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‘79 Honda CB750K – Faisal Malik

Posted on March 27, 2015 by Andrew in Café Racer. 30 comments


Go on, admit it. At some point in your riding history, you’ve probably fantasised about your bike being able to fly. Any why wouldn’t you? Given the right set of curves, weather, and traffic (or lack there of) it’s probably the closest thing you can get to flying without getting all John Denver with things. And if Hollywood is anything to go by, it’s not just us bikers who dream of going one better than a wheelie, either. But why stop there? Why stop with air? This is exactly what Faisal Malik did when looking for some inspiration for his latest build, this very sleek-looking CB750K.


“Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’ was the main inspiration for me,” says Faisal while speaking to us direct from his Karachi launchpad. “That, and the bikes coming out of Hookie Co. in Germany.” Faisal was looking to create something which looked like it could not only hop from one country to another, but from one star to another. His hunt for a decent frame and engine started in October, 2014. “A good friend named Anas Khan, who is also an encyclopaedia of motorcycle knowledge, helped me identify a near match. I agreed to his choice but only under one condition; that he himself would supervise the build in terms of quality and performance.” Naturally, he agreed and the project took off from there.


The motorcycle they uncovered was a fairly stock ‘79 Honda CB750K. Stock, except for one small addition. It was powered by an ‘82 CB900F motor. “It hadn’t been on the road for about 3 years and it was sadly leaning against a wall in a local workshop.”


“We stripped it down until only the frame was left, and started the long process to build it up again.” The two then selected a workshop – in this case the locally based Zeeshan Motor Services. Familiar with Zeehan’s work, they knew he was always ready to take on new challenges and was full to overflowing with passion for custom bikes.


“Anas and Zeeshan got really excited when I discussed my idea about building a café racer. ‘Yes! It’s time for me to build something like that!’ Anas said, after I gave him the brief.” Then, after about 200 hours of solid work and even some dreaded reworks, Faisal finally got what he was wishing for. What you see before you is the first custom bike we’ve ever featured from Pakistan, and if the feedback it’s been getting is anything to go by, it’s got quite a few other international fans, too.


“It took a lot of research and effort to source the various parts from around the globe. We made no compromises on quality and reliability of the machine, which is in accordance with our guiding principle that “out in space, a rider shouldn’t have to worry about break downs and reliability.” So true – last time we checked there was a distinct lack of breakdown services willing to venture into a 2.7 degree Kelvin vacuum.


“This is my third transformed café racer and easily the most expensive build. In Pakistan there aren’t many cafe racers around. So, apart from my passion, this is also a humble attempt to promote the culture of café racers and customized motorcycles in our country.” Gotta love that.


[Photos by Saqib Malik]

  • seba9


  • John Wanninger

    It’s not my favorite bike ever, but the fact that someone is scraping some joy out of Pakistan is enough for me.

    Ride on.

  • abidoon

    yara good work

  • A-Y

    I have seen Faisal’s previous builds and this one tops those by a million miles. A perfectionist. Great work.

  • iram velazquez


  • There’s been a few comments on FaceBook about the bike being too similar to the Hookie Co. Honda that inspired the build. Thoughts?

    • OhCool

      yeah. they look mostly the same. pipe, mirror, and engine are the only real differences i see.

    • axcoping

      yeah i don’t know how anyone could not think it was a clone of the hookie co. bike. if i was the guy that built the hookie bike, i’d be pretty bummed you guys were featuring this thing, even if hookie was mentioned in the text. inspiration is one thing, but this is bullshit.

      • Kubek

        100% agree

    • arnold

      There is a lot similar on first glance, But the Hookie background shots look like New England in the fall to me.

      I guess it is the thing to do to spray an opinion before anyone else does.

      The builders, riders and photographers all could be the same family and using the same single source supplier for all I know.

      • arnold

        And if I were trying to make money on the dealio, the thousand or so I would put out would all be the same.

  • Shehryar Malik

    oh no. i wanted that title, to be the first one to be featured on your site from Pakistan. But n.p. i will be back with surprises !

    • looks like could be the first as this is now a mass produced vehicle

      • Shehryar Malik


  • Jonathan

    WTF !!!! Scandal !!! Copy like this is a shame !!! Hookie is unique in his kind, and you can be inspired, but that copy someones world/universe/dream/purpose/build. Pfffff… #losers


    can’t see any similarity what so ever?

  • Zadig MC

    Publish the Original. It’s a shame.

  • Kubek

    I’m sorry but this is worse mirror of Hookie Co. Bike so what’s the all fuss about?

    • duh

      huh? What’s that mean?

      • Patrick

        I wonder if ‘worse mirror’ is google translate for ‘poor reflection’ ? ? ?

        Otherwise, your guess is as good as mine 🙂

  • Darrick B

    It’s a nice looking bike that flows nicely with a consistent theme. But is it too much to ask to use modern tires on a bike that was supposedly built for performance?

    • duh

      does it always have to be about the tires…geez.

  • kml666

    Tires suitable for a 1936 Indian Chief and less suspension than a stock cb900f.

    Color me impressed.

  • Brandon Bruschke

    Probably is close to one of my favorites. Not the top of my list, but god damn I love this. It’s a clean look with the low seat cowl and simple look. I would do the colors differently, but that’s just me.

  • SlideImage

    Really nice build but a bit to similar to the Hookie bike for me.
    Maybe not without the strip on the tank?

  • I think the design scheme is similar to this Johnny’s CB550-S.

  • Skody McNad

    love the paint job on the tank! Looks sorta crappy, but also awesome!

  • Pete NYC

    As JW said, the positive take away here, is that anything, at all like this, is coming out of Pakistan. I’m very impressed at how tidy the shop it’s photographed in is, also not what you’d expect from Pakistan. All in all, this is good for the international motorcycle scene.

  • Joe Robert

    I love the bike. I thought about doing a paint job like that on my tank but I gave up after I couldn’t find a really good way to keep it from rusting. What’s the secret?