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‘79 Honda CX500 – Kingston Customs

Posted on February 24, 2014 by Andrew in Scrambler. 24 comments


Another month and another killer creation from Gelsenkirchen’s Dirk OehlerKing and his merry band of men at Kingston Customs. As before, they’ve turned their nimble fingers to a Honda CX500 but this time they’ve taken it in a decidedly different direction. And that direction is mostly a hard left off the bitumen, onto the soft grass and up the nearest embankment. Introducing Kingston’s latest build – an amazing hybrid motorcycle they are calling the CXL500.


Dirk filled us in thusly. “One day a friend came to the garage and brought a ’79 Honda CX500 with him. He asked me to see what I’d do with it. He didn’t want a Café Racer; he wanted a bike suitable for everyday life that he could also ride off-road. He wanted, he said, to ride it to the horse stable every day. Which gave me an idea…”


“So I had the idea to build a mix between a street and an off-road bike. As Honda had built a CX500 and an XL500, it was obvious to us to build a Kingston Honda CXL500 Scrambler.”


“The bike was stripped completely, the frame was glass bead blasted and modified, then painted. The engine was treated with a thermo-sensitive coating. It has an output of around 50 hp.”


“We’re responsible for the bench seat, the battery box, the Aluminium fenders, the 2-into-1 exhaust manifold and the radiator grille & spoiler.”


“We also added an exhaust pipe from Speed Products, footrests from a Yamaha XT600, a mini Cat’s Eye tail light, a K&N air filter, Lucas Stahlflex brake lines, a Shinyo front light and Heidenau K60 rubber (100/90-19 and 120/90-18). The ‘bars and the tank are standard pieces.

Overall, the style and paintwork was intended to remind you of the old Honda Enduros from the seventies.”


[Photos by Dennis Zetlitz]

  • William Connor

    Love it. Might be my favorite CX500 yet. What work was done to the forks?

  • Mauro Toffanin

    This is so very nice! I like a lot the meticulous attention to details, especially the paintwork.

    • Kevin

      agreed 😉

      • Mauro Toffanin

        The force runs strong in that handlebar mustache 😀

        • Davidabl2

          Yes, stronger than the force of gravity…

  • itsmefool

    Love the stance, the paint and even that two-up saddle…looks comfy! Good job, KC!

  • gary

    This is sweet!

  • Very nice except for the chopper stance.

    • Bultaco Metralla

      I agree, it’s really good but for that.

    • Davidabl2

      Maybe, but just think how many CX’es Honda would have sold ‘in the day’ with that stance 😉

      The bike sure as hell shows the magic of paint and finish.

  • Lehlend

    So… What did you do to make it dual purpose?

    • Kevin

      I think he meant to say look dual purpose than actually be dual purpose … don’t think this bike would be the wisest choice to take off road … that’s why they make dirt bikes

      • arnold

        I think I see what this bike was going for, SL 350,around the turn of the seventies.
        Blue is how I remember them though.
        Not real bad off road, I raced Eastern Enduro on a lightly modified XL 250.
        Heavy, but good gearing and bullet proof. No great finishes, but no DNF s either.
        Very nice memories brought up by this presentation.ald

        • JBB2

          Maybe more like a ’75 XL250:

    • Davidabl2

      Dual purpose styled, “not that there’s anything wrong with that” (Seinfeld)

  • Nice – so good and subtle it looks like a factory bike.

    • Davidabl2

      Actually looks like what a factory bike SHOULD look like..but doesn’t.

      • I agree with you 100%. I like the look of the radiator surrounds – I’d like to see that on a factory bike.

        • Davidabl2

          How to handle the radiator mounts and surrounds has got to be a major design challenge for any bike that’s not air/oil cooled.
          Even some of the air/oil cooled bikes fall down on this.

          • bartsky7

            and you ain’t just whistling ‘Dixie’……fxxken hate rads on bikes…they belong on cars….

  • Fantome_NR

    forks look way too long.

  • bill smith

    Perfection! The best CX I have ever seen.

  • Pete Hemlock

    is the front tire mounted backwards or am i schizo?

  • bartsky7

    love it…..but don’t love the radiator..