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‘80 Puch Magnum – Rogue Builds

Posted on March 24, 2015 by Andrew in Moped. 24 comments


As most long-term readers will know, we’re always up for posting a sweet little ‘ped every now and then. And that goes double for someone with the track record of Philly’s Austin Tremellen and his Rouge Builds moped shop. He cheerfully informed us that this, his latest build “is called ‘Sieben’ and was commissioned by the CrossFit superstar Chris Spealler.” We have almost no idea what that means, but with a bike that looks this good we’re happy to just sit back, smile and nod appreciatively. CrossFit… that’s like Motocross, yeah?


“We called the bike Sieben,” Austin notes, “and it’s a moped build commissioned by Utah’s Chris Spealler, who’s the biggest name in American CrossFit at the moment. This bike, named after both the German origins of the moped and Spealler’s competition number, started as a 1980 Puch Magnum.”

To get things started, Chris sat down with Austin and briefed him on the functional specifics and general aesthetic he was after. Expecting more of the same throughout the build, he was then rather taken aback when Chris handed over creative freedom for the rest of the build. Dream brief, you ask? You’re not wrong.

“Chris wanted to ride doubles with his wife while also having some pick-up when he needed it. Given the added weight and desire for speed, I knew the bike’s suspension would have to be upgraded. I chose to go with hydraulic forks and new adjustable rear shocks.”

The 2.5″ front and 3″ rear German-made Heidenau knobby tires, rebuilt brakes, and sealed-bearing hubs all play well together to provide some smooth and solid handling. And in keeping with the double-up requirement, the swing arm was extended by Rogue to allow more room for a passenger without them sitting over the rear axle.


With a few custom builds under his belt, Austin was itching to use something other than a stock moped tank on this job. “To fulfill this need for something a little more exotic, I reached out to the The Netherlands. The other side of the pond made and used small motorcycles for a far longer time than the U.S., making it possible to find some rare vintage tanks.” He was able to score the perfect tank off of a Zundapp (that’s the moped brand, not the bad guy from the Cars movie) while adding a more Germanic flavour to the build.


“Then to add a few unique details, which is a signature aspect of all the Rogue builds, I constructed an ocular headlight out of a lens and a rear tail loop constructed out of stock handlebars. These are probably my favorite aspects of the build. To finish off the handmade details, I used one of Ian Halcott’s a.k.a. TwinLine’s perfectly constructed, handmade leather seats.”


“Chris mentioned to me that he had owned a motorcycle in the past and he really enjoyed shifting gears. To try and mimic that shifting, I put aside the single speed engine and went with a Puch two-speed engine known as the ZA50. The bottom end was also rebuilt with fresh bearings and a high performance crank to handle the power increase.”


To juice the ‘ped up, Austin got stuck right in to the oily bits and deftly sourced a 19mm Dellorto race carb, upgraded 4 pedal reed block, an aggressively ported 64cc Puch Polini cylinder, a high-compression head, an auto-retarding ignition and a handmade expansion chamber exhaust.


Evil eye?


“By the end of the shakedown run,” says Austin “I was pushing this 145lb bike up to 55mph and enjoying every single second of it!” Never fear dude. Maybe a little less weight around the love handles and you might just be able to break the big six-oh. If only there was some kind of competitive fitness sport combined with a physical exercise philosophy to help you strengthen and condition yourself…

[Photos by Zachary Hartzell]

  • terry

    Realy cool…

  • arnold

    Minimal to the extreme.
    Very lovely work.
    (I’ve got a half a dozen Pook heads that I got in a shop buy out, free for the asking.)

  • Robert J Manikowski

    I love seeing mopeds on here! Austin does pretty work.

  • Alex Tetreault

    Austin is always doing great builds, but he outdid himself this time. It the little things: the tank stamping, the burn guard

  • methamphetasaur

    Moped empty half circle > brat/cafe empty underseat triangle.

  • John Wanninger

    I gotta say- I do like it.

  • revdub

    Another mean build filled with awesome details from Austin. I love the tank, headlight, and seat particularly. Very cool.

    • Austin T. Tremellen

      As always – thanks for the kind words Jeremy! I have been waiting patiently for your new build!

  • Deej

    Loved the sign-off

  • kohnrad

    Puch isn’t exactly German, only a bit. Puch is an Austrian company. Austra is quite German, but not 100%. Ok, other Austrians might want to kill me for that statement. 😉

  • Андрей Крышень

    TNX – posted =) Nice work !!!!

  • Johnnnyten

    I want me one!

  • gottogoman

    Excellent! One can envision a scrambler with upswing exhaust. Dream on….

    • Austin T. Tremellen

      I agree! I really wanted a scrambler type pipe on this! Unfortunately with a second rider in mind, and small scale of moped, it was a bit to risky… But you might see one on my next build!

  • MF

    I’d love to see the big unit riding it. Be like a dog fucking a ball.

  • DanG

    What would it cost to have a bike like this built?

  • Will

    Did you write this whole piece just to call Tremellen fat?
    Well played.

    Badass ped.

  • Bultaco Metralla

    Small two strokes, that’s what life is all about. Agree with everyone who praises this classy little moped for the craft and thought that have gone into it.

  • Well crafted, good looking, and fast moped- love it. Looks like a blast to ride- anything over 45mph feels like you’re flying. Great job.

  • That`s a nice retro bike design. This retro helmet might fit it very well –

  • Jacob Speis

    Nice to see another of Austin’s builds featured. He’s on of the few moped builders who see it through to the little details instead of leaving it with a “good enough” look.

  • Darren Leach

    my first bike was a moped Negrini Italian bike

  • Darren Leach

    that’s pretty cool