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‘88 Ducati 750 Sport – JvB Moto

Posted on May 19, 2014 by Andrew in Racer, Uncategorized. 26 comments


Perfection. It’s a glittering prize that many of us endlessly strive for but few rarely achieve. For all the polished-to-perfection show winners you see around the traps, there’s a million builds that are quit on or just left to rot. But what if, instead of throwing in the towel on the build itself, you gave up on the idea of that ‘perfect’ bike? What if you took more of a racing approach and simply considered the bike as something that was constantly evolving? A new part here, a modification there. And all with the aim of making something that was just straight up badass and damn fast. Because that’s just what Jens and the boys at JvB-moto have done. And if this is what happens when you kick perfection to the kerb, we’re not so sure it’s such a big loss after all.


“The aim with this special was to build a usable, fast, unrestored, everyday machine,” says Jens. “It’s not a design concept aiming for a final visual perfection. Instead, it’s a work in progress; ride, modify, repeat. Now, I usually don`t care much about cars, but I am a big fan of the Magnus Walker Porsche 911s and I wanted to somehow give this bike a similar spirit. A hard ridden, tuned classic with some ‘illegal street racing’ style.”


The base for the project was a low milage Ducati 750 sport from ‘88. JvB say they chose the 750 because of the death-proof engine, the clean lines of the fuel tank and the 16” wheels. Especially the wheels. I think we can all agree that, together with the new Avon radial tyres, they work damn well, despite (or maybe because of) their distinctive ‘80’s formula 1” balloon look. The fuel tank was slightly modified and mounted about 20mm more towards the front. Together with the clip on’s, lowered footrests and the newly designed tail unit, it gives the Duke an comfy, all-day riding position.


“The frame was cut and heavily modified. Of course, the airbox had to go and some we added some Mikuni flat slide racing carbs, themselves fitted with K+N Filters give the bike a beautiful response and a completely different power delivery. The suspension is a Showa damper from the 750SS series in the rear and a stock Marzochi front fork, both modified to work with the lower weight. We’re proud to say that the tail unit and the distinctive headlight are both JvB-moto custom parts.”


Similarly, the electric box and a barely there alloy front fender are one-off parts. The stoppers are modified stock units and apparently work quite well with the new-found low weight. The 2-in-1 exhaust was made from stainless steel leftovers and the raw Italian screams are barely hushed in a Termignoni Titan can, originally made for a 1100 Monster.


Jens finishes on a hooligan note. “Of course you can’t compare it to a modern superbike, but with a weight of 155 kg without gas and about 80 horses, it runs incredibly well and if you want to; you can be very, very quick.” Naturally, the bike will stay a one-off. But JvB was keen to point out that some of the parts you see here are available in their web shop, should you be overcome by a sudden urge for imperfection.

  • shawshankredaction

    So sexy.

  • Fantome_NR


  • Rob Love

    absolutely, ridiculously awesome. Seems pretty rideable, in the dry, and that JvB headlight just keeps on impressing. And the colorway is spot-on. The exhaust is perfect. And hooray for fork-boots!

  • TurkishTrue

    The oil cooler never work correctly like that. Nice bike , was very bad idea to touch the cooler.

    • MotoTrooper

      Agree and disagree about the cooler, yes it may not be AS efficient in that orientation but should be fine as the air traveling past the outside is dynamically a ‘low pressure’ area and should pull the air from the front ‘high pressure’ area. Side mounted radiators on Honda Interceptors and VTR1000s work fine at speed. Also it’s a smaller target for road debris from the tire to hit.

      Regardless, I love the bikes these guys turn out. So much win.

      • TurkishTrue

        The oil cooler has ways to get air pass through into cooler. If you put that parallel to wind side , the air pass through from cooler without make correct cooling. This is why also, on motorcycle engine block not using polished surface and air cooler engine has wind side ways on block. They wants the air touching the surface and not just passing through. In 1 or 1000 km driver will not faced serious problem maybe. But because of high oil temperature slowly inner parts getting damage and will start makes problem. In market you can find easily vertical and horizontal cooler. Sometimes, if you don’t know what you are doing, better do nothing. ( I mean it for this bike cooler.)

        • If you check Ducati ‘Flat Red’ project on JvB site, you will notice a brilliant air scoop they designed for the oil cooler. These guys will not hesitate to put it on this project also if there is a need 😉
          Every project that rolls from JvB’s workshop is fantastic and pure class.

          • TurkishTrue

            You missing the point. You can even cancel the oil cooler or even you can put that to backside of bike. You will not feel any difference quickly. But in future you will start to face problem and you never could never say “oh this is why happen , because of my wrong oil cooler position” . Very long time i m building my own cafe racer also and trust me, nothing on these bikes add just for fun.All part and position has some reason. Bike looks great , perfect design , but i am still say same. Oil cooler on wrong position and it will make problem in engine in future.

          • Geno

            I love that I just read this and I heard your accent!

          • Thorn

            The oil cooler may not even need to be there in certain climates. Monster 620’s shipped without oil cooler’s and run fine. These engines run fine as long as oil is changed and temperature is kept below a certain number. The cooler could be upside down under the tank for all the bike cares, as long as the engine temp is kept below a certain maximum.

          • TurkishTrue

            so lets cancel all oil cooler. Stupid bike engineers, why they add so needless part into bike.:) But i was owner Ducati Monster 600 and 900 too. I can tell you there is engine temp difference between 600 and 900. But who care. I will not owner this bike. This is will be bike owner problem not me. Ducati service will make good money from service cost:)

  • Leroy

    This is the best looking bike I’ve seen on here in a long time. Just perfect.

  • Gorgeous.

  • revdub

    Oh, yes. “Perfection” is the right word. I’m not sure which I love more, this or the Pantah. Either way, this bike is just perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m going to be staring at this for a while. No point in even posting anything else this week (jk).

  • TJ Martin

    I dunno . This one doesn’t do a whole lot for me . Not that there is anything wrong with it mind you . Its more there isn’t anything exceptional or special about it either . I get the desire to do a Magnus Walker style motorcycle . I’m a big fan of Magnus’s work and would love to see his ethos translated into a bike … but unlike Magnus’s Porsches this one doesn’t quite capture the ‘attitude’ Magnus’s 911s do . Something undefinable being missing . But again to be clear . Its far from being bad .

  • Dang I like this moto. Most of the time, I dislike truncated rear ends, but this one works very well with the rear tail section; probably because the front to rear proportions are correct. I even like the matte paint and fork boots, which I commonly don’t. All in all, I would LOVE to have this bike in my garage.

  • docschops

    Well done

  • nathan


    so good

  • Giuliano Massimiliano Minutill

    Amazing bike, Amazing color, Amazing work.

  • duh

    Is that a K&N filter on the fork?? WTF?? besides that it’s great. I hope they are a sponsor..otherwise why??

  • Stephen Bacon

    Nice to see a build where they didn’t bolt on Ohlins suspension just because. These bikes look great all stripped down. Nice work.

  • It’s the tail section that does it for me.

  • Excellent…

  • Artifact Moto

    It being a Magnus Walker style bike, I’d say it should be wearing a leather seat and flying the Union Jack. ; ) Otherwise, this thing is perfect. Love the contrast of the white frame against black engine, wheels and controls. Mint green tank is just right too. Raw bike with nothing to hide and why would you? These guys do it right.

  • Pepe

    SexAtomicBombSexy MACHINE!! I just love this Ducati. Great job, JENS!

  • Johnny Panda

    Love the paint scheme. Want