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Moto Guzzi Le Mans 3 by Kaffee Maschine

Posted on April 25, 2014 by Scott in Café Racer, Classic. 13 comments


Written by Ian Lee.

Custom bikes, bringing the world together one build at a time. Who would think that building a beautiful motorcycle would be of such a benefit to multiculturalism? Today’s feature bike is an Italian machine, modified in the style of the British, built by a German company for an American. With so many nationalities putting a bit into this bike, this Moto Guzzi Le Mans 3 went through a Hamburger maker to produce the smooth racer you see here today. In true Kaffee Maschine style, the workshop has come up with a bike featuring dynamic lines and a strong sporting stance – it’s just the sort of thing you could ride into a UN meeting.

The brief for the build was to produce a style that wouldn’t look out of place in the 60s, with modifications that are more current age. ‘Some muscles’ were also asked to be added to the bike during the process. The transmission and rear drive were assessed and modified accordingly, then it was time to work the engine.


The engine was stripped down and fully rebuilt, with the original capacity being blown out to 1040cc using bigger pistons and cylinders. The crank was balanced, and a lightweight flywheel fitted. Dual spark heads were utilised in the build, along with a cam with a more sporting profile and valves to suit. Finally, electronic ignition was wired up, and a new set of modified carburettors mounted.


In relation to looks, this is where Kaffee Maschine’s work really stands out. The frame has been cut down and modified, with the factory airbox being ditched allowing for a more dietary conscious look for the bike. The fuel tank is a handmade WBO replica, finished in a paintjob so deep it looks like you could dive into it. That alluring seat is a genuine Kaffee Maschine fibreglass hump, trimmed in genuine leather. Dotted all over the bike are various Kaffee Maschine alloy parts, produced especially for this build.


With all the extra muscle built into the 90 degree V twin, the brakes on the Italian machine needed some beefing up as well. New brake cylinders were sourced, and mounted along with stainless hoses. To help with the bike’s roadholding ability, the suspension has been touched up to suit. The forks have been overhauled, and fitted with FAC dampers. The rear of the bike now sports KM Ikon shock absorbers, along with a KM torque support unit.


Affected by a whole world of influences, Axel from Kaffee Maschine has again produced another stunning Guzzi café racer. An ocean-deep paint job, reduction in superfluous componentry and an awesome sense of taste has made this motorcycle what it is today. Multiculturalism, don’t you just love it?


  • Marcus Quinn

    The nicest Guzzi I’ve seen in a very long time. Just beautiful….Art. Usually I can find a few bits I don’t like, but with this one I’m really struggling to find anything I don’t like, maybe the indicators? That said the overall quality of the build is truly breathtaking. An inspiration to all us lesser mortals attempting our own builds.

  • sparkman

    This is a really nice bike. However I must be getting old. I like the original LeMans III better.

    • Seriously? It’s pretty damn 80s… very boxy. Give me this any day of the week.

  • These guys do the best Guzzis I’ve ever seen – and they are consistently great at it.

  • When I retire, I’m gonna use my Pipeburn millions to buy me one of these…

  • Bultaco Metralla

    I owned a Mk iii rebuilt as a Mk 1, it was a real hooligan bike. Loud, fast and steady as a rock in long sweeping bends. I retire in three years and this is on my list of possible ‘sunday’ bikes. Absolutely gorgeous, superb craftsmanship, fabulous detail and a sensuous line.

  • I think it is very telling that beautiful, well crafted motorcycles on this site get very few comments, yet bikes that are pretty ugly get a lot of comments…just saying.

    • catalyst385

      Well this is a beautiful bike, but it’s kind of a cut and paste cafe racer. I love it, but it’s not particularly interesting… Just like going to a car show and looking at muscle cars. They’re cool, but there’s not a ton of creative expression involved. Again, nothing against this awesome bike…

      • chollo9

        Agreed, it’s a very clean, very nicely done Tonti framed Guzzi, but I’m not blown away because it’s been done well so many times before.

  • cornishman2

    Stunning. Its everything I,d want in a Guzzi reboot although for me and my ageing wrists flatter bars would ease the pain. But seriously having owned three Guzzis in the past this makes me yearn for another. I love the look with the airbox removed, gives it an airy / lighter look…love to see and hear her running.

  • BoxerFanatic

    Fantastic bike. clean yet bold, sophisticated yet simple. The best aspects of a customized and optimized bike, and classic Tonti-framed Moto Guzzis are great candidates for that, and Kaffee Maschine does it very well.

  • Zundap

    Nicely done, as good as it gets. ..Z

  • SwampBadger

    This is an absolutely beautiful build. I can’t fault it in any way! Love it!