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‘66 Little Honda P25 – Chicara Nagata

Posted on March 14, 2014 by Andrew in Other. 33 comments


Think of the wildest inspiration you possibly can for a custom bike build. Go on – anything at all. Anything. An aircraft? Done. Hot rods? Done to death. Animals? Architecture? iPhones? Done, done and done. So what happens when you get Chicara Nagata, one of the world’s greatest custom bike builders, and give him an open brief to design a security camera? This happens. And no, we can’t quite believe it either…


Here’s the man himself, Nagata-San. “Last year, there came to me a request from a security equipment manufacturer to create a surveillance camera for them. The president of the company wanted a security equipment such that has never been seen in the past and everything was for me to decide – from idea generation, designing, to working model manufacturing.”


“The deadline had been set on the 3rd of March, prior to ‘Security Show’, which is Japan’s largest exhibition of security and safety equipment which took place this year at Tokyo Big Site from the 4th of March.”


“As soon as I accepted the request, I tried to come up with any novel idea for a security camera, but in vain. My own image about ordinary security camera kept me from having bold and free imagination. Security cameras are usually installed in the ceiling or the walls and they are unrecognized by passengers.”


“How about a security camera which can’t be ignored? I then tried to imagine the shape of a mounting bracket for the body of a camera. What kind of object; shape, color, the way to be installed do I really want?”


“What nobody creates but me is the one which has tires and an engine! I would like it for real riding! The motorcycle security camera came into the world this way. I was very thrilled with this idea and the excitement made me create it original as a security camera and unique as a motorcycle.”


“This work is suitable to be installed in museums, entry hall of a building, hotel lobby and stores, etc. Of course, this can run swiftly in town!”


“I am really grateful that Mr. Kaku of Japan Security System Co., Ltd who gave me this really exciting opportunity.” And we’re grateful that we have bike builders like you, Nagata-San. Otsukare-sama deshita!


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  • Still pinching myself to make sure this is really happening. Phenomenal…

  • methtilldeth

    beautiful lines, massively creative

  • Bultaco Metralla

    Fantasmagorical! I buy CCTV for my business, what price for 22?

  • Luke

    somebody find a video of this thing with a rider on it in motion! This is amazing.

    • Great point.

    • Complete Havoc

      Can’t happen… no hookup for throttle or brake… all show no go – 🙁

  • Fantome_NR

    very cool, would love to see closer shots of the engine and rear wheel.

  • Jorgan

    Unreal. So clean and like nothing else around,

  • megadeluxer

    Chicara is truly one of the top mad-scientists of the custom motorcycle world.

  • Graham Brook

    That is truly inspired. The coolest creation I’ve seen on Pipeburn in a while. In the UK, the base moped is (or was) called a P50. I had one as my very first motorized two-wheeler,
    same year as well.

  • arnold

    Just when you’ve figured you know it all ( forty years ago in my case)

  • Lorenzo

    So begins the list for Best of 2014. Stunning

  • KT

    It doesn’t look very comfortable that’s for sure!

  • Jed


  • proudonepercenter

    This is nucking futs. Thank god for crazy Japanese.

  • This is the wildest, coolest 2-wheeler custom I’ve ever seen. Fantastic in conception and execution. Perfect.

  • gary byrne

    yes its cool

  • nathas909

    I love this thing, very very interesting. I wonder how it works as a CCTV camera though. Will those cameras actually work and record or are they just for show?

  • Chris Gagnon

    Take EVERY bit of red on that bike, and make it bright yellow, and you would have me.

  • Kevin

    The seat looks like a cock stuffed in deep into a beef curtain

  • John in Pollock

    Huh. I don’t get it. I guess I’m the only though, seeing how you guys are all nutting over it…

    • Kevin


    • Mister Oddjob


  • VanBo!

    Love it

  • Take my money please.

  • aj

    Absolutely lovely.

  • Dolan Christopher

    awesomeness would be a understatement for this bike!
    truely inspirational!

  • rrjockey

    True genius!

  • k9999

    Minimalist utopia, but how to even ‘will’ the thing to move?

  • Fritz Kaplan
  • Don Fraser