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Moto Guzzi ‘Retro Le Mans’

Posted on May 14, 2014 by Scott in Café Racer, Classic, Racer. 17 comments

RadicalGuzzi_RGB_001 Kopie

There’s not many bike builders that would buy a brand new Moto Guzzi Griso just to cut it into pieces. But then there’s not many customizers that are as passionate about Guzzi’s as Stefan Bronold from Radical Guzzi. When it comes to building bikes, he really aims to put the “racer“ back into café racers. Everything on the bike is there for a reason and helps to achieve Stefan’s favourite word… performance.

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The starting point for the ‘Retro Le Mans’ project was a simple question: What kind of bike should Moto Guzzi come up with to create a similar sensation as BMW with the R Nine T? A bike combining heritage and performance. For Stefan the combination of the modern 4 valve engine with it’s powerful punch and the classic Tonti frame was the perfect base for a contemporary Guzzi in the tradition of the Le Mans models.

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The outcome is visually stunning, offering outstanding performance and handcrafted detail. The 1200cc engine was bored to 1450cc and delivers around about 120 – 130 HP. The chassis features a self made rear end, integrating a stabilizer that delivers a better performance than Guzzi’s stockl rear ends. Ohlins chassis components and a Ducati 1098 front fork further improve the bike’s road performance.

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When asked what the most difficult part of the build was, Stefan had a hard time defining it. “Of course, the engine did not want to fit into the frame very easily” he says. He did eventually make the engine fit but there was no way of using the modern gearbox. So the ‘Retro Le Mans’ now sends its power through an adapted classic five speed transmission. Another headache was caused by the intention to do without the fuel injection in favor of carburetors. It meant adapting the round opening of the carburetor to the oval outlet of the Griso’s cylinders.

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The custom designed mono shock in the rear took several stages of fabrication due to unexpected powers eating up the fixing plate. The list of trial and error solutions is a long one. It is truly amazing that a bike like this could be designed without the help of computers the good old fashioned way of a hands on approach.

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The ‘Retro Le Mans’ is Stefan’s most ambitious custom project so far. Some of the parts developed in the 6 year building process are now part of Radical Guzzi’s catalogue. If you like what you see, check out the bike in action here – it helps if you speak a little German.

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  • Bultaco Metralla

    Jesus wept, what can you say, sex on wheels, the most desirable bike I’ve seen in ages, fabulous finish, fantastic function. Mate, I’m dribbling.

  • revdub

    Absolutely amazing. I’m in awe of this bike.

  • Tanshanomi

    Um, wow. That’s just . . . wow.

  • That is a beautiful piece of work. The proportions are perfect, the execution is flawless, and the red on red is inspiring. This is my new wallpaper.

  • Thomas Høj Jørgensen

    Nice bike, but couldn’t he have thought of another name for the shop?

  • Guzzto

    I do hope the good people in Mandello are paying attention.

  • BoxerFanatic


    Like a V7 Racer with a pumped-up Griso heart, and retro early LeMans styling. Very nice.

    • Fantome_NR

      this is what they should have made instead of, or maybe in addition to, the v7 “racer.”

  • miczukow

    Sensational! 😀

  • Fantome_NR

    Pretty amazing, but it is kind of sad that he had to forego the CARC arm to make it fit. Still a gorgeous bike and very impressive technical feat.

  • Chris Saddler Sam

    the tail (seat cowl) please…
    just get it a lil bit lower, and then this guzzi is perfect!!!

  • mtiberio

    Having raced a tonti lemans, I can say this bike has enough rubber and HP to twist that frame into a pretzel. I see he has a substantial battery tray, good. I’d like to see what he has for timing cover to steering head bracing before declaring it a “performance” success. The look and execustion of course are perfect.

  • TJ Martin

    Jeeze ! Three phenomenal ‘quality’ builds in a row [ with the K75 still being the hands down winner IMO ] So either the overall quality of the custom bike building world has gone up a full notch [ or three ] or Andrew’s been working overtime to find more genuine quality builds such as the current triumvirate !

    As to this one in particular ? Can’t find a single thing wrong with it . Definitely fitting in perfectly with the previous two . And definitely to date in the top three for 2014

  • Ro Dus

    laaawd, so clean and yet it burns my eyes. the rear end is a masterpiece itself.

  • Jeffrey Wallis Bell-Zekas

    absolutely fabulous…