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2007 Triumph Bonneville by Ton-Up Garage

Posted on March 8, 2014 by Scott in Brat. 19 comments


When it comes to custom bike builders in Portugal, there’s only a handful that immediately spring to mind. Porto’s Ton-Up Garage are one of the standouts in a country more famous for producing world class soccer players than world class motorcycles. Their latest bike is named ‘Hiawatha’ and was obviously given that moniker after the legendary American Indian leader who departed down the river on his hand crafted wooden canoe and came back up riding a modified motorcycle – but don’t quote me on that. Or as the guys at Ton-Up put it: “the green tones of nature sprayed the grey ashes left upon Hiawatha’s departure with the seeds of life and warmed by the Sun allowed the peacemaker’s return.” Ok, now pass me that peace pipe.


‘Hiawatha’ was a commissioned build for one of Ton-Ups clients based in Lisbon, Portugal. “He saw one of our previous bikes build upon a Triumph Bonneville – the Urban Pearl and decided he wanted to have his own exclusive Ton-up Garage motorcycle, also using a Triumph Bonneville as a donor bike.” So they went about finding him the perfect donor,  a  second hand 2007 carbs Bonnie and started the build.


First up the engine and electronics were worked to deliver more power and torque. The engine was painted black, only painting in green the sprocket cover. Ton-Up also installed a new exhaust system to “give a little more boost to the engine response, along with the K&N air filters.”


Ton-up built the rear mudguard and also painted it in the ‘natural’ green colour. They also cut and rebuilt the rear section of the frame to fit the battery, ignition and electric parts and also to go along with their simple seat design. They also fitted a grey handmade Ton-up Garage seat so the buyer could take his partner in crime for rides on the winding Lisbon roads. Also keeping with the inconspicuous theme, they fitted a small speedo, black handlebar and black grips.


They also installed a hydraulic clutch lever system and also changed the front brake master cylinder with less volume than the original one. “We also replaced original handlebar commands and switches replacing them for less volume units in black, to become unnoticed” says Ton-Up.


“The wheels rims and hubs were coloured in black and we’ve fitted 16” rim on both wheel with classic style tires.The stock rear shocks were replaced by two Ohlins shocks and also the fork springs were changed to Ohlins progressive springs and suspension were tuned to have a better response.”


Photography by Joel Bessa.

  • Oldroadie

    Such a nice build and then the headers hide the engine cases and front tire unbalances the lines. What’s with the current run of teeny headlamps and giant front tires?

    • Moto-fashion victims…
      And it’s a shame indeed, because it’s a nice build with some serious upgrades 🙁

    • Blackmok

      Style over substance. It looks great

    • itsmefool

      It’s like builders have lost all sense of proportion!

    • arnold

      Seeing that exhaust set up always reminds me of the Gold star sweep. Not everybodies cup of tea for sure.

      • Davidabl2

        “If one’s good two may( or may not) be better”
        OTOH Norton Commandos had ’em on both sides..

    • Davidabl2

      I ask my self the same question: the tiny headlights seem to match up with the narrow tires up front on some chops, while classic ‘bobs would have had both big bare front wheels and big headlights (and not been britbikes anyway)

    • onanysunday

      drugs and video games and idiots that don’t know how to ride or design

  • Bugtooth

    Sweet and simple, are they western or bullhorn bars?

  • Beautiful.

    • Zundap

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. ..Z

  • Davidabl2

    One thing I find myself having trouble with on any Hinckley Bonnie customs is that bulbous stock tank. esp when the rest of the animal is getting slimmed down.
    (rest except wheels in this case)

    • arnold

      Fuel pump for the EFI. Carburetteted were different.

      • arnold

        I apologize and shut up.
        This bike is pretty darn good by any standard.
        Personal preferences are all my beefs.

  • Woodie

    Nice bike but for that stupid lookin front tyre and the lack of front mudguard (fender)
    What is it with building bikes that have no means of stopping all the road Cr*p flinging up in the riders face, do you not have rain outside the UK? The rest of it looks really good, good quality and nice lines, I even LIKE that big bulbous tank as it sits in with the lines quite neatly.

    • arnold

      I would think you would want a big tank for your knees to grab on to, when those big old sidewalls start wiggling as you put the bike through the same curves and speed as with fresh stock Metzelers.

      • arnold

        And the not so brief moments when I am being a jerk, the duct tape seat reminds me of…………..

        many I have redone.

  • Paul McM

    Overall, a nice treatment. I like the wide, pull-bar bars. Love the slightly up-angled mufflers (evoking old Nortons). Nice, clean tail-light and blinkers. I still don’t understand the point of the pipe-wrap (or the small headlights). As for the 16″ wheels and fat tires, I’d have to ride the thing, but I suspect that front tire really alters the handling compared to stock — and not in a good way.

  • onanysunday

    besides the hideous seat,good looking bike with idiotic tires
    they look stupid and surely are terrible handling wise
    the brat seat looks bettter than most up front near the tank but alas it continues with the pre-frontal lobotomy fetishised retarded 3rd grader that has never seem a motorcycle pencil stick figure drawing look