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Honda XRE300 by Shibuya Garage

Posted on October 13, 2014 by Scott in Brat. 21 comments


Written by Ian Lee.

The Honda XRE300 is a dual sport bike manufactured for the South American market. Honda called it “aggressive looking” but in reality it is one fugly machine – with a pointy plastic nose that looks like a large bird beak. The XRE was the donor given to the team at Shibuya Garage in São Paolo to create a stripped back, brat style bike. Owner and designer of Shibuya, Teydi Deguchi, took the brief and got to work transforming this ugly duckling. The goal was to build a bike with a lightweight aesthetic and pure brat style look, which would be perfect for cruising the busy streets on those warm Brazilian nights.


The bike’s factory rims are gone, the XRE now sports the brat obligatory Firestones, wrapped around DID rims. The inspiration for the rolling stock being from Teydi’s idea that the bike should be influenced by the Japanese underground. The front fender has been swapped out in the pursuit of minimalism, and the front forks filled with Brembo fluid. Ride height has been modified to that of brat style, and to allow for the change in rim size from the factory setup.


It was decided during the build to fit a Motogadget, the Shibuya crew having to suss out how to hook up the German instrument setup to the Honda. This was achieved, with the bike retaining it’s original sensor pick up, as well as the factory Nissin brakes. The incredibly pointy factory fitted guard and headlight have been ditched, in it’s place a 5 3/4 headlight along with some unique turn signals.


The lines of the bike have been modified during the build as well. The fuel tank is a custom unit created for this build, finished in cream scalloping with gold leaf pinstriping. The whole back end of the frame has been changed to suit the aesthetic of the build, with Shibuya creating the neat look by containing all the wiring and control units in a specially made box mounted under the seat.


The exhaust system is a work of art in itself. The original engine hugging exhaust styling has been kept, with the piping running through inside of the frame. Totally handmade by Shibuya, the system now features a Dunstall style silencer, incorporating bracketry to mount it up to the frame. The piping is finished in matte chrome, a touch used often in the 70s on cafe racers, but not seen as often today.


With an excellent build team headed by a leader who knows his stuff, this bike has been changed from ‘dual sport’ to ‘brat sport’. Keeping the reliability of the bike it was built from, but building brat style into the machine, has given it’s new owner a reason to be proud. It’s safe to say, there’s not many XRE’s roaming the streets of Brazil that look like this.

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  • Stunning build with great proportions and stance. Clever details like the front turn signal support. Good color choice – classy looking. The exhaust design is one of the best features of the bike. The fat tires look good on this bike and anchor it visually to the pavement. Excellent metal work on the tank and fender. All good an no bad. I’d ride just like it is.

  • John in Pollock

    This build, bike and their shop checks out good from where I’m standing. Carry on.

  • TJ Martin

    The whole ‘ Brat ‘ thing … I do not care for in the slightest .In fact like ‘ Donk ‘ [ both M/C and car ] and ‘ Hipster Rat ‘ its a trend I hope finds its way into the relegation bin sooner that later .

    The quality fit and finish of this one though ? It is outstanding .

    So 10 out of 10 for the build
    But a -2 for it being a ‘ Brat ‘

    But .. give it another 5 points … for the photos … Allowing you to see the details rather than masking them in art/fart artifice 😉

  • Peste

    no brat in that.

    cool tho.

    • Seat’s a touch brattish. Which some of us happen to like…

      • Kind of like a brat meets a super-motard: bratmoto or motobrat.

        • TJ Martin

          Kind of more ‘ Brat’ than I’m willing to tolerate . Though like I said above … at least its very well done ‘ Brat ‘ . But … its ‘ Brat ‘ never the less . And a ‘ Brat’ by any other name ……

      • TJ Martin

        Thats yet another dreaded torture device ‘ flattened loaf of bread ‘ seat their Andrew . Not Brat . More like the seat every mindless hipster and his/her brother/sister has been using on so called ‘ customs ‘ and scramblers going on the past five years or so . Which .. guaranteed … your buttocks would not like in the slightest after more than a five mile ride

        • Isaac

          “there” not “their” 😉

          • “Where, where?” said Franz Liebkind

  • Alan Craig

    Fantastic! Wonderful stance, and great proportions! If it were mine I would fit a Bate’s enduro seat, but that’s just me…. Really nice.

  • Fred

    Nice bike, nice lines. Not quite sure how so many people can make such critical comments based on just a few photos.

  • vitor

    I would like to know the final weight of the build. I have the street version of this bike,the cb300r and am looking to doing something similar to remove weight as much as possible. Gram by gram we get there.

  • John Ash

    Don’t they ever weigh these things? What I’d like to know is how much weight comes off this bike when you have a handy hacksaw.