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DP Customs 2001 Triumph Bonneville

Posted on April 7, 2014 by Andrew in Tracker. 47 comments


Written by Martin Hodgson.

When you’re a workshop that specialises in Ironhead Harley-Davidson’s and a customer asks you to build them a custom 2001 Triumph Bonneville, there is only one way to prepare, boil the kettle and start watching Guy Ritchie films. And that is exactly what Brothers Jarrod and Justin Del Prado of DP Custom Cycles did when they were approached to build their first British bike. The customer request was clear; a simple and clean looking bike, dark in colour and fun to ride but the spanners they were swinging would have to change.


Having exclusively built custom Harley’s the DP Brothers had one problem, virtually no metric tools with which to work. Their impressive collection of imperial hardware would get a well-earned rest as they set about transforming the Bonnie into the sleek custom that stands before you. With the engine removed from the bike, FCR 39mm Keihin carbs were fitted and a custom 2 into 1 exhaust and handmade muffler were designed and fabricated to get the Triumph drinking and breathing properly.


The suspension is vastly improved with progressive springs at the front end and an impressive pair of Works shocks at the rear. Pulling the Bonnie to a halt is a Brembo caliper up the pointy end powered by an ISR master cylinder, while the rear now benefits from an EBC rotor and EBC high performance pads being final piece in the stopping puzzle. Adding to the tough look of the bike, something synonymous with DP Custom cycles, is a blacked out set of wheels and Avon Distanzia rubber.


With parts from some of the best manufacturers in the world fitted the DP Brothers then showed off their fabrication skills with the beautifully crafted seat pan and sheet metal tail section that now hides a Ballistic battery. Never to do anything by half measures the boys then rewired the bike from scratch, a process very different to a Harley, while no stone was left unturned until it was perfect and the last of the electrical components were hidden under the seat in a custom enclosure. Brandon at Walkers Way did the paint work and according to Jarrod “He lays matte clear on like a surgeon.”


Finishing off the Bonnie is set of Biltwell Inc. Tracker bars, aluminium throttle, and grips. With their first British bike build behind them DP Customs are now confident they’ve cracked the Triumph code learning all the little idiosyncrasy of the mark along the way. From the different wiring, to the clutch cover bearings that required a custom tool to remove and even the extra effort needed to do simple jobs like remove engine covers. “In the end, we learned we’ve got the minerals to do a Triumph!” enthused Jarrod Del Prado.


So while DP Customs have named the bike “Rusi” it’s hard not to go back to the beginning of this bikes Guy Ritchie inspired build and find a character that best represents this Bonneville. A take no prisoners, tough looking Brit with American hardware and Bullet-Tooth Tony the London Bounty Hunter with his Desert Eagle .50 is exactly that. But as Tony would say, when you’re as tough as this Triumph, with the bite to match the bark, “You can call me Susan if it makes you happy.”




  • PACO

    Reminds me a bit of a XR1200. Thanks for not overlooking tyres, brakes and suspension! Would make for a brilliant street bike.

  • Billy

    Dessert Eagle? Does it shoot chocolate strawberries?

  • JC

    Martin Hodgson. When you say “Having exclusively built custom Harley’s the DP Brothers had one problem, virtually no metric tools with which to work.” You make yourself sound like an idiot. HD is a major mixed bag of allen, torx, Metric and…..yes, Imperial. Your a tool. Not sure if you’re Metric or Imperial.

    • Geno

      Sounds like a pretty awesome dude to me.

      • JC

        And I’m sure he is an amazing, stand up, and quite stellar of a gentleman. Maybe I got a little too into my rant. Guess it was the red wine. For that, I apologize. But clearly, a statement as such make me feel you know nothing about bikes. Am I right or am I wrong. That’s almost along the lines of saying…I ride Harleys because I ride American bikes only. He came out of the gates sounding like this chick…


    • catalyst385


      • JC

        Thank you grammar police.

