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2014 Wheels & Waves – Official Video

Posted on September 5, 2014 by Andrew in Video. 31 comments

Claiming the title of ‘Best Bike Show in the World’ is no mean feat. With competition from the likes of The One show in Oregon and the AMD World Championships, to land a title like that would take some doing. And even though it’s just little old us giving out the gold, we’d probably forego the subzero conditions in Portland and give the billetesque AMD a miss. Where would we cast our vote you may or may not ask? Wheels & Waves, that’s where. With a sweet French summer on offer and more good food than your average Michelin-starred restaurant, we’d be in beautiful Biarritz. This year a barrage of biking celebs made an appearance, including the Boys from Blitz, the very dapper Paul d’Orleans and even America’s Roland Sands. Wish you were there? So do we. But fear not, because the boys from Southsiders Motorcycle Club attended for us – and they took a whole bunch of video cameras to record the bountiful biking shenanigans for posterity.

  • Junior Burrell

    Looks like blast!!!

  • TJ Martin

    Yeah baby ! If there’s only One show you can make overseas .. this is the One .. you should go to .. [ not the Portlandia ” One Show ‘ ] beyond any shadow of a doubt . Sure there’s a bit of the ‘ Hipster ‘ thing going on . But in light of the quality and overall diversity of the show … I can forgive them for it and then some .

    And errr … Andrew … it aint all about the M/C’s either ! It is an all around Gearhead fest from bikes – to bicycles to some of the baddest and coolest cars in France and the EU , not to mention a few mechanical oddities here and there as well .

    Add in what I enviously call the ” Those Damn French Factor ” [ fine wine – beautiful women – incredible food : heck their truck stops serve better food than most fine dining establishments here in the US ] as well as the location and …’ve got yourself the event of the year !

    A favor if I may Andrew since you’re obviously in touch with the SouthSiders crew ? Bang on their virtual door and get them to start updating their bleeping website on a regular basis again like they used to !!! I’m missing my mornings of Pipeburn and SouthSiders to fulfill my weekly Gearhead fix *

    * ( no insult at all intended Andrew … y’all does a great job .. its just that SS’s covers some things you do not .. so the two together makes for the perfect package )

  • oldman

    Well look at this happy horse shit. y’all trick or treaters in your costumes have become worse than the harley crowd. did i see some jackass wearing a helmet out in the ocean. every one of you wants to be cool and different so bad, you end up all looking the same, hell, i can’t tell one from another. all you fucking white people look the same to me anyway.

    • TJ Martin

      Oh come on now oldman ! Being a grump about hipsters in general I get and am completely on board with ! But over generalizing , stereotyping and being hypercritical about the SouthSiders and especially their Wheels & Waves show ? Well …. thats taking things to the extreme .. not to mention exposing your ignorance when it comes to the SS’s and W&W’s .

      Seriously odlman . Despite the ‘ Hipster ‘ connotations …. the SouthSiders and Wheels & Waves are the REAL deal .

      • oldman

        done struck a nerve with ol TJ Maxx over here. i aint given in, real knows real when it sees it, and these boys aint looking familiar. exposing my ignorance? man, i aint never had it hid up. but oldman, look, southsiders are racin each other, they gotta be real right? nope, just some boys in costumes and ironic facial hair.

        • TJ Martin

          You just aint got a clue when it comes to the SouthSiders as well as the Wheels & Waves ! Oh well … your loss…

          BTW oldman … don’t even try going down the cutesy wootsy pre- adolescent insults road with me good sir . Guaranteed if Andrew were to pull off the gloves I’d have you down for the count and crying in fifteen words or less . So play nice … agree to disagree and quit trying to prove how clever you are . Cause you aint !

          • oldman

            Tj Maxx is a cooter

          • TJ Martin

            Hmmmn . So lets see now ;

            Ironic facial hair ? – Check !

            A sad pastiche/portrayal/characterization of something you definitely are not ? [ a southern red neck ] – Check ! ( in spades I might add )

            A badly done pastiche of a 60’s 70’s hair doo ? – Check !

            An ironic ” I hate everything ” attitude ? – Check !

            Damn ! How’d I miss it ?

            oldman’s a freaking goram ‘ Hipster ‘ !

            ( and thats with the gloves on sonny boy )

          • oldman

            dang tj maxx, you so smart. you’re still a cooter.

  • vincent prat

    Hi My friends ,
    i just published like many of you, the short movie reporting about Wheels and Waves on Southsiders blog. This crazy viral thing we have contracted 6 years ago when we started with a small gathering of friends. Now the virus is all inside my blood taking my full brain.

    And to answer TJ Martin( thank you for your comment) I’d really love to tell some stories again on our blog. Some are coming in the next months, we still have some unpublished good pictures .

    long live to Pipeburn !

    • TJ Martin

      I’ll look forward to some new stories Vincent ! Gotta tell you your Simon Mills story is legendary amongst us VOC types subscribing to the ‘ Big Sid ‘ Biberman philosophy of ; ” Stock is a can of beans on a shelf ”

      Fact is … its tucked away in my ‘ Bookmarks ‘ as a reference for an upcoming project …. hint hint .

