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1975 Honda CB750 ‘Titan’ by Gasser Customs

Posted on August 11, 2014 by Scott in Brat, Café Racer. 15 comments

Jay Leno's Garage

It’s not every day you ride past Jay Leno and your freshly built bike catches his eye. So much so that he then tracks you down to appear in an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage. Well, that’s what happened to Adam Gaspic from Gasser Customs. It also helped that Gasser Customs is located in North Hollywood, just down the road from Jay’s garage – so it wasn’t very hard to find him. The concept of this project started when Adam decided he wanted to build something in the spirit of the Hot Rods and Gassers of the 1950s and 60s but with some modern technology. So in between clients builds, Adam has built this mean looking Honda frankenstein named ‘Titan’.

Jay Leno's Garage

To keep with the Hot Rod theme, Adam chose white wall tires. “We’ve never built a bike with white wall tires and felt that that was an aspect that needed to be there.” He says. “This bike is as custom as it gets, starting with heavy frame mods for added strength and functionality. The engine has been bored up to an 836cc and has various other Go Fast mods giving Titan the ability to don the ton and then some!”

Jay Leno's Garage

Adam has created loads of one-off fabricated components for this bike including a GC billet aluminum top triple tree, custom oil tank, twin carb set-up and custom made shocks from Works Performance. A custom brat style seat was made, as well as a custom battery box and electronics re-located under the new 3″ extended aluminum swing arm.

Jay Leno's Garage

Gasser Customs also retro fitted the front end from a VF750F interceptor blending two decades of 750′s from Honda together. ‘Titan’ also features GC clear points cover, full electronic Dyna ignition system with upgraded charging system.

Jay Leno's Garage

They also added some nice Rizoma bling – imported straight from Italy – including the clear master brake reservoir, turn signals and foot pegs. They also made a custom gauge bracket to fit the new Motogadget Motoscope Pro Digital Instrument. Rounded out with Tarozzi clip-on bars, four-into-one exhaust system and upgraded EBC brakes: “This bike stops on a dime and sounds incredible!” says Adam.

Jay Leno's Garage

Theres obviously been a lot of work put into this build and it looks like this CB750 is receiving the attention it deserves. Not only was it featured on Jay’s Garage but it also recently picked up 1st place at the LA Motorcycle Show in the cafe racer/bar hopper class.

[Photography by Jay Leno’s Garage]

Jay Leno's Garage

Jay Leno's Garage

  • bobfalfa

    Sorry but I have a strong dislike of the look of the bike, What is that bit of framework at the back about?
    I know that will probably offend and that’s really not intentional ,
    But it does nothing for me
    It also worries me that there is no chainguard, ever had a chain slap you hard on the back of your leg?……, It’s sore

    • Alistair Hardy

      to me it actually looks like that bit of framework has a function.
      Number plate and tail light assembly as well as a keeping a litle bit of the road muck off your back.
      agreed, it could be done in a nicer way though

  • Deftone

    Really? A chainguard? Chainguards are for wusses. I’m sure theres a step-thru scooter site you could peruse….

    • Be careful man ´cause ten pounds of machismo just dropped you off…

    • bobfalfa

      “Chainguards are for wusses” Really is that so? But if they are a legal requirement what then?

      It’s also damn stupid not to have one, I suppose it’s like riding a crotch rocket wit a Tee Shirts and as I’ve said it is sore when the chain breaks on a ducati (old type not the hairdresser ones ) and hit you on the ar$e (can I say that ? oops too late).

  • Gentile Sodomite

    wash your hands before you ride.

  • RobertR

    It’s a nice bike, but a hot rod from the 50’s? I’m not getting it. And that tail light bar? Did you see that thing bouncing around in the video? Looks like if you hit one really good bump it will flex and hit the tire and do some major damage. It could’ve been designed a bit better. Looks like an afterthought.

    • That’s how you learn about motorcycles….if you live to tell. Trashed hardware, torn flesh, missing digits, destroyed bodywork. Not to mention metal bits in your eyes. Note: wear safety glasses! Been there.

  • Cat sandwiches

    Awesome that they kept the original tank. Best looking tank ever.

  • SportsterMike

    Turn the lights up!! so I can SEE the bike….enough of the arty farty stuff.. not Pipeburn’s fault I know

    • TheFatGuido

      Well your at it take off this headlights, I’m not getting the 1950s vibe with those street fighter bug eyes up front

  • franjo

    Love this build and can totally see why it’s posted here and why Jay Leno loved it too!! Clean and beautiful flow to the design, the whitewalls are perfect for it and I love the color and fit of the gas tank! Awsume job Gasser, I had the pleasure of attending the L.A.Calendar show this year and Titan is certainly worthy of your first place award at the show.

  • jthomp

    Everyone has a different preference on style and when you’re the one building a bike you can choose to do whatever you want. What gets forgotten it seems is the actual ride ability and functionality of a build because most of the time we don’t ever get to see it beyond photographs and actually get ridden and put through the gears. We never know if these builders can just make something look pretty or if they’re the real deal. There’s no better critic than Jay Leno who has seen and ridden it all and he had nothing but fantastic things to say about the quality of Adam’s workmanship and how great the bike performs!

  • B. J. Parker

    Really beautiful build. Job well done. I’d love to blast around on it!

  • Gbnomadsj

    Does anyone have any idea what the black thing is on his top end of the fork tubes? It looks like it’s been wrapped in something?