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1979 BMW R 100/7 – Kingston Customs

Posted on May 28, 2014 by Scott in Café Racer, Classic. 19 comments


One of our favourite bike builders in Europe is the super talented Dirk Oehlerking from Kingston Customs in Germany. Dirk is a self-proclaimed perfectionist and motorcycle fanatic. Not only was he the German Enduro Champion as a kid, but has owned 36 racing machines over the years. Now he spends his time building unique customs and pioneering the scene in Germany. After finishing his stunning red R75/6 bobber last year, he decided it was time for a new BMW project. “I really wanted to build a BMW café racer build” says Dirk. “A BMW café racer is nothing new, but I wanted it to look very different in the Kingston style.” Well, amongst other things, we think he has definitely nailed the ‘Kingston’ style.


To keep with that Kingston style, Dirk has ditched the rather large stock tank for a smaller and leaner Yamaha RD50 tank which was customized to fit. The frame has also been altered to achieve a lower stance which helps gives this café racer its beautiful proportions.


Like most of Dirks builds, the engine has been completely rebuilt and brought back to ‘out-of-the-factory’ condition. The engine is breathing through a Norton Universal ‘Dunstall’ style replica silencer. He has chosen classic Metzeler tires 19” on the front and 18” on the back. The café racer bump seat has been custom-built by Kingston and covered in brown leather.


Because of Dirk’s racing background he has added some modern features like disc brakes for better braking power. He has redone the electrics and hidden the battery in a custom-made box. There’s also new handlebar controls from Domino and switch gear made from CNC’d aluminum. The lovely little rear tail light was created from an old school BMW exhaust pipe nut. The bike was then finished off in a deep BMW Ocean Blue Metallic paint.


Kingston Customs have shown us again that their level of craftsmanship is second to none. But as we all know, it’s not just about the design but how it makes you feel. “It’s not very convenient and it is not great for touring.” says Dirk. “But when you ride the bike, it gives you that incredible feeling of happiness. It puts a smile in your face.” What more could you ask for?

  • Wow ! Beautiful bike !!

  • Jed

    Nailed it.

  • B. J. Parker

    Gorgeous work. Proportions are right on and the detailing draws you in to keep looking.

  • Jorgan

    Those rear shcoks fit this bike perfectly. This might be a new favourite R100.

  • Leroy

    I read the title in my little feed. And I thought “Oh here we go, another goddam bmw.” Because I truly am bored with looking at them… And BAM! Mind blown! This thing rules.

  • S. Thompson

    Anyone else catch the piston being used to support the kickstand? And speaking of the kickstand, is it made from a wrench? Nice touch.

    • jlgace

      Good catch, and that just kicked it up another notch for me. Very nicely done. Even if you don’t like the bike, where can you fault it? Unless your one of those folk that ride their hand-built bikes in the rain.

      • Jorgan

        Yeah, you wouldn’t want it to get wet…

  • AndyB

    Amazeballs.! pipeburn, great bike thanks for posting

  • Foiled Again

    T-Riff. Love it.

    Can’t tell you how happy I am to see the stock airbox retained on BMW customs- so much better than K&Ns and far, far cleaner.

    Now, will someone save me an RD tank? I need one for my Guzzi project!

  • Ari Talusén

    WHERE’S THE BATTERY..!! Waaahhhh…

  • This is the first BMW custom I’ve seen that looks light and flickable. Nice…very nice.

  • metricwrench

    Could they just stop it already! Another hit! right out of the effing park!!

  • Fantome_NR

    LOVE THIS. Wow. Truly spectacular. That little visor is so cool. And the rear end, usually the worst part on an old beemer, makes the bike look like it’s going 100mph standing still. (If it was mine I would put a front fender on it though. Beating a dead horse, I know.)

  • 5.4k faceBook likes. That’s in Bike of the Year territory… 😀

  • Ryco Diawan


  • Cliff Overton

    Just beautiful. Love the rear shocks.

  • chipsdad


  • Sam Pisasale

    How much to build this, and are they for sale?