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Royal Enfield 350 ‘Nevermore’

Posted on November 9, 2014 by Scott in Bobber, Café Racer. 23 comments


Written by Ian Lee.

On the streets of India the cycle of choice tends to be the Royal Enfield. Reliable, easy to work on, spares aplenty, there is little that is not appealing about the retro motorcycle marque. Except if you want to stand out that is. Rolling out of India’s top new custom workshop, this bike is an idea executed with the mindset of a truly different bike being created. Scratch built around a late model Royal Enfield engine, Mean Green Customs have shown what it takes to stand out from the crowd, with their stealth bike concept. In a sea of Royal Enfield bobbers, this hard tail is something else, the mechanical engineer who created this masterpiece yearning to build something unique – and a chance to put his home made frame jig to use.


On deciding to undertake a build, Aditya Green decided he needed to create something different to the current trend of bobbing Royal Enfield bikes. Being a mechanical engineer by trade, the Indian builder has the skills to scratch build a lot of components, allowing him to produce a bike in a style that is all his own. Starting off with the mainstream Royal Enfield engine, Aditya decided the standard OHC powerplant would suffice for motivating the machine. Slight performance mods are found the fitment of K &N pod filters on the air intake, and a custom block hugging exhaust system.


With the desire for a stealthy look to the machine, the frame was built with ‘low and sleek’ in mind. With the custom frame draped so low over the engine, the 18 inch high wall tires utilised on the build hardly increase the height of the bike. The triple trees and fork setup has been made in house at Mean Green Customs, with the speedo housing as part of the top plate. Incorporated into the top plate as well are all the necessary warning LED units. Built into the front levers are LED units, to be used as front end indicators.


Continuing the sleek lines of this sweet ride, the tank and fairings have been fashioned from bare steel, with the rear fairing taking a few attempts to get to the finish Aditya wanted in the build. This was mainly to follow the lines of the tank and seat, plus incorporate the two shocks mounted under the seat. Incorporated into the seat pan are the brake lights, covered in mesh to hide them when not in use.


To keep the bike looking tidy, a cylinder was fashioned up and mounted on the frame. The cylinder contains all necessary electrics and the ignition switch for the bike, ensuring there is no messy harness showing on this rolling work of art. To keep the battery hidden away, a stainless casing was fashioned up and mounted.


With two very different ideas working against each other – that of stealth versus standing out – Aditya of Mean Green Customs has managed to create something which is the best of both worlds. Utilising his engineering skills, he has shown what is possible with the right tools and mindset on a build. We’re pretty sure this bike will stand out on the streets of India – or any street in the world for that matter.




  • fire

    in my opinion the tail is too far away from the motor and the empty space between motor and rear wheel breaks the line. The chain seems to be painted?? too much paint on the motor, missing a break.

    its different, amazing craftmanship!

    • Davidabl2

      re ” tail is too far away from the motor and the empty space between motor and rear wheel breaks the line” I’d suggest a pair of classic H.D. teardrop toolboxes placed behind the battery box, set vertically with the wide side up. There are very good reasons that Enfields have always come with a pair of toolboxes

    • TJ Martin

      RE; The tail issue ; You know … I keep looking over the photos to try and see what you mean . But no matter how hard I try I just aint getting it …. Hmmmmn … Oh well ..

      • Guest

        I agree with you, TJ. I like the empty space.

    • ccc40821

      I actually like that empty space and the rear wheel so far aft…..

  • Juan Francisco Guastella Brond

    let´s appreciate this awesome job, congrats!

  • TJ Martin

    Dang ! Another one I really shouldn’t like but in fact really do ! This one banging on the door of my ‘ guilty pleasure ‘ list on almost all counts . Add in the fact that he built this around Royal Enfield and how can I not like it ? Sustainable scale turned hot rod bike . Heck .. I even like the knobbies regardless of the fact that they are completely irrelevant to the overall style … cause for some odd reason….. in this case … they work !

    Dang ! Two in a row ! Go figure ! 😉

  • Davidabl2

    A pair of the classic Harley teardrop toolboxes shown below, but flipped 180 degrees would answer Mr. Fire’s concern re “the tail (looks) too far away from the motor (and battery box)and the empty space between motor and rear wheel breaks the line.”
    A pair of toolboxes would also be a reference to the Enfield’s ancestry, as twin toolboxes have always been an Enfield signature. And contrary to any assertions about Enfield reliability, the twin toolboxes have always been there for good reason.

  • Davidabl2

    A couple of the classic H.D. teardrop toolboxes hung vertically in the open”empty’ space behind the battery box would be a reference to the bike’s origins (as twin toolboxes have always been an Enfield signature) Contrary to what the article says about Enfields being “reliable” there’s good reasons why they all have two toolboxes.
    The boxes would answer Mr. Fire’s objection…

  • DapRat

    I love it. It is an eclectic mix of modern sport bike and good old gritty bobber. I love the way the seat and fender go around the rear wheel. Low and sleek. These guys are definitely coming out of the chute with a bang.

  • disqus_bTsi1kVqpb

    who care what you all think.. this is perfect as it is, stop talking whack like you know anything about building a unique ueber cool bike. Hats off, massive bow

    • TJ Martin

      Urr … methinks thats the whole point of us commenting . To express our opinions . And as I’ve said a 1000 times before …. if’n y’alls gonna put it out there … y’all damn well better be ready for the comments … both positive and negative … which …errr … if you were out there doing your thing/profession in the public eye you’d of learned that fact from the get go . Cause its either take that lesson to heart … or go down in flames like so many before you [ both with and without talent ] have done in the past .. and will continue on doing in the future

      e.g. So ….Get a grip on reality and deal with it ! Either that or get out of the game

      • Fast2Furious

        I stopped reading after methinks. Do you actually use the word methinks in normal conversation. And if so why.

        • TwoSmoke


  • Dean

    This looks like batmans sunday ride, or a chopper version of knight rider . Sick lines and stealthy looking. I like.

    • Straight Drive

      I doubt batman would ride a 60mph bike.

  • Tanshanomi

    The other day, a friend served me an arugula salad with pineapple-peanut salad dressing. Didn’t really sound like something I’d like from the description, but once I tried it, it turned out to be excellent. I am suspecting this bike is along the same lines.

  • M2D


  • I like the angular, almost origami-like design. Even though it’s “black hole” dark the bike still has a very light look to it – a flat-black dragonfly.

  • manish

    wanted to say the same thing….. this is the problem and down factor with every other RE mods in India… either there’s is an ugly looking empty space or there is a stupid looking metal sheet covering it…. … RE mods are more suited for bobbers and not for choppers…. however Rajputana customs sure have some interesting thought over mod jobs for RE…

    • ChopShop

      First learn to spot the difference between bobbers and choppers if u think this is a chopper….then with your ugly thought and your empty brain try building a motorcycle someday!

      • manish

        seems i just pinched at the wrong spot.. i know its not a chopper but its not looking like a bobber either…

  • Davidabl2

    If there were an Indian Batman (the superhero, not a cricketeer) this bike is what he might ride..