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2014 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride – Thruxton Giveaway

Posted on September 23, 2014 by Scott in Other. 8 comments


With over 240 cities in more than 55 countries involved, it’s already the biggest united motorcycle ride in the world. And if you get yourself along to this weekend’s ride you’ll not only see a whole bunch of sweet bikes, meet some great people and have an amazing day – you’ll also be doing your part to help the fight against prostate cancer. They’ve already raise a whopping USD$900,000; now they need your help to get it over the 1 million dollar line.

Need another reason to get involved? Well, you damn well shouldn’t… but we’re going to give you one anyways. Those who register and manage to raise more than $100 will go into the draw to win this sweet Triumph Thruxton you see above.

So do your bit and register now at

  • Junior Burrell

    Planning on attending and getting dapper. And by dapper I mean that my t-shirt will have sleeves on it 😉

    • dead_elvis

      Ooooh, listen to mister-so-fancy-he-can-afford-sleeved-t-shirts!


      • TeamObsolete

        I know of a lovely CB250G Brat that I would love to ride there, annoying those with fixed ideas of what a bike should or should not look like out of their wits and bringing a smile to those who can appreciate a light approach to a serious cause. Dress up and have a fun day everybody, chances are you’ll meet interesting people and see bikes that you may or may not like. Sounds good to me!

        • dead_elvis

          The crowd at the Distinguished Gents’ Ride would offer a much warmer welcome to the 250 in question that the crowd here, I’d wager.

  • arnold

    Sorry, boyz, I threw a double sawbuck at it, even though I have a kayak obligation to fulfill on that weekend.

    • arnold

      Really, distinguished nor gentleman would never even be a passing thought in my eulogy. You should think about this though, that virtually 100% of the male population will suffer from prostrate problems of some sort if we manage to live long enough.
      Besides, a fun day can’t possibly hurt you, right?

      • arnold

        As an aside , I am very impressed with the layout of their website.

  • Monte