    • PACO

      Did that feel good? Got it out of your system? Okay great. Now let’s discuss the build itself. What are your thoughts on the finished product?

      • JC

        I am not impressed and have definitely seen a lot better. Nothing on this build really stand out. Looks like a rattle can matte black spray job. Slate grey covers. Black this, black that. Great choices of components though. Would’ve been nice to see more anodized bits. Brembo front and rear, Ohlins front rear. custom rear sets. I understand the client wanted “dark in color”, and I think they could have achieved that with some subtle hues that would help make it pop and perform. Just mu opinion of course.

        • PACO

          So often we think ‘man, that’s not up to their usually quality or style’, but at the end of the day, they have to follow a client brief. A shop owners skills and abilities are usually far greater than the size of the wallet that has to pay for them!

          Funnily enough for me the grey covers look almost too big, so yeah, I would have painted them black as well!

    • JC, calm down. The builders of this bike (DP Customs) told us that they hardly had any metric tools to work with before they built this bike. They actually bought some for this build. If you have a problem with that, then you can email DP Customs. But I suggest you don’t call them tools.

      • JC

        Seriously, what builders don’t have a plethora of tools??? I’m baffled. I’m a home based grassroots builder and even I have metrics, standard, allen and torx (specialty security torx too). Scroll up and look at the pictures again. Do you see their media blasting cabinet? How about their really really nice lathe (w/ what appears to be CNC controls)? Ok, now repeat after me….”They have virtually no metric tools?”

      • JC

        In addition, they just finished a build for a bike that has a 1200cc fuel injected motor with a Trask turbo system. They used the finest components available from Ohlins (metric) , Brembo (metric), Chainsikle, BST (metric), Marchesini (metric), …catch my drift? Thank you and good night. Oh, by the way, I ‘m still a huge fan of the Pipeburn blog and site. **thumbs up**

        Oh….”and I’m just blown away”

      • Davidabl2

        Well, those metric tools will also let DP work on newer Harleys…new realms to conquer, as it were;-)

    • talkingbird

      lets see the bikes you’ve built, dumbassssss

  • And that’s JC blacklisted.

    Just a quick reminder to all commenters of the Pipeburn house rules. If you have nothing positive to say, don’t say anything at all. If you don’t like the bikes we feature or the words we write, then feel free to go elsewhere. And if you think that you’ve somehow got the right to repeatedly disrespect one of our favourite builders and oldest supporters, then you will be banned.

    As with all our featured bikes, these guys allow us to show the world their creations through the kindness of their hearts. Enough asshat comments by armchair experts like JC and they just might think twice about doing it again. And could you blame them?

    • PatrickL

      Andrew, surely you welcome constructive criticism if written in a respectful fashion. After all, no builder gets everything right all the time. While I think this is a very fine looking unit and would be absolutely chuffed to own it, I do think the headlight is too darn small and the grey engine cover looks out of place. I do like a bit of colour in my ride tho. Cheers to you.

      • Indeed we do. Here’s a great yardstick to keep in mind; if you wouldn’t say it to the builder’s face, don’t say it here. Believe it or not, these guys are real people and openly mocking them and their hard work makes them (and therefore us) not happy campers.

  • John in Pollock


  • Fantome_NR

    I appreciate the quality of the work put into it, but the final result, the bike itself, just looks ugly to me. The tank looks too far away from the steering neck, the headers looks awkward and weird, the grey paint on the cases and covers looks out of place, and I’m not a fan of this new tiny headlight trend. Again, not taking away from the work they put into it, but not digging the aesthetics at all.

  • Chasem

    love everything about it, bold move to go with the grey engine cases but i think it separates it nicely. GJ!

  • Paul

    You can see the Harley influences, exhausts on 1 side & elements of XR1200 & the old XLCR. I like it bet it’s a blast to ride.

  • acuity

    I agree with the left side grey cover, too much. Maybe some sort of design, cutaway, I don’t know, just too much off a blob of grey.

