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1994 Suzuki GSX-R Yoshimura Replica

Posted on July 27, 2015 by Scott in Racer. 15 comments


Words by Martin Hodgson.

Rarely is customising a motorcycle a wallet friendly activity, but for the cost of a crappy 90’s hatchback you could be riding this Yoshimura Suzuki race replica, that’s definitely hard to argue with. Patrick Sauter of Germany is no stranger to these pages – having built a very polarising CX500 rat bike a year ago – but this time he has turned his hand to a whole new style of bike and done it for a very lucky family member.


Pat was flicking through photos of Yoshimura race bikes from 1985 when his uncle mentioned he had a hankering for a new motorcycle. Well there’s a man after the heart of a legend, because Hideo “Pops” Yoshimura used to love building wild street bikes just as much as he did his race winning machines. The founder of the famous Yoshimura brand and ace tuner/director of many a winning team Pops loved Suzuki’s of all shapes and sizes. So Pat offered his uncle a deal he couldn’t pass up, he’d build him a road legal race replica of the 1985 Yoshimura AMA bikes and he’d get it done for just 2500 euros including the purchase price of the bike.


Pat started bike hunting for just the right GSX-R for the job but the bikes of the 1980’s are starting to become hard to find and the ones that are available tend to be either in mint condition demanding mega dollars or well past their used by date. So the sensible decision was made to find a later model bike and then convert it to give the old school feel. For just 700 euros Pat found a nice 1994 GSX-R 750, a GR7BB German model with the bigger carbs and no emissions gear like the US bikes.


A Yoshi special is nothing without the right body work and it was this area that was significantly different across the 80’s and 90’s machines. So Pat set about disassembling the entire machine to ready it for some retro parts for the ultimate road legal race bike look. He found exactly what he was after from large supplier Airtech Streamlining in the US who make a replica fairing kit of the AMA Yoshimura F1. With the kit shipped to Germany and fitted up to the later model Suzuki it was time for paint and graphics. First order of business was to paint all the panels in arctic white, before vinyl graphics in Suzuki’s racing colours were applied along with the right sponsor decals.


The Gixxer now looked the part but to be user friendly required a few additions to that of a race machine to make it work on the street. A small hole was cut in the front fender that allows a small headlight to poke through for night time blasts. A tiny LED rear light is mounted to the license plate bracket that supports the perfect set of numbers and letters for the build, GSX R 750. While it was common in the 1980’s for a rider to sit on pure fibreglass Pat has added some seat foam to both the base and the hump to keep his uncle relatively comfortable.


Extracting a few extra ponies is not too hard out of the well-engineered 750 engine and the slightly larger carbs at 38mm fitted to the German model make it that much easier. Helping them breathe is a pod style air filter that gives a rorty induction noise and a raceier look. If there is one thing you could absolutely NOT leave off any Yoshimura build it’s the mufflers that have kept the company famous long after Pops passing. The Suzuki’s 4-2-1 manifold exits at the right side with a Yoshimura USA race can barking to the sky taking pride of place.


Fully adjustable inverted forks at the front and an adjustable rear shock mean the GSX-R was a good handling machine in its day and remains so some 20 years on. Factory brakes were also class leading with a 3 disc setup including twin 310mm Tokico’s at the front. But one area that has improved rapidly with time is tyre technology and Pat has treated his uncle to a set of Pirelli’s new sport focussed, extended mileage tire, the Angel GT. They wrap a set of factory 3 spoke rims that are in immaculate condition for their age, that Pat had powder coated in tiger gold for a stunning finish.


With the build done all that was left to do was for Pat to hand his extremely lucky uncle the keys. Sure he could be driving the streets in some basic 1990’s Volkswagen listening to AM radio. But for the same price and a little hard work by his very talented nephew, Pat’s uncle is hammering the German streets race style on a tasty Yoshimura machine – Pops would be proud.


  • Dan

    Awesome! Good to see a race rep here! Let’s keep this trend going.
    Great job!!

    • Hardley T Whipsnade III

      Why ? That is to say why do we want to see this current trend of replica/tribute anything going ? Personally the end of this trend cannot come soon enough for me . BTW not to be pedantic but methinks this is a ‘ tribute ‘ bike . Not a ‘ replica ‘

      • Fast2Furious

        The trend of using the word methinks can’t end soon enough as far as I’m concerned. Replica racers like this one I have no problem with.

      • Dan

        This is just my thing. It’s when I started riding motorcycles and I really wanted one of these back then. Bring ’em on! -besides… I think I’ve seen enough knobby tire’d old BMW/Honda CB-whatever’s. Yawn.

  • John Wanninger

    I have a soft spot for early 90’s crotch rockets. I had a ’92 Gixxer 750… This is when bikes really began to get fast. Love those gold rims too. Ahhhh the good OLD days.

    • Hardley T Whipsnade III

      Actually John bikes began to get really fast with the Brough Superior 100 and then again with the Vincent Black Shadows

      • John Wanninger

        Well- true, true… But I mean- ridiculously, on rails, OMFG, guy, you don’t EVEN need to, your remains will be unrecognizably pulverized, fast

  • whytaylorwhy

    Think he’ll trade it for my sweet 90s camry

    • John Wanninger

      Depends.. Does the Camry have rattle canned neon green wheels?

      • whytaylorwhy

        only on three of the tires. it also comes with some totally awesome monster energy drink stickers on it. I can spray some axe body spray in it to cover up the smell of stale marlboro lights and dominos pizza. (the delivery sign also an added feature.)

        • John Wanninger

          I just literally LOLed.

          On a serious note, depending on which generation Monster stickers they are, they could really add to the value overall, and instead of Axe spay, see if you could source some N.O.S. Drakkar, or maybe replica Polo. It’s a matter of choice, but another avenue you may go, is to just leave the stale Marb smell… kind of like an olfactory patina… Too bad it wasnt Newports… I’d say leave it for sure. How is the sunbleaching on the back seat? Is it even? How about pizza grease? Is the carpet matted with soda and cigarette ash?

          • whytaylorwhy

            If it had back seats! took those things out in high school, as well as all the door panels and trim. gotta make it as light as possible. i also put a hi-flow air filter on it, because that’s all you need to go fast right? it does have a totally rad cassette adapter to play Staind on all the blown out speakers.

  • Layne Stewart

    I love it!

  • barney fife

    hideous race bike…

  • Rob Williams

    Nice to see something that’s not simply stripped down and… “Tada! Street fighter! Cafe Racer! Scrambler!”