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‘01 Ducati MH900e Evoluzione

Posted on September 20, 2014 by Andrew in Classic, Racer. 22 comments


When it comes to modern production bikes, it’d be hard to deny that Ducati have put some serious runs on the eye candy scoreboard. Whether it be in GT, Paul Smart, or even faired ‘S’ version, the Ducati Sport Classic is oft-cited as being the pinnacle of modern-meets-retro bike design. But let us remind you of another Pierre Terblanche Ducati design. This one’s a much rarer bird than the Sport Classic, but what it lacks in multitude it more than makes up for with the sheer boldness of its 70s-inspired design. It’s the limited edition Ducati MH900E. And as if that wasn’t enough, this example has been tweaked to produce what we think is one of the best-looking bikes we’ve seen all year.

First things first, some history. The original MH900E was a bike created by Terblanche in homage to Mike Hailwood’s 1978 win of the Isle of Man TT. Between 2001 and 2002, the Bologna factory hand-made 2000 examples after grand plan to outsource the build to Bimota failed when the company bit the bullet.


Those wondering about the bike’s rather spectacular tail design need only cast their minds back to the Ducati race bikes of the late 70s and early 80s; what you see here is Terblanche’s reinterpretation of the company’s now famous tall, square tailpieces. Ands while it may look like something taken from a Star War’s spares catalogue, it’s great to see a designer with the skill and cojones to pull off something that bold with such obvious success.


This 2001 Ducati MH900E – build number 1434 – was purchased by a friend of Angus Dykman, the owner of Brooklyn’s Northeast Sportscar. Obtained several years ago, it now has a reasonable 11,000 miles on it. Wanting to give it a personal touch and make it stand out from the crowd a little, the friend stripped it down and got to work.


First, the frame was powder coated black and the bodywork was professionally painted in an immaculate battleship gray. Smitten with the colour, he then had the wheels powder coated to match. To clean up the overall look of the bike, he added LED  turn signals, some Motogadget mirrors, and a Staintune carbon exhaust, which is a bit shorter than stock. And while the bold length of the original units did make a fine statement, we can’t help but think this new length seems to suit the overall look of the bike a little better.



We were also amazed to learn that the bike’s speedo is not a custom unit. It and its polished bezel were actually included as stock items on the original bike. How’s that for a factory build taking a leaf out of the customiser’s handbook? We’d be more than a little proud if that was our handiwork.


To finish on a high note, the bike is also up for sale. “In terms of maintenance, the belts, plugs, oil, and pads were all recently changed,” says Angus. “This is an excellent running and riding bike and we think it’s one of the most beautiful bikes we’ve ever seen. It’s a nice blend of concept-bike styling with factory reliability. Drop us a line if you’d like to see it in the flesh.”


[Photos by Angus Dykman]

  • Stunning in all its understated ruggedness…from the choice of color, to tires and details. You have my vote for bike of the year sir

    • TJ Martin

      Thou obviously hath yet to of set thine eyes upon the BMW R-Nine T ‘ Highway Fighter ‘ custom from ‘ Cherry’s Company ‘ … over Japan way good sir ! Mark my words … as beautiful as this bike is [ and it truly is stunning ] …. it doesn’t even close to the near absolute perfection the ‘ Highway Fighter ‘ has attained . Not to mention the ‘ Highway Fighter being an all around custom … whereas this is more a mild custom/modified M/C . No criticism intended towards this bike mind you … but the facts is the facts

      • Very factual opinion indeed sir. And yes I have seen Cherry’s R9 which is indeed one of the nicest costums, let alone R9 customs. Which however doesn’t take away from the fact that I find above bike more appealing to my senses, which in the end has nothing to do with modifying versus customizing….a topic I prefer to stay away from completely. But to each his own of course.

  • lennard schuurmans

    Brilliant, lovet it! What tires are these? They look great.

    • Mickael Silva

      Those are Dunlop D616 tires.

  • Mickael Silva

    The only thing I would change would be the powdercoat color on the exhaust pipes, makes them look small compared to the rest of the bike. Other than that, it’s perfect.

  • al gonz

    This is pornografic!!!

    The only thing I will change is…the owner!!!

  • beautiful bike but the colour looks like Ford midnight sky, same as my company car, very popular and boring

  • TJ Martin

    #1 Full discloser . The MH900E is my absolute favorite contemporary Ducati … Period !

    #2 If anyone were to tell me they were going to in any way modify one … I’d immediately of assumed they’d completely ruin it

    #3 This bike.. and its builder … Have proven my assumptions to be ABSOLUTELY …… Wrong !

    Damn ! Atsa da nice a Bike . Va Bene ! Che Bela machina ! From stem to stern .

    Ciao !

  • Beautiful – I have nothing else to say except do you think they’d let me take it for a test ride?

  • Guzzto

    Just off to change my undies

  • Muzz

    Very well done !! Super clean , well thought … cant help but wonder where you will mount the plate ? 🙂

  • Bultaco Metralla


  • Richard Gozinya

    Drop dead gorgeous. My back wouldn’t be able to handle that riding position for very long, but damn, that’s a beautiful bike.

  • SwissSF

    I’d be interested in this bike if you could reverse all that was done to degrade it.

    • ClassiCars

      Hi I have a brand new one for sale in London. 0 miles, 100% original
      showroom, never been registered or ran. A part fom factory test I
      suppose. Why don’t you make me an offer?

  • Gareth Roberts

    Saw this at the Invitational this weekend parked on the street – stunning.

  • MHMarc

    What brand of mirrors are these please??

    • tom

      I have owned this Carbon Dream from new, & have spent more than anyone with half a brain would ever spend to keep it as close to stock as possible. I want it to perform at the edge of performance, without the average person taking notice of the change. I like to fine tune the details that no manufacture could afford to do on a mass produced product. The old saying; “When I die, I hope my wife doesn’t sell this bike for what I told her I paid.” It really applies in my case, & it’s been worth every penny.
      To each his own, but I can’t really say I’m loving the look of the bike. It’s tough to beat to original. I understand the point of making the bike your “personal” statement, but this bike isn’t like most others. In my opinion it should be generally be left well enough alone.

  • alberto barreira

    what is the brand and model of tires?