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‘78 Honda CB750 – Steel Bent Customs

Posted on June 5, 2015 by Andrew in Brat, Tracker. 31 comments


Written by Marlon Slack.

In the last few years news articles beginning with the words ‘Florida man’ have become a running joke. There’s even internet forums devoted to headlines that depict some of the most wonderfully bizarre acts to come out of the Sunshine State. If you get a moment, they’re worth checking out; ‘Florida Man Breaks into House, Poops on Floor and Drinks Contents of Vacuum Cleaner’ is my personal favourite. For me, that best sums up some of the drunken, insane characters that make up the unwashed social fabric of much of the South. Against such inebriated anarchy and swirling head noise stands Florida’s Steel Bent Customs, one of the most professional and consistently clean builders around, who have turned their capable hands to this 1978 Honda CB750 Super Sport.


Steel Bent Customs started five years ago with owner Michael Mundy buying a bike that he wanted to build, customizing it and selling it off before channelling the funds into his next project. As the pace of his work started to quicken and he took on more bikes he soon he found himself head of a workshop with one of the more efficient work processes I’ve heard of recently.


Customers place a deposit which holds them a spot on in the line to have their bike built. Once the bike is in the workshop and on the lift they’ll go over what the customer wants, pouring over photos and inspiration to help bring their dreams to life. This process allows them to keep bikes rolling through their shop at a pretty respectable pace. With builds taking around two months to complete Steel Bent Customs manage work their way through twelve to fifteen bikes a year.


And that’s how this CB750 Super Sport came to life. It was in a condition typical of many old bikes, lying in parts in the owner’s garage as he waited for the time and space to be able to do the project justice. Instead of letting it lay dormant all the pieces were picked up and taken to Built City Customs who drew up a plan with the customer and went to work.


Like most of the bikes that they build, Steel Bent Customs went around the frame removing all the unnecessary tabs and bracing, giving the frame a light and uncluttered appearance. The standard bulky rear end was cut and bent into a loop before it was sent to their local powder coat shop for some gloss black. Their go-to shop, ProFab, had a bit of work with this CB750 with the engine cases, ComStar wheels, kick starter and an assortment of other parts getting freshened up.


The paintwork on the headlight bucket, tank and front fender was painted by Florida man Craig at his aptly-named workshop ‘Craig Paints Bikes’, finished in a beautiful shade of light silver. And the way the tank has been finished is interesting too, with the wide strip of gloss black along the bottom helping it appear smaller and lighter than it really is. That’s a neat trick.


Finally the CB was fitted with a four into one exhaust system and the headers wrapped with titanium tape. The seat was finished in-house and four new air filters were fitted to the freshened-up carburettors while a pair of Shinko 230 Tour Master tyres were mounted front and back. Smaller gauges were fitted up front and some long and low tracker-inspired bars help round out a clean CB750 SS that’s sure to make any Florida man proud, vacuum cleaner fluid affected or not.

[Photos by Erick Runyon]

  • When I retire, I too want to be a ‘Florida Man’.

    • arnold

      Your southern (antipodal) accent would be a tell that you weren’t local though.

      • But I’d be so high on bath salts I wouldn’t be able to speak. Just grunt.

        • John Wanninger

          -and breakdance wearing only tighty whities on a grimy street.

      • Marlon

        Pointless tidbit: I once read that the US southern accent is really close to the Australian accent in the way many sounds are formed. Might be able to get away with it… maybe?

        • Hardley T Whipsnade III

          Linguistically thats correct because both have their foundations in lower class British accents such as Cockney etc . But in reality they sound nothing like one another

          • arnold

            As long as Andrew threw us so off topic, Hardley. another $.02 worth is in order. The Down Eastern accent and cadence is hailed to be closer to 17 th century English than can be found in the British Isles today.

          • According to linguistic studies, the U.S. has preserved many “original” elements of the English language beyond even the U.K. & colonies due to the influence of the Victorian Era.
            Both forms of English are very different now than when the American colonists left.
            Australia had much less time for deviation, though they did have people sentenced there prior to the Era.
            Maybe class is relevant to accent in Australian English language history, but not the U.S.

    • whytaylorwhy

      Florida Man. Not the hero we need, but the hero we deserve.

    • Hardley T Whipsnade III

      Trust me Andrew . You really don’t !

  • arnold

    It must be able to be done, I see it all the time , tuning 4 carbs equipped with pods takes a maestro.

    Good clean build, no gimmicks to be seen.

    • RobSzat

      The sohcs can do it no problem. With a drill and some new jets DOHCs can too

    • Marlon

      There’s more clean ones coming out. No novelties, no tank badges or anything like that. I’m liking it.

      Thankfully I’ve managed to stay away from tuning 4 carbs. I struggle with two!

      • was going to go plain myself but it is getting boring so got a new paint job, think i got the idea from an american lol

        • arnold

          It’s good that you slam yourself into the middle of an admittedly slow conversation.

          Paint looks Ok, just a bare touch below stock.

  • nice but the beige wrap, oh dear

    • Marlon

      I like that wrap. And the titanium stuff doesn’t fade like the fibreglass black does.

      • even worse if it doesn’t fade

  • Fast2Furious

    Did the guys from SBC read this article and did they agree with the authors characterization of, “drunken, insane characters that make up the unwashed social fabric of much of the South…” I’m not from the southern US but I have lots of friends and relatives that are and I don’t find this assessment to be correct at all not even a little. Not to mention I can’t understand why this and the whole Florida Man nonsense was even included in the piece.

    • Marlon

      Hey mate! Funnily enough I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Florida. It was one of the strangest places in the US I’ve visited. The people there alternated from the incredibly bizarre and downright worrying to some of the most intelligent, talented and insightful people I’ve met anywhere in the world. These guys definitely fall into the latter category!

    • As far as what would characterize much of the “south”, i don’t know. However, “Florida man”, followed by a heinous act is a staple of the nightly news… I’d suspect, not just in fl news either.
      We got a special kind of crazy brewing down here in the sunny state

    • Hardley T Whipsnade III

      Thats a very stereotypical view of our deep south citizens and especially male citizens . But like all stereotypes theres a fair amount of truth behind it

      • all americans are the same, detached from the real world in a sadly arrogant sort of way

        • revdub

          Here’s a great real world idea for you: “hasty generalization.” Come back when you’ve met us all. You must have majored in logic. But, this is just me being an arrogant American.

          • guvnor67

            We all arrive in the world as a crying, shittin, pukin lump, and leave as worm feed or fuel for the fire!!! Some if us fill the gap in between with motorcycles ….

          • guvnor67

            BTW, nice bike!!! (Except the pipewrap)

          • Marlon

            On any given Saturday night I’m still a ‘crying, shittin, pukin lump’.

          • guvnor67

            Florida might accept you after all!!!

          • Sounds like college
            (In Fl…)

        • Tomasz Marcien

          Here’s another one for your over generalized comment . Blind prejudice is just another form of bigotry making your opinion both ignorant and irrelevant . And anyway jealousy will get you nowhere