amazing design and last but not least the guys at Media Temple for their patience with our never-ending questions.

We hope you like it.

  • KR


  • revdub

    Awesome. Nice work, gents.

  • jimt222

    Love Pipeburn, love the new site, plus the price is right 😉

    Seriously, you should set up a PayPal “tip jar” or something.

  • arnold

    I thought you guys were pretty responsive before the change.

    Saaay……………. If I don’t like it can I get my money back?

    Way happy to see Y’all update and pull ahead with your world class operation.ald

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  • yes

    So… whats different?

    • Grendel Medlord

      heh Yeah I didn’t notice a difference either.

      • Sign of a good design! We want you looking at the bikes, not the rest of the site…

        Actually, it’s entirely new. The only thing that’s the same as before is these comments. Colours, fonts, ads, search, nav, mega footer, subpages – it’s >all< brand new.

  • gary

    Caught the earlier flip with the nav bar a little wonky, glad you could get it fixed. Looks very solid from a professional Web Dev QA’s perspective. Maybe still a touch busy above the fold.

    • You will often get weird thing happening to a site after the DNS is switched over. Half loads, broken images and things like that.

      They say “allow 24-48 hours for propagation”, and it’s just on 13 hours now…

      • gary

        Wow this is old. Maybe I don’t have enough to do right now, but I wanted to clear up my perspective on the fold thing. I do agree that “responsive design” or infinite scrolls and the likes are very popular with the kids these days. However, in my experience and the user experience tests I personally have conducted, eye tracking and data collecting of people will never skew more below the fold than above it. We are still seeing studies that say that new users spend less than 10 seconds on a new page before staying or moving on and 90% of that time is scanning down the left and across the top. If it isn’t there, they aren’t either.

        Busyness can overwhelm a user and cause them to move on just as much as lack of relevant content. I think your site looks great, if my opinion matters, but remember, for every article you read about web 2.0 or responsive design, there is another article countering the same findings. Thanks for the link to the article, I found it interesting. I also noticed that the point of the article was that a call to action can be below the fold and might actually be beneficial. Which to makes perfect sense and isn’t relative to my original comment.

  • dude

    i get a question mark for the pictures

    • See above comment. Give the DNS a chance to fully propagate and everything should be right!

  • deej

    great stuff.

  • nathan

    cool. now back to motorcycles…

    • Indeedy. We’re more than a little out of our comfort zone with all this coding malarky. Enough!

  • Fr. Moore

    Why can’t I zoom in on my iPad like before?

    • Hi FM. Just checked on our iPad and zooming seems fine on this end. We’re by no means technical experts, but things like zooming and other iPad gestures are usually controlled by the device’s OS and not the website itself. Maybe check the site on your iPhone?

  • Hey….I can see the comments again….awesome. Might have a bike for you guys soon.

    • Rex! Yes – we just finished migration of the comments. It’s a relief to have them back.

      A new bike? Can’t wait! let us know…

  • Folke Bredkjær

    Congrats with the 5 years! Me and Pipeburns relationsship isn’t more than 10 months. But I’m deeply pulled in and visit the site atleast once a day. Looking forward to more jaw dropping reading and insperation in the time to come. I like the new clean and modern blogish look of the page. Good work

    Regards from Denmark.

  • Love the new design, looks excellent on the iPhone screen as well. Can’t imagine how much of a pain in the arse it must have been to migrate everything from Square Space!

    • James, thanks mate. Yes it was a pain in the backside and still is. We are almost there. Like your new logo as well.

    • Great to move on. We’d definitely outgrown SquareSpace, but learning to do it all over again in WP won’t be easy. Especially for old buggers like us… 😉

  • Great news and great job guys! Redefining and redesigning stuff goes hand in hand with the whole custom bike-building philosophy 😉

    • Thanks Blaž! Funny, I was just thinking the same thing… it’s a fully customised new site!

  • Bultaco Metralla

    Congratulations, the new site came up with no problems. No mean feat. Looks good.

  • Congrats!

  • lennard schuurmans

    Okay great, it finally works for me. This is the first day that I can see the new website. Before today the only thing I saw was this:
    “Page Not Found

    The page /home/2014/2/3/92-bmw-r100r-blitz-motorcycles.html could not be located on this website.

    recommend using the navigation bar to get back on track within our
    site. If you feel you have reached this page in error, please contact a
    site operator. Thank you!”

  • Makotosun

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t resize to the main column size on my iPad, which makes it more difficult to read 🙁

    It does look nice, but seems a bit slower.

    Could be my connection. Hadn’t been on in awhile, and it is a definite difference.