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‘97 Honda 650 SLR – Julien Perier

Posted on February 23, 2014 by Andrew in Scrambler. 11 comments


If you believe all the TV shows you see, lawyers are an overworked bunch who seem to spend all their waking hours either in court breaking down lying witnesses, helping street kids beat the odds of a system hopelessly against them, and sleeping with each other after hours. But here’s an exception to the rule. Meet French Lawyer Julien Perier the result of his total lack of after-hour office sexual antics, this rather amazing little Honda 650 SLR.


“I built it in my garage during my spare time after my job as a lawyer in the south of France,” says Julien. “I hope it will please you and your readers as much as it does me. I have ridden motorcycles since I was 8. I wanted to make one by my own; a custom motorbike but which can be ridden daily. So I created it in my head and made it come true by my own hands. It’s a 1997 Honda 650 SLR. It’s second-hand, which I bought at a very low price.”


“My first decision was to give her an older look with a scrambler-style exhaust. Also, I really wanted a old Honda tank with scratches from its previous life on there, too. And of course, I shortened the rear subframe and made a rear loop. I cut the original seat and gave it to the saddler to have a new cover made. I kept the original wheels (17″ rear and 19″ front) and had them painted satin black with Metzeler TKC 80s to finish them off. I also cut the original pegs and had them painted, too.”


“Then I relocated the wiring harness under the seat and made a battery mount above the rear shock. A brown belt helps to keep the battery in place. I added new grid headlight and a little red LED tail light. There’s no tacho for the moment, but there is ultra low black Renthal handlebars with brown Ariete grips.”


“There’s also K&N filters and a new jet kit for a better breathing engine. Apart from that, all it really got itself was new custom paint. The new exhaust is made with OEM headers that have been slightly modified, with two new middle pipe adapters, wrapping and two chrome megaphones.”


The Honda, and a Yamaha SR125 replica of the same bike. Does this guy even work?

  • Paul McM

    I like it. An SLR stripped down to the essentials. I know that would be fun to ride — sensible riding position, light weight. If it were mine, I’d have done a 2 into 1 exhaust to save even more weight. The 650 SLR is a single cylinder bike. But the 2 (ports) into 2 looks distinctive. With more streetish tires, I’ll take this over many of the “cafe racer” bikes. My Daily Driver is a DR650se, and I’ve come to love the long suspension and wide, relatively high bars.

  • Matt Stankus

    I’d ride it! cool bike

  • Davidabl2

    “Does this guy even work?”

    In the south of France does ANYBODY even work?I always thought that that was the whole point of the it was Tahiti or something:-)

    Way cool bike anyway.

  • nathas909

    It almost reminds me of an old beat up version of this bike.

    • Geno

      Almost an insult to CRD

      • nathas909

        That’s the keen word “Almost”. And don’t worry I love CRD and especially that honda. I think the beat up graphics (on this not CRD) on the tank and colors are what make it close.

        • revdub

          What I love about the CRD bike, that I think many builders overlook, is the straight line from the tank through the redesigned rear loop. In my opinion, if you are going to go through the trouble to rework the entire rear of the bike, it should be a straight line parallel to the ground. I would gladly give up some rear suspension travel for that. Otherwise, it has the appearance of being bent in half. This particular bike is still really cool though.

  • david

    like it!

    a real garage build.


  • dbt3481

    No front fender is going to suck in the rain bigtime..

  • Paul

    I’ve been inspired by this style of bike & looked for SLRs as Dominators at getting pricey, I was put of the SLR by the big footrest hangers, a clever fix to chop them off & paint it black. Anyway I bought a DR600 instead. Need to get off the PC & into the shed… who knows it might be good enough to be featured?

  • Thomas Allard

    Nice bike! What gas tank is it?