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Harley-Davidson 883 Iron by TJ Moto

Posted on February 5, 2014 by Scott in Bobber. 21 comments


Written by Tim Holdup.

In the world of custom motorcycles fresh new shops and builders are forever surfacing globally. Standing out is somewhat paramount to success and first impressions are crucial to get the ball rolling in your desired direction. Without further adieu, meet ‘NADIA’, she is an intriguing, hand-crafted rigid tail Harley Davidson 883 Iron. NADIA is the debut build from TJ Moto, a small custom bike studio located in New Delhi, India – and from the looks of things, it won’t be their last.


It’s more than easy to purchase mass produced ‘bolt-on’ modifications and be one of the pack, but hand-made pieces designed specifically for that one bike adds such a personal touch – and this is where NADIA finds home. The most notable piece and also the most against the grain being her tubular ‘over the tank’ backbone, advertently she has a floating petrol tank look which really fights the normal appearance of an underslung tank.


Being a rigid conversion, key aspects of rider comfort needed attending to – this is where things get a little interesting with the springer seat. The seat upholstered in distressed brown leather features a mono shock absorbed linkage set up which is pulled off with the use of multiple pieces of custom handmade bracketry.


Her flight deck is very subtle and has a neat uncluttered appearance to it. The speedometer mounted to a literally left of centre location provides a balance with air intake being mounted on the opposing side, coupled with the analog read out speedo sees some of the old school that TJ Moto set out capture in this build.


Breathing through a K & N conical pod filter, NADIA’s untampered with motor soon exits through the 2 – 1 free flow exhaust system, being heat wrapped for that eclectic appeal as well as functionality.


On a build as such, it’s the finer details that really finish it off. TJ Moto took such care in this department. The British racing green with cream inner on the petrol and oil tank are finished off with a tasteful gold pin striping. This pin striping is further complimented by hand-crafted brass fitments in the way of engraved tank caps and tank support clips on that strangely appealing back bone. All these details make TJ Moto’s first build a truly unique custom that really does make it stand out from the crowd.



  • bigmattie

    Bound to turn heads with that shilhouette I’m sure. Lots of interesting solutions to design problems we maybe never had, but kudos for taking a different path on the build and repurposing that speedo with mount intact! One serious question though – what is with the piece of alloy bolted to the left fork leg?

    Can’t wait to see the next build.

    • Mahyongg

      Alloy piece is a fork-mounted reflector. There’s one on each side, look closely at the side pics.

      • Statenheimer

        Actually there is also a reflector on the right leg, without the existence of the aluminum piece. Maybe some sort of identification plate? What do licence and reg plates look like in India?

        • bigmattie

          Yes @statenheimer:disqus, thats the one I am wondering about, front mounted number maybe need a straight head on shot to tell. The indian custom schene, a whole new world yet to open up.

      • Folke Bredkjær

        No it isn’t. Look at picture 5 (the speedo).

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  • day20

    hmmm…just need to change the frame,seat, batterybox, aircleaner, handlebar and u got a pretty slick bike.

  • John in Pollock

    I like it. It looks like a tough chunk.

  • mat

    how much…… :

  • Nice change from all the BMWs (don’t get me wrong, I like Beemers a lot). The underslung tank looks cool.

  • Samuel

    What’s the purpose of the new backbone other than for aesthetics? Looks heavy lol.

  • itsmefool

    So that longitudinal bar is help the heavyset guys upright the thing when they tump it over in a gravel parking lot? Good idea!

  • Davidabl2

    “Confederate meets Steampunk”

  • Bultaco Metralla

    I love it

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  • Britbike

    Who’d a thunk? Half way round the world from Milwaukee and here’s a Harley that simply couldn’t be conceived of in the states. Absolutely genius on it’s own. Great job!

  • Chris Fitzsimmons

    I’m assuming that the back bone above the tank is fake, I really don’t see the need for that, as it will stick into your chest when you tuck in low, it would also castrate you while hard braking, not kewl guys, So if you got rid of that and with the extra braking capacity this Harley may not only turn a corner but stop, something HD hasn’t yet figured out. Great effort none the less.

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  • Jack Mehoff

    I think this is a ballsy move. I like it a lot, beefy looking frame, beefy tires, tight handlebars, short seat. I think you may have been inspired by some european street fighter fasion. Though the battery is deffinetly an eye sore

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  • Davidabl2

    My comment of a year ago still makes me proud, although i’ve had a year to forget that i wrote it 🙂

    “Confederate meets Steampunk”