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Confederate Motorcycles X132 Hellcat Speedster

Posted on August 13, 2014 by Scott in Bobber. 31 comments


Written by Ian Lee.

In the beginning there was the Confederate X132 Hellcat. It was good and fast and broke speed records. But it needed something else. It needed the touch of Pierre Terblanche. The former Ducati designer was brought in to give the American hotrod a different style, something fresh and unique. And it takes a hell of a designer to take an already out there bike and make it even more… well… out there. Let us introduce you to (deep breath) the Confederate Motorcycles X132 Hellcat Speedster. 


The bike is dominated by that big 132 inch V twin of Confederate’s own design. Putting out 140 torques, the fuel injected powerplant is the same one that propelled the Hellcat to a speed record at Bonneville a few years ago. With an ECU that is tuned for performance more than cruising capabilities, the power is sent through a five speed transmission fitted with drag racing ratios. 


All that power means nothing without being able to put it into the ground. At the back end is a custom Race Tech centre mounted shock. The 29° front forks are 48mm, fitted up with a Beringer four pot dual caliper biting into Beringer ductile rotors. Both front and rear suspension are fully adjustable, for both rebound and compression. The rolling stock on the machine are 18 inch Blackstone Tek Carbon Fibre, shod in Metzeler Me880 rubber. 


The fuel tank is a one piece seamless unit, designed in house at Confederate Motorcycles. Finished in clear coat over carbon fibre, it follows the curve of the 3 inch backbone beautifully. To give that American riding position, a leather bound tractor style seat was utilised, along with forward controls. 


This Hellcat Speedster is being limited in production to only 65 bikes, ensuring that these already unique bikes maintain their ability to stand out in a crowd. From the CNC billet engine case, to the work of art exhaust system draped upon the engine block, the amount of work put into this bike shows. With a touch of Terblanche, this naked bike is just the beginning of a new styling direction for Confederate motorcycles, and the future is looking good. 




  • Bowds

    That thing is bad ass. Take note Japanese bike manufacturers, the future doesn’t need to look like a transformer movie. Lose the triangles please.

    • Spyker May

      Japan… Mmmm, how about naming an unlikely source of innovation, viz South Africa. Both Blackstone Tek (Carbon Fibre wheels) and Terblanche are products of South Africa – makes you think…

      • Bowds

        I was taking purely about styling. I like Japanese bikes, they make great bikes already, but these days most of the styling is overly angular. Just would like to see some more curves is all. Like some kind of futuristic / sixties mishmash.

        • Chris Botha

          after many V-twins I settled on the best one ever built… and its Japanese.. the MT-01.. 1.7L of pure badass… the bike up there is pretty.. but on the road it wouldn’t mean a thing..

  • Michael Krasniewski

    Yeah – everything looks good w/o blinkers, lights, mirrors, etc. You guys also forgot to mention the imaginary bike’s 25 mile range. Exactly what this world needs – more perfectly worthless butt jewelry.

    • jonsen

      I think it’s got blinkers. no mirrors though.

  • Josh

    eh, such a noisy design. Where’s the hierarchy in the design? Focus? Action lines? Would be nice to see some restraint and class in a modern bike design. This makes my eyes bleed.

  • Al Best

    Awkward mish-mash.

  • Manuel Martin Caraballo

    probably horrible to drive but definitely good looking.

  • Excuse me but where is the ‘new’ styling direction???
    It seems to me that Terblanche updated and retouched the design of the X132 Hellcat, but this is an improvement, not a new direction.
    If Terblanche will design a new model, starting from a blank paper, this will be a new direction.
    The Wraith from JT Nesbitt, with this incredible carbon fiber girder fork, is still my favorite, in terms of innovation and design.

  • mark

    What a. Lovely. Looking bike hard as nails if i didnt have an x could of had one !

  • Gentleman Tomcat

    This is a rendering. It is not real.

    • guest

      fei chang chou lou kan gou pi

    • I’ve seen the hi-res images. It’s real.

      • TJ Martin

        Yup ! Its real alright . Very real indeed . Stick on the mandatory mirrors and signals and this very bad little boy is ready to rock and roll

      • Chris Davis

        The balance is impressive. Does it have a gyro?

      • Coline

        Hi guys! Thanks for your comments but this is rendering, not real. We at Optic group, were asked by Confederate to produce these photorealistic images. Check out our work:

  • If I squint my eyes, it’ looks exactly like the previous design. Pipes might be different a little bit. And yes, the future doesn’t need to look like a transformer movie, but this does.

  • WRXr

    This is one of the better looking V-twins engines I have seen in a while. The bike is not so shabby either!
    I wish:
    1. The engine internals were a bit more innovative.
    2. It had the Wraith’s fabulous girder fork and the previously used “in swing arm exhaust”
    3. The bike were less stratospheric in price. Ah well! For a wage earner like me, it will have to remain a fantasy.
    A Doc Chops style Virago would come close to hitting this mark, visually. And needless to say financially would be much better.

  • Luke

    Well Damn. That thing is high-class motorcycle porn (particularly that tank and redonkulous exhaust). Not practical, but whatever – these bikes are industrial design experiments, not grocery-getters. This bikes make me think it’s the motorcycle version of a Lamborghini – crazy fast, college-poster worthy, really expensive, but not exactly comfortable, easy to drive, or useful.

  • jonsen

    Only one thing I’d change. I would have went for a single sided swing arm to give it a look of lightness. One side of that swing arm looks strong enough to me. I mean, l love it the way it is, just being a nitpicker.

  • TJ Martin

    One serious bad*ss of a bike … direct from the pen of one of M/C designs finest .The controversial but in my opinion much respected Pierre Terblanche . The only thing ‘ off ‘ about this Hellcat is the limited availability and the price tag it’ll cost you to get one . Other than that though …. a win on all counts … and Three Cheers along with a hearty Hear Hear to one of the most tenacious survivors in the limited production motorcycle industry . Seriously . After all Confederate has been thru those guys have cojones to spare

  • Bultaco Metralla

    Isn’t this great! it’s a big, brutal b*stard of a bike. Or that’s what Mr & Mrs Suburbs will think when they draw up alongside. You wanna go more than 25 miles, use the BMW next to it in your garage/shed/annex. This ain’t for the single vehicle family. What a blast!.

  • Josh Way

    Good GRIEF!!!

  • Guest

    well… i ve donw somwthing a bit simillar i guess.
    and i like it.

  • Guest

    well… i ve done something a bit simillar i guess.

    and i like it.

  • Wombatski

    If you can’t take a woman for a ride on a bike it’s useless

  • Oliver St.John-Mollusc

    All I can say is Huggy Bear



  • v

    weighs way too much and performs subpar….poor final execution that’s too busy….and the logo on the tank is too large…not quite…

  • Gene

    Another 1 st bravo exquisite confederate I’ve had the pleasure of owning a hellcat I still cry when I think of the day I had to sell it.awesome and very muscular very American. To cover the beautiful vtwin with plastic ‘jap crap’ would be a sin.