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Video: ‘Coste Contemplation’

Posted on March 25, 2015 by Andrew in Tracker, Video. 27 comments

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It’s probably fair to say that we don’t post as many bike videos as we used to. With the possible exception of a Shinya or Hazan, we’ve seen more than enough Canon 5D footage of beardy guys making sparks in garages. Hell, this year’s One Show video has even started taking the piss.

But then, just when we think we’ve moved on, we’re blindsided by something so beautiful, so deft and so original that you feel as if a veil has been lifted from your eyes. Introducing ‘Coste Contemplation’ by Thibaut Grevet. It’s a short piece featuring French photographer and motocross freak Dimitri Coste, who also happens to be the brother of Jerome Coste, the founder of Ruby Atelier. And it’s amazing.

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  • Robert F. Russo

    I do have one question: Is he a motocross freak or a dirt track freak?

    • From ‘Racing is a passion and a hobby, and even if I’m quite active I’m not making it a career. However, highlights would be winning the Catalina Grand-Prix in 2010, finishing the Pikes Peak International Hill-Climb alive in 2011, racing and winning the Hell On Wheels Moto-X in Japan in 2014, racing choppers at Dirt Quake, and winning Return to Del Mar Short Track a couple of weeks ago. Every time I get to race or ride on a motorcycle it’s always a blast and a huge source of pure pleasure – and a way to truly feel alive.’

    • this is motocross and Andre Malherbe a truly great and brave rider

      other video is amateur speedway and just a lot of posing

      • A quick Google search or even reading the comment directly above this would have told you that Dimitri has won Hell on Wheels AND the Catalina GP. Both massive motocross fixtures, and definitely NOT ‘amateur speedway’ events as you suggest.

        • well he should be able make a better video then cos this one is naff

          a proper bike video

          for those that don’t know this is a 15 mile street circuit, Michael Dunlop is probably the best current rider, he comes from a long family line of racers, many of whom have died road racing, last of the Gladitorial sports

          • Grimble

            Ok so that little video was different but the young fella made the point, IT’s ALL about the fun of motorcycling not about whether the video looked professional or amateur or his Dad was a winner or loser. Here the whole family was involved and they were having FUN. And the video wasn’t that bad good for you Andrew for posting it.
            Rant over. Oh rattyxjr for those who don’t know and for anybody who has been will know that that 15 mile street circuit is the Greatest Road Circuit in the world. Over 37 miles of urban and rural roads that only the greatest riders dare attempt.
            Maybe you should try it, (you might as well go First Class, you will be coming home freight).

          • u missed the point, yep the guy is just having a fun but the site portrays him as a motorcycling god when he is just a Brian, the usual exaggerations and assumptions which you seem to specialize at as well

          • and for those who don’t know who Brian is

  • Kevin

    WTF? i’m sending this to

    • As the dipshits they are, they’ll still probably say this is worthy.

    • Davidabl2

      Surely, if they do run it they’ll add a category for non-bullshit hipster bike videos.

  • This is so lovely.

  • Guzzto

    Jeez tough crowd. keep posting whatever you like Andrew some of us like seeing well shot videos of motorcycles. ( I didn’t see any beards or angle grinders so it get’s a pass.) And since people are offering up there versions of whats “authentic” here’s my favourite ‘crap yourself at your desk’ video, local Kiwi rider on a hillclimb

    • A hillclimb’s on my bucket list. I wanna get an old Flying Brick to do it with…

      • Guzzto

        Those bricks can fly with the right rider, Mate has a worked K100 that get’s along really well. P.s this video of Jay Lawrence was on a borrowed bike with oldish tyres (Just the right mix of madness and raw talent)

    • Toby

      poop indeed!

    • Darkbrador

      290 km/h on a mountain road … humbling

  • MF

    Grumpy mongrels. I thought the film was great. Keep it up.

  • Anon

    All the complainers posting videos of “other” people and not of themselves. Desk jockey critics. Pay them no mind.

  • Deevi

    I can smell the jealousy trough my hipster macbook. Despite the comments of those guys who’s masculinity depends on how much horsepower their CBR has! This is video is top notch! Than again I’m jealous about the skills, oppurtunities and experiences Dimitri Coste has.

    • anyone who posts a video about themselves is up there own arse, okay he won this

      are you lot totally stupid or am i missing something?

  • Cool video. I remember meeting you at Pikes Peak. On the old Triumph, right?

  • Hardley T Whipsnade III

    What a thoroughly and utterly worthless piece of poorly conceived and executed hipster dreck . By the way . If you check the records it seems all Mssr Coste has ever in fact really done is a real good job of posing .

  • Kikker

    Dimitri is seen in the video riding not only his vintage BSA but also a 250cc Kikker5150 Hardknock that we built for him.

  • Igor Gurchenko