      Long live SS’s as well ! Damn French ….. lol !

  • al gonz

    Hello, I love bikes in general (all of them! scooters, customs, trail, hell even piaggio’s mp3!!) since I was ten (30 years ago). As a bike nuts, when I saw that this event happens close to my house (5km, Bayonne) I decided to participate and enjoy bike culture with fellow nutters.
    I tried to get in one of the rides, riding my main bike (92′ VFR 750) and send them a mail to know details…they asked for a photo of your bike…and no, I didnt get any reply…not good!
    I decided to go to have a look at the show…didnt make it…sorry these are not bikers, this is just a fashion event, full of fakes (by the love of god, why no one wears a full faced helmet!)…During the days, passing by, I saw lots of people parking their vans miles from the event and unloading their modified bikes (all gorgeous,btw!) and fitting lots of luggage, so they can arrive at the event looking like they came riding from far? That’s just sad!
    I find truly disgusting that this event has so many corporations as sponsors,(most of them are clothes.) I thought this was business convention!! I believe this kind of movement is about DIY culture, not following the trend, make your bike unique as your personality, so why the hell is BMW and Yamaha sponsoring? That’s like microsoft sponsoring a hackers covention!
    You can go there uncool, get your wallet and leave all cool (minus the beard, you have to grow that!), is like a cool dude factory.
    On paper is a really cool event, but for me at least is thanks, but no thanks.

    • TJ Martin

      1) Do you truly believe an event of this magnitude and appeal can exist without serious corporate sponsorship ?

      2) Yeah … there’s always a few negative stereotypes such as you describe showing up for W&W … but they’re far from the majority

      3) Yes Al … Microsoft et al do in fact sponsor several hacker conventions .. behind the scenes of course … but the money’s there regardless [ Sorry Mssr Gonz …. Trust me on this …. Corporate Sponsorship is Everywhere . The only place left thats Truly DIY is what the likes of you and I do strictly for our own pleasure and out of the public eye ]

      4) Somebody always gets left out when it comes to any event like W&W … and it seems like you may of been one of them . Nothing to take personally … thats simply the reality of putting on/organizing an event of this scope . If you ever tried doing one yourself you’d know exactly what I’m talking about

      Honestly though Mssr Gonz … reading your post sounds a lot more like a bad case of Sour Grapes than an honest appraisal of the Wheels & Waves event . I could be wrong now . But … I kind of don’t think so 😉

      • al gonz

        Martin thanks for your reply.

        I have been to (real) hackers meetings in UK and I didnt saw any Microsoft suits on the squat house were it was being celebrated…

        I do not share many of your views, but thanks for letting yours posted.

        According to you, a negative opinion is only sour grapes and a positive one is only an honest appraisal…so we will never understand each other, and that’s what makes humans great!!

        Thanks again

        • TJ Martin

          If you didn’t notice the corporate sponsorship … you weren’t paying attention . Either that or you are confusing ‘ Meetings ‘ ( as in small scale privately arranged get togethers )with ‘ Conventions ‘… Conventions being the accurate analogy to W&W … not ‘ Meetings ‘ . And seeing as how I know the reality of W&W [ both first hand and … ] .. my assumption that yours MAY [ the key word being … MAY … as in maybe not as well ] be a case of sour grapes is more than justified by your indefensible comments and over generalized opinions as well as the entire you weren’t allowed to come out and play whinge you felt necessary to share with us . That last one being the real clincher from my perspective !

          And errr … hate to say this … cause a VFR750’s a pretty decent bike and all …. but its not exactly W&W material … now is it !

    • Choobaka

      “During the days, passing by, I saw lots of people parking their vans miles from the event and unloading their modified bikes (all gorgeous,btw!) and fitting lots of luggage, so they can arrive at the event looking like they came riding from far? That’s just sad!”

      There’s a really good reason for that : French law on custom bikes truly sucks. You can’t even change your indicators even if they are homologated Everything need to be homologated specifically on the bike by the French equivalent of the Tüv and they’re worst. You can’t get your custom bike on French road without serious big buck (manufacturer’s big buck). The penalty is the seizure of the bike if you can’t get it towed on your own (110€ + 20€ per days usually). Cops tend to be tolerant but customs drew some heat lately so you better come with your bike in your vans and check for cops before using it.
      Remember that your bike need to be under 100hp on French road too. And yes, even foreigners bikes need to comply to these laws.

      There’s some exception for old bikes (> 30 years) but you need special pink slip (grey slip in France) specifically handled by French authority.

      And let’s be serious, who doesn’t want to travel on his favorite bike one the French coast on summer :).

      • Choobaka

        Well the part with the luggages is just sad tho.

