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‘Ace III’ BMW R100 – Kevil’s Speed Shop

Posted on April 6, 2015 by Andrew in Café Racer. 14 comments

Thankfully, life has its little sure bets. Those things you can trust in with an unwavering faith because you know they’ll come through for you. Warm baths. Steak and chips. Cold beer on a hot day. They’re classics because they never let you down; no matter where you are or how you’re feeling. But we think it’s time to add another classic to that list – BMWs made by Kevil’s Speed Shop in Devon, on the English Riviera. It seems to us that they just can’t put a foot wrong. And here’s another great build of theirs. Just don’t ride it while you’re drunk, eating or naked.


The bike was commissioned by ‘David,’ who’s an entrepreneur based in bonnie Scotland. “It’s the third one of our limited Edition Ace BMW Cafe Racer Models,” Says Kevin, Kevil’s main man. “We only build one of these per year, owing to the amount of time taken to hand make and polish all the alloy. It’s one hell of a job.”


The original Ace bike was a 2013 build which was used in the Belstaff promotional movie starring David Beckham. Luckily for Dave, the bike was then purchased by Belstaff as a gift for him to celebrate his GQ man of the year award 2013. Some guys have all the luck. Especially the rich, handsome ones.


“So my customer decided to get in touch with us and commission a BMW R100 version. Although it’s similar to the original build, it does differ from the original and the Ace II because it has the more powerful 1000cc engine from an RS model. It’s also sporting polished rims, a mini fairing, speedo, our own under-slung exhaust system. It makes this model even more individual, and all of the brightly polished alloy work was expertly hand fabricated by our Devon team.”


Kev says that this was a total, ground-up rebuild that saw every single part of the bike renewed, replaced, upgraded, rewired, restored and refinished. Every. Single. One. “It’s the same with all our BMWs. We don’t leave anything to chance so our customers get a very cool, very sound modern classic.”


As mentioned, the bike sports a Kevil’s polished alloy Cafe Racer tank, a matching polished signature alloy seat unit and headlight cowl that contains a rather on-trend ‘halo’ headlight. Ducati Scrambler, eat your heart out.


Then there’s an underslung 2-into-1 stainless exhaust system, a mini megaphone silencer, two polished deep valance wheel rims, a Motogadget ‘Motoscope Pro’ speedo and a sweet set of clip-on handle bars to finish the overall look.


“We took the ‘Ace II’ to Wheels and Waves last year in Biarritz,” say Kevin. “It drew plenty of admiring glances and positive comments. So we’re pretty confident that this bike will make a great addition to David’s growing collection of vehicles.” Great addition? With the classic looks this build has, we’d be surprised if the rest of the vehicles didn’t pack it in and look for a new home out of sheer embarrassment. Nice work, boys.


  • toowheelsgood

    Is it just me or do the lines on this thing look wonky from every angle?

    • arnold

      Yup, looks a bit stilted. but I change browsers and OS between work stations almost hourly to get circulation back onto my legs and nothing looks the same between them.
      linux puppy/aurora

    • Guzzto

      Yep seat and tank line heading downhill and motor heading uphill is a bit odd.

  • John Wanninger

    I agree. looks weird, and toaster-esque.

  • arnold

    Let me ride it for a coupla’ thou’ Imperial miles, and I’ll tell you how much I really love it.

  • think it has been ridden into a wall

  • I take all yr points about the lines, but I think that it’s nothing more than a combo of the jaunty fairing and the fact that all the shots were taken with a fairly short (i.e. 50mm or less) lens. In other words, they are a touch ‘fisheye’. IMHO that tends to make any subject matter, esp. ones with straight lines, seem a little funky.

    I think seeing the bike in real life would probably be a whole different kettle of fish…

    • guvnor67

      Tilted my head, put my tongue in a different spot, 1/2 closed one eye … Still looks wonky!! I DO like it tho, n that pipe must sound NUTZ?!

  • max The Marquis

    I just want to tell you how I like the blog, Good stuff, keep on doin’ like this.
    Max The Marquis

  • think it is just the way they are, odd

  • Blake Proudfoot

    That is one awkward looking stance.

  • J23

    Very nice pic, the only things I don’t like are the Digital Struments. Very nice…;-))

  • Jonathan

    Wow! Glad to see something different from the other BMW R-builds!