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’76 Honda Goldwing – Adam’s Custom Shop

Posted on April 28, 2014 by Andrew in Café Racer, Racer. 20 comments


I’ve got to admit that I’m a total sucker for a good Goldwing. Now with that said, please don’t ask me exactly what it is about these Japanese gigantors that really pushes my buttons. Sure, the flat four and shaft drive tick the ‘unique’ boxes and the ‘CB750’s bigger brother’ look of the initial models really helps things along. But going from our previous ‘wing posts they tend to stand out from the crowd with a magic little something; there’s just this solidity and a ‘skunk works’ vibe they exude that gets me every time. And this bike, from the now legendary Adam Nestor from Adam’s Custom Shop in Rävlanda, Sweden is no exception.


“Hello again, Pipeburn. My name is Adam Nestor. I’m 25 years old and I run a company called Adam’s Custom Shop where I build and modify motorcycles. I do anything from small parts to complete constructions including painting, turning, milling, welding and design; I’m proud to say that I do it all.”


“When I started the Goldwing build, I thought that I would like to make something that was inspired by an old fighter jet. Somehow this decision made the choice of a fairing seem like a natural one, so I decided on this as the start point and got to work.”


“The fairing I decided on was a Ducati 900 SS model, although it’s a little different to the stock item as I reshaped it quite a bit and modified the headlight mount, too.”


“Since it would be café racer inspired, I wanted to have notches for your knees in the tank. I think that this look is one of the most beautiful things you can do to a bike. I hope that what I came up with is an original take on the idea. I liked it so much, I built on and made ​​a new rear section again channeling the jet fighter inspiration.”


“When it comes to the color scheme, I was hooked on blue with a grey. But, I also wanted to get another colour in there – something a little stronger. I decided it had to be a warm yellow highlight colour. As you can see, it ended up on the rims in a metallic gold.”


“All the aluminium components are brushed; it’s maybe not the best for withstanding the elements, but I think that it’s definitely the best looking. That final little something that most builders look for was the matt black and gold striping on the tank and the fairing. I think this did a lot to complete the look. As we say in Sweden, it was ‘the dot on the i’ that really brought it all together.”


“I’m happy to say that the bike is now for sale if any of your readers are in the market. And if you will allow me, for those of you who are interested in a café racer bike that’s a little out of the ordinary, feel free to contact me and I’ll be more than happy to help you build your dream bike.” Somehow, we think that if anyone was going to deliver on that promise, it would be Adam.


  • Kevin

    That seat looks cozy ..

    • bjax

      Well it is a Gold Wing… I’d expect nothing less! 😉 Aside from great artistry and style, this bike makes no sense, which is why I love it.

    • Swiss

      The seats on so many custom cafe style bikes seem like afterthoughts or just haven’t been considered. They are the weak link on most of the bikes on this site. There was one here that was literally sandpaper affixed to fiberglass. That was when I steeled myself for the inevitable bed of nails seat just around the corner.

  • Jorgan

    That thing is gorgeous! Minus the lack of rearsets with clip-ons, of course.

    • slider2012

      totally has clip-ons…

  • Sacrément bien arrangée la Goldwing, beau travail !!

  • BoxerFanatic

    I am usually more into BMW rather than Honda boxer motorcycles, but this is very interesting…

    The front and engine are great… I love the fairing, especially with the vertical center stripe. Some bullet half fairings have odd proportions or get ‘bulgy’ in odd places… this one has a great profile and shape.

    the seat and tail… interesting, but I am not sure how useful/practical/comfortable it would be. but it is interesting looking. Same with the custom gauge. great to look at, not sure how it would be to use it.

    The craftsmanship is amazing, but I kind of suspect this has given up the regular touring gig, for show bike and somewhat of a garage-queen/special occasion bike. To each their own. It certainly would get a lot of attention at a show.

  • Bultaco Metralla

    And to think when the Goldwing was launched i thought it was too big and heavy to be a proper motorcycle. What a great build.

  • Davidabl2

    I hope Nestor builds some more ‘Wings.. I’d like to see how this design evolves.
    curious to see what makes into v.2 v.3 etc. And what doesn’t, as well.

  • Aaron Richard

    I have to say, this is one of the better custom gold wings I’ve seen. Not sure how long of a ride I would want to take on the Twinkie cushions though;)

  • The Ogre

    I like, but the stance feels “off” to me. I think the rear end could be raised a few inches – but I’m not the builder nor rider, so…

  • Cliff Overton

    Some great unique design and construction work there – I like it a lot, particularly the tail.

  • cory stamps


    • itsmefool

      Not really, Cory; remember, the Goldwing, as Wikipedia puts it, “…was born into the world naked, lacking saddlebags and having no place for luggage, without even a windshield.”

  • Blueline

    I was thinking the other night that one rarely sees first gen Goldwing custom bikes. Glad to see Adam working his skill on something different. And I really like that gauge setup, I’m sure it would be alright once you got used to it.

  • Declan Dillman

    I’ve wanted to see that fairing on a GL for some time now! it looks pretty good!

  • Robbie T. Campbell

    I’m mostly curious about where he hid the battery. They usually sit on the left side next to the gas tank and hidden behind the side covers. They’re too big to be in the rear hump. Maybe in the storage compartment of the false rank? Would be good to know for my ’76 gl1000 build.

  • Ashley

    Having just finished my own ‘Cafe Cruiser’ Goldwing and feeling quite pleased with my efforts, this is just the dog’s wotsits. Very impressed, and inspired to have another go at mine.

  • jake

    where do you get aftermarket tanksides for goldwings i got a goldwing and im wanting to cafe it out i cant find any websites? if some one could please email me with an answer it would be much appreciated

  • Amir Bagheri

    Hi, can i ask what size of tires you did use, front and back please