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‘77 BMW R100 ‘Night Cruise’ – A Max Daines Film

Posted on December 1, 2014 by Andrew in Bobber, Café Racer, Video. 19 comments

Here’s something we hope we see more of. A sweet bike, a bunch of sweet, sweet photos and a very sweet video. Max Daines is a cinematographer in Utah that has recently turned his hand to a bit of automotive film making. With the help of a damn nice BMW R100 bobber, Photographer Jun Song, and a whole bunch of empty city, Max has managed to produce something that raises the bar while avoiding some of the more typical clichés of the genre. So sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of a star R100 BMW and her first big box office success, “Night Cruise’.


Here’s Max. “This beautiful custom 1977 BMW R100 completes the perfect trifecta of Porsche, Land Rover and BMW in the garage of a Utah-based designer. As a pedigreed petrol-head, he was brought home from the hospital in his father’s Jaguar E-Type and grew up around Porsche 930s/911s and Austin Healeys.”


“After owning three other BMW motorcycles, an F650, a K1200RS and a Concours-perfect 50/2, the discovery of this R100 was love at first sight for its owner. Originally customized in L.A. by a retired Ferrari mechanic, the bike was once displayed at the Deus Emporium of Post Modern Activities in Venice, California.”


“The fenders have been shortened, and the rear end has been cleaned up with a Model A-style tail light and custom bullet blinkers. To give more of a modern feel to the ride, air shocks have been used in place of coils.

The battery has been relocated under the seat, and the electrical system has been updated to allow for electric start and an electronic speedo. To wrap it up, the bike was fitted with custom mufflers and brat-style wheels and tires.”




“Whether you want to call it a cafe racer with bobber influences, or a bobber with brat influences, it’s perfect for a cruise around the city.”

No coincidence, then, that’s exactly what Max captured in this short film. If you’ve become a little tired of the usual video offerings in the custom bike scene, we think that you might find this production refreshingly different. Enjoy.

[Photos by Jun Song and Dewey Keithly]

  • meatbike

    I LIKE. The change in geometry with the new rear suspension makes gives the whole package a compact look. Wonder how it feels in the curves.

  • I like the rider’s stance, and how the head-on photo of him
    in position provides the impression that with this build you would have the added rush of feeling that your chin, as opposed to your front tire, is what was leading the way.

  • TeamObsolete

    Getting off the bike, stepping back, eyes fixed on your own ride thinking YEAH, that’s what it’s all about.

    • foiled again

      …and lighting up a smoke. Yes.

      • But smoking causes cancer!

        • foiled again

          True. Life is a contributing cause of death.

          • revdub

            This is the best thing I have read in a long while.

          • Ya, my pastor used to say, “Death runs in my family”… 😉

        • cafe

’s a, ahem, cough, special kind of cigarette of the oregon colorado variety.

  • clegg

    interesting use of the air shocks- curious as to the manufacturer
    nice clean lines to the ride

    • We’re a little short on tech specs for this one, as the guys who approached us were Max and Jun. As they neither own nor built the bike, it’s a case of ‘your guess is as good as ours’ on this one.

    • mtiberio

      they look like fournales

  • al gonz

    If Less is more everytime somone says that on a bike article, it should have a picture of this bike next to it.
    Nice Bmw, love the look at the rear, two pipes and two shocks (along with the boxer, of course).

    And Andrew, Im sorry but I cannot agree with you on you remark of how different is the clip Nigh Cruise is from another custom bike videos, when is very, very similar to Lossa Engineering’s short film “Solus”, released 3 years ago.

  • Conklin

    Love the air shock idea! Just curious, what would be the top end speed of this bike?

    • I’d hazard a guess at around 200km/h, i.e. just love the ton? Anyone?

      • Richard Gozinya

        Sounds about right, that’s the top speed of a stock R100/7 at least.

  • James duke

    Work of Art 🙂

  • sebtodO

    is that a toaster tank?? without the chrome panels…?