    The light is a bit too small, and I wish it appeared to sit on top of the line of the frame from the bottom up, seems pushed forward.

    But come on, everything else is tip top. Love the way the seat settles into the rear cover, and that exhaust is simple yet stunning. It would be cool to shape it to look like that definitive desert eagle barrel shape.

    Quality build.

  • truthbringer

    The Triumph 865 Iron. Nice work. I like it. For the person who likes the look of the 883 Iron but wants the better EVERYTHING of the Bonneville . . .aka me! [current Iron owner]

  • revdub

    Much respect for DP and their builds. Honestly, two of the nicest dudes in the business. I can’t think of a shop I’d rather have a beer with. And, this beast looks absolutely spot on to me. The tail section, under seat tray, little headlight, and overall clean/minimal design are all perfect. I would have a very difficult time deciding between this and one of their HD’s.

    • DP Customs

      Revdub! You’re the man and thanks for your kind words. Speaking of beer, let us know next time you’re in town, it would be our honor to buy you a round. Hell, we’ll fire up the smoker, fill the coolers and and do a full blowout! Cheers!!

      • revdub

        Oh yeah!! I want in on this party for sure. And the offer goes both ways. If you’re ever in or around the Louisville area, the party is on me!

        • DP Customs

          Ok Revdub, you got it, sounds awesome. Take it easy man!

  • Lee Daw

    Awesome build, this bike truly sets the benchmark on how form and function should be balanced on a motorcycle.

    Also would like to tip my hat to Martin Hodgson on the British themed article.

    Keep on wrenching J+J

  • Lewn

    Nothing that I’d ever do, but I still somehow really like it. I’d never go for a coated exhaust two into one down one side, or grey covers, gators or and tiny headlight.

    That being said I love the bars, tank, seat and tail, the topside is just sexy, also love the functional tires suspension and brakes. You can see these guys have built a bike you can really ride. There is a bit of a Mule style to it anyone think?

  • gr333nyboy

    This is pretty much perfection for me (once a proper headlight is on there…) superb bike!

  • Spanky

    Just saw these guys a couple weeks ago at a “Bike Week” party here in Phoenix with ^ that bike. Super cool guys and these pictures are nice but don’t do that bike justice. Brilliant build. It flows like a cafe’d Triumph should, yet still has that DP edge to it.

    • DP Customs

      Thanks Spanky, it was great to meet you! Cheers from Justin & Jarrod!

  • matlock

    How much do these type of things end up costing? a couple thousand? much more?

  • tyler

    Another sick build from DP. I love all the clean and unique bikes they build!

  • Kevin Tweedy

    The light is a little big no? 😉

  • John Dollman

    Great build guys! It really caught my eye. The 2 to 1 pipe. The gray side cases coordinate great with the DP logos on the tank. Forget the haters, the smiles on your faces say it all! Congrats!

  • Rob

    where do i find that headlight ?

    • Sir. Andrew

      Would also love to know this!

  • Rob

    OK where do i find that head light ?

    • SFA

      It’s on the front of the bike. It’s the little round thing.

  • Nice bike! What’s the story on the tank. Appears to have a better shape than stock. The tail section worked into the stock frame (which is a tough feature to work with) is just mint! Super nice!! Good job.

  • cornishman2

    Looks great from all but the right side for me. The exhaust system is not doing it for me, that apart it looks a great rider…..I,d sure love to swing a leg over.

  • Alexander Down

    Wicked, I appreciate the continuity from tank to tail section! Something that seems to be sacrificed too frequently. I have to ask about that light, who is the manufacturer?

  • tbyrd

    I love the exhaust…. I’d love one on my Bonneville!!!

    Cool build all around!

  • Gordon Laing

    Gorgeous looking bike, you have managed a really unique finish to it. No, like a lot of other commentators, I don’t like the grey nor the headlight but wouldn’t life be very boring if we all had the same taste?

    How much for the exhaust? I want one on my 2004 790.