      • markyg888

        you’ve obviously never been to the big Harley show in Montalivet, France a bit north of Biarritz.. there are multiple customs and all sorts of weird and wonderful things there… In France bikes don’t even have to pass a roadworthiness test once they have been registered so I think you will find that there are an amazing number of customised bikes on the road.

        • Choobaka

          Nope, did not went to Montalivet. Still (French link) :

          Translation : Every notable transformation of a vehicle must be the subject of a reception (test) by the DRIEE/DREAL/DEAL (that does include everything that could impact driving, pollution, lights, sound, hp…). French knows them as the “mines” (yeah the mines, as coal mines, long story).

          So yeah, it is not forbidden to make custom in France (well, driving it) but it’s a pain in the ass to get that aggrement (called a “réception à titre isolée”). As I said, cops tend to be tolerant but if you get caught, it can be anywhere from a little fine (50€ per part modified) to the seizure of the bike (technically it’s just immobilization but if you can’t get it towed on the spot, it’s send to the pound).

          You can’t sell customs too (you need to aggree to sell a manufactory bike on the selling aggrement in order to make the new pink slip). That’s why every builder in France make you purchase your own donor bike then customs it.

          There’s debate in the French Parlement to force a technical control (contrôle technique) on bikes to get rid of customization. The debate tends to come back every few years so it doesn’t mean it will pass, but you get the trend.

          I should know I’m a (amateur) French builder :).

          • markyg888

            I definitely bow to your superior knowledge.. however as with many things in France the “law” and what actually happens seem to be two very different things…what kind of customs do you build?

          • Choobaka

            Don’t bow, most French bikers haven’t the slighest ideas about theses laws anyway. We’ve got so much laws that at some point, nobody complies to them :/.

            I just made some research to get mine street legal but, well, it won’t.

            I’m currently building a Virago (xv 1100) bobber (asiat style) and a bmw k1100 (café racer/street tracker) with a Friend. Still a very long way to go (damn, those bikes are ugly and need tons of work), but having fun so far :).

          • markyg888

            Wow that K11 will take some work.. all the best with it..

  • Unfortunately, we’ve decided to blacklist Oldman. Sorry dude, but the hate was just getting to be too much.

    And a quick reminder for all commenters. Pipeburn is a place where people come to celebrate and discuss biking culture in all it’s forms. While we’re not into choppers or street fighters, we will always respect people’s bike choices because we understand that deep down we’re all just bikers at heart.

    As always, if you have nothing positive to say in the comments then don’t say anything at all. Easy.


    • vincent prat

      I don’t understand why so many haters come out of the bag these times…

      GUYS ! Open your mind, accept mixed cultures, we are not only “motorcyclists”. We love the life and everything good around. Are we “Hipsters”? who cares? (I’m 52 and ride Nortons since 79)
      Peoples who don’t accept the changes in their world are already dead !

    • al gonz

      I dont know why everybody takes so personal any comment that is not positive (Oldman’s comments aside).

      I’ve seen how the metal/hard rock festivals got ruined by posers and corporations, and I saw a strong similarity with what is happening to w&w.

      As soon as big sponsors got into big festivals, they started to have a say in what goes on the festival, who plays, what drink we will serve on the bars, etc. It got to a point that now there is even VIP areas in those festivals (black circle where called in Sonisphere).

      There is however, some big festivals that they havent sold their souls to corporations : azkena festival, is making (some) money for more than 10 years and is the best festival I’ve ever been to, so is possible to make a big event (5.000 people each day) without so many big sponsors.

      I got mad at w&w because I was waiting for months to start and then what I saw I didnt liked for the same reasons stated above.

      • vincent prat

        You’re totally wrong guy ! just come and enjoy ! this is free and everbody gets his own W&W !!!

      • Chris Saddler Sam

        “…waiting for months to start and then what I saw I didnt liked for the same reasons stated above.”???

        and i say: during all those months, waiting, haven’t u ever googled WHEELS&WAVES?

        u would have seen the pics and videos from the previous editions..

        and u would have saved your time!

        W&W has always been the same..

        from small to huge..

        fancy rebels!

        i’ve attended the 2012 edition!
        AND I LOVED IT!
        i wish i could attend it every year!!

        • al gonz

          Chris, I rather not comment any further because people gets really offended, if I dont write positive stuff.
          Time will prove me right about w&w.

          • Chris Saddler Sam

            it’s ok al!

            we all don’t have to like the same things…
            therefore, vatiety makes this world better and more interesting!


  • Junior Burrell

    I grew up in a hot rod/drag racing enviroment,all about American v8’s and cubic inches. Then the import scene exploded and many were against it just like this bike scene now. It was put into perspective for me by one of the older and most respected guys in the community. ” They are working with whats at their disposal just like we did,and it’s our responsibilty to make sure that never stops!!” By my appearance I wouldn’t be considered as a “hipster”. I’m a Dickies and Vans type of guy but I appreciate prettty much the same things. Imo,these guys are just paying homage to a time that should be appreciated.

  • Conrado Rufino

    Hi, how can I get the wheels n waves sountrack?