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‘72 Honda CB750 – Rocker Classic Motorcycles

Posted on April 9, 2015 by Andrew in Café Racer, Classic. 16 comments

There any many things in this world that you could class as overdue. Peace in the Middle East, for one. A decent Nicole Kidman film would also be nice. And Nickleback announcing that they are breaking up has been overdue for about twenty years now. But when it comes to us and bikes, there’s been a task on our list that’s been hanging around for ages – and that was to post a bike from one of our first ever sponsors. That company is Brisbane’s Rocker Classic Motorcycles, and this is us crossing that bad boy of our list.


Matt Jones, Rocker’s head quiff, ran us through the build. “The story starts with Nigel, the bike’s owner, calling us up one day and telling us that he wanted a K2 build. Twenty four hours later he turned up, complete with the donor bike and a deposit. If only all our builds were like that. We talked the job through with him and he had a decent idea of what he wanted; in particular he mentioned his love of the ‘Gulf’ color scheme. He also showed us some pictures of bikes he liked, including a few with GSX-R front ends. Naturally, we included that in the budget, too.”


“We’ve seen quite a few Gulf paint jobs around, so we put our heads together to think of a way to tick the box while also looking little different. Once we had that sorted, we rolled up our sleeves and got stuck in. First, the bike was stripped back to a bare frame and all the unnecessary tags, nuts and brackets were removed. Then we welded a nice new rear loop to the frame, and then powder-coated the whole she-bang gloss black.”


“Then the big job of the build was sorted; we sourced an ‘08 GSX-R 750 front end and got to thinking. With the help of a few trick custom bits and a beer or two, we got it to fit the CB frame and look pretty damn decent, too.”

“Next were the wheels. We ordered a set of custom spoked wheels that were hand-built in the USA. To match these, we installed new brakes all round with fresh pads, shoes and rotors to match. Everton Upholstery then hand-made the café racer seat you see here, and we made the rest including the chain guard, oil tank and front guard.”


“We added a lovely set of Gazi shocks to the rear and refreshed the standard Gixxer setup at the pointy end with the customer’s personal settings dialled in. Then to finish, we shortened a Delkevic 4 into 1 stainless steel system for the pipes, added some Tarozzi rearsets and crossed the finish line with some Posh billet indicators. Job done.”


“We’re chuffed to finally get a bike up on Pipeburn, and Nigel was stoked with the result, too. As a matter of fact, he has told us that he’s coming back for another go. This time he says he wants to start with a Trumpy. Bring it on, we say!”

[Photos from Fuel Photography]

  • Bas Rovers

    Simple, understated, but with some very nice details. It just hits the spot, absolutely love it! Will go in the inspiration folder for my K2!

  • Ryan Jones

    Curious how it looks in person. The photography really pumped up the contrast and colors. Takes a bit away for me. I highly doubt the chrome and blue are that strong in person. Very. Very Well Done.

    • John Ferguson

      Agreed, the colour saturation is on fire!
      Is that a Suzuki logo on the triple tree top clamp? That would be a shame.

    • Geebzilla400

      Its a nicer blue…proper gulf colours. This photo was taken from their FB but they are a local shop where I am from.

  • John Wanninger

    I like it. I’m partial to CB7fiffs tho… The colors aren’t my favorite, but as stated, In person it may look a little calmer. At least the stance is good this time!

  • whytaylorwhy

    Great to see a nod to the Gulf paint scheme. Just a clean, elegant update on a CB750.

  • Ass Ripper

    ID ride the hell out of it 🙂

  • just another retro bike with some meaningless modern twists. guess it looks okay, single pipe is all wrong, should be at least two but preferably four, like the original which i prefer

    • Fred

      You have a simple four into one on your little dream bike. Wtf. Fred.

      • looks like a kz silencer so three are missing, other custom CB has a better exhaust imho

  • ColtJ

    Nice build! I would wanna do something about the wire snarl happening behind the headlight but over all nice work!

  • roscoe

    Modern tires, usd forks, no pipe wrap, decent cornering clearance, blinkers, front fender…it’s as if they took an old motorcycle, and actually improved it! You know-to ride! Well done guys, and for god’s sake let’s hope this is the beginning of a trend.

    • guvnor67

      It’s real nice huh?! Just demands to be ridden hard, but also looks clean n slightly understated, n yer, practical and legal! Excellent!

      • roscoe

        Yep. A modernized old bike built to actually ride. On the street. Without knobbies on a “scrambler” that will never see a foot of dirt. Can we please have more of these?

  • npi70

    hey guys great article and props to the guys at rocker classic mc, they did a great job and i’ll be back for more. as the owner this stead has come together exactly how i imagined. am enjoying reading the comments below and have some more ideas now on how to improve things (when i get the chance ’cause i ride it so much). the shots were for a different purpose and processed as such, so it is correct that the colours and chrome aren’t as strong in person. it has a great note with that pipe – which was intentional as i like my bikes (and cars) to sound pimp – and it runs as good as it looks. with the gsxr front end, the handling and stopping power is just how i like it; deliberate, with a great feel. i have managed to bottom it out here and there, but you get that sometimes when you’re hard on the gas. cheers all, and i hope to see you out there soon!

  • Retro Rob

    I really dont get this type of build..if you want modern stopping and handling buy a new bike.You will go out and ride this like a modern bike but the engine power of these old hondas was pretty average as well as the handling.. ..And you will be pretty dissapointed..or blow it up..the kawasaki engine/frame is a lot better choice.