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‘07 Triumph Bonneville – Macco Motors

Posted on December 24, 2014 by Andrew in Scrambler. 13 comments


Where’d that year go? Suddenly ‘tis the season to be jolly and we’re on our last bike of the year. Damn. So, what better way to say ‘season’s greetings’ than with the latest build from Spain’s Macco Motors? Forget your three wise men; we’ve got a much more efficient package. They’re called Jose and Tito and here’s their latest miraculous build – a heavenly Triumph called ‘Bonebreaker’.


Jose took time out from wrapping presents and eating to fill us in on the build. “We’re proud to introducing our latest, a 2007 Triumph Bonneville we’ve built a Scrambler with. This is a commissioned bike by a Kei, a Japanese guy from Ibiza. He lives in a house in the countryside, so he wanted something to handle the dirt roads. We named it the “Bonebreaker”.


As with most of their builds, Jose and Tito used their previous designs as inspiration for the customer to be able to envisage the final project. “As Kei was a big fan of our Macco number 6 build, he wanted to maintain some aspects of it on his bike; specifically the seat style and the fuel tank design. Although those with an eye for detail will see that on Bonebreaker, the seat’s shape has been modified to hug the tank a little more.”


So the boys got their hands on a tidy, 2007 Triumph Bonneville with 8,000 kays on the clock and went to town. “Up front we mounted a tractor grille headlight, 1″ rough Biltwell Moto handlebars, Kung-Fu grips and a single speedometer with two extra auxiliary warning lights – fuel and engine. We also mounted a new fiberglass front mudguard and modern, racing-style clutch and brake levers.”


“As with all of our builds, we think it’s vital to improve the performance of the bike. And as everyone knows, the standard Triumph suspension isn’t exactly great. So we mounted progressive Bitubo WME rear shocks and a set of progressive Hagon front springs. Then the rear frame was chopped to accommodate a new subframe. On that we mounted a new steel base and a leather seat with a cool rhombus pattern. We also build some new steel side panels in a ‘number board’ style.”


“The two-into-one exhaust system was made from the standard, Arrow-style stock unit. We chopped and adapted a Biltwell Javelin Mini muffler, which we think gives the build a rough, powerful look.” And we think you can trust the boys when they say that its sounds like hell when it gets angry. To complete the scrambler look they then mounted a Mitas E-09 110/80/19 tire up front and a E-09 140/80/17 out back. The finishing details include the modified rear mudguard, mini indicators, exhaust wrap, a new rear light, alloy footrests and a brand new matte black paint scheme on the bike.


[Photos by Sergio Ibarra from Semimate]

  • Fast2Furious

    So many nice details on this build. The paint in general and the tank in particular are outstanding. I particularly like the “number boards” as well. Overall the machine has a tough muscular stance and looks for the most part like a genuine 1960’s desert sled.

  • Bultaco Metralla

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Looking forward to nest year, keep the bikes rollong in

  • arnold

    Knurling on the seat is gorgeous. A bit thin side for my old butt, but the seat hits every other note perfectly, an attractive and well integrated highlight to a desirable scooter.

    An excellent presentation of what we used to call a cow trailer.

  • TwoSmoke

    Happy holidays everyone! This is a beautiful build. I especially like the seat “snug” under the tank. Nice flow. Nice colors and suspension set up. Can I get one for Christmas?

  • Nice ridable Triumph here. Lots of cool details. Especially like the homage to desert racers of the past like the electrical tape on the upper fork tubes. Back in the day we used the old cloth friction tape to protect the tubes from rock nicks. Hats off to Macco for adding those little touches.

  • yamahappy

    Very cool, but I’d accidentally kick that taillight off within a week.

    • TwoSmoke

      I didn’t want to say it, but I had the same thought lol.

  • Biggsy Rocker

    A thing of beauty!

  • pretentious shite

    • arnold

      How so?

  • Fabrice Souloy

    Triumph should be inspired by this beauty

  • Lemmy

    I think I would put a little more seat on this, but this is pretty good. I’m saying that as a guy who is not normally a Trump guy, too.

  • hatt

    very nice-warrbarrr