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Honda CBX750 – Kerkus Cycles

Posted on July 28, 2015 by Andrew in Café Racer. 18 comments


Written by Martin Hodgson.

There are certain motorcycles of yesteryear that have failed to break through into the new custom culture; some for very good reasons, but others like the Honda CBX750 seem to have been over looked for no good reason at all, well no longer. Kerkus Cycles from Kuala Lumpur have taken the popular police bike in Malaysia and turned out some amazing customs, this time around it’s a Classic Ducati inspired machine for a customer who loves his Hondas.


While the Honda CB750 has been a dominant force in motorcycle culture from the day of its launch right up to the many café customs that are showcased around the world today. Its older brother the CBX750 has been all but ignored, perhaps it’s instantly overlooked because of its very polarising looks, but many bikes that are popular today are no lookers in stock trim. Furthermore if you compare the CB to the CBX; both are 4 cylinder quad carb bikes, both are around the same weight and come with Honda reliability and plentiful parts supply. But the CBX actually has many benefits over the CB, 30bhp more, far superior frame and suspension and the P series police bikes even have a slipper clutch.


And it’s a Police special that Kerkus picked to craft this custom machine, although it came without much of the overgrown fairings, the extra horns, wiring and sirens were present. They like a whole host of other parts like the standard instruments, gaudy headlight and signals have all been ditched to save a bunch of weight. To further improve the power to weight ratio the carbs were refreshed and the power sapping rear cans swapped out for a pair of shorty mufflers that sit on the end of a heat wrapped set of headers.


The owner of the bike is a big fan of the Ducati Sport 1000 and wanted a tank that was similar without being the same. It was a challenge that the Kerkus boys took on with open arms and the result is a classic look with an even more muscular presence. Like the Sport 1000 the tank extends its shoulders out wide but the rear of the tank is aggressively sculpted to allow the rider to tuck in. Not wanting to take away from the lines they created a slim tank cap that was CNC’d from Aluminium and looks the business.


To match the muscular tank was always going to require a total rethinking of the rear end and the first step was to cut the subframe straight off. The seat is moulded to match the shapes of the tank and maintain a consistent look from front to rear. The paint was taken care of by the guys at Bigcat Motorart coating the tins in a matte gun-metal grey before running a black racing stripe down the centre. The seat is covered in a hard-wearing PVC product in a classic tan colour while the tank sports a gloss black Honda logo that almost looks like a tattoo. With the owner wanting to retain the factory airbox custom side covers were fabricated to maintain a clean look and given the Kerkus logo to finish.


The front forks wear gators and have been lowered through the triple trees slightly with new rear shocks to match. At first the idea was to use clip-ons as per previous CBX builds the boys had undertaken but the riding style of the owner led to some more comfortable clubman bars complete with brown gum grips. The mean and muscular look is further helped by the smaller headlight that has been powder coated black along with a Hannibal Lecter like grill. Whereas the stock machine has pieces hanging off all over the place Kerkus Cycles prefer a clean look, so bar end mirrors and bullet indicators give what is a wide machine a narrower look.



Just like much of the bike the wheels have been blacked out which allows the rubber to become the more dominant feature of the rolling stock and the choice of Bridgestone Battlax BT45’s are a great mix of a tough look without compromising practicality. The end result is an ultra-tough looking machine that has the power and reliability to be both a practical daily rider and a weekend warrior. And that was exactly the aim of KL’s Kerkus Cycles, to create a muscular road monster to satisfy their customer but to also show the world that the CBX should not be overlooked; a job I think they’ve achieved in spades.


Kerkus‘ enigmatically named Azree Zo

  • John Wanninger

    I don’t like it. Looks like a quickie build… cheap. The seat is horrible, and I cant figure out what is up with the tank. Is the clear coat peeling? AAAND pipewrapped.

    • guvnor67

      I have to agree, the gap between side panels and seat is horrible, and really don’t like the tail piece ay all, or the tank, of the bloody pipe wrap! But, in It’s defence, it looks muscular.

    • methamphetasaur

      Yarp. If was built on a budget by some dude in his garage, you might think hmm, that’s not bad; but is was built by a ‘professional’ in a shop, which just makes you wonder why he didn’t spend more time to msake it look finished before he put it out in the world.

      • zamzamzam

        Peace be upon you, Knew the builder of the bike..nice dude and yeah he’s skinny as hell..hehe. Not backing him up or anything (kinda bit) but the boys there are not really ‘pros’ as you mentioned. they’re just a group of young dudes that like to build bikes purely for their love for bikes.. the guys don’t really operate a shop, just a small garage, basic tools, somewhere hidden here in KL and doing it on their free times. Most of the bikes they build are for friends and maybe a few customers sometimes. This CBX and other bikes they build previously are quite a beauty, good in quality and finish for my standard, probably not yours. Maybe they just need more time to finetune their build and explore further, in time im sure they will be as badass as other international ‘pro’ builders out there. We here at Malaysia with u n gotcha back bro’s!

        Ok back to the bike. Saw the bike in person in the art of speed custom event last month. The bike is a beauty and a clean build. The tank is nice and rad, sort of like the sport1000 tank but curvier and sharper. looks good and matches the curvature of the tail section. Looks really angry and fast from the back. The paintjob is not my cup of tea but i can appreciate the work done, with the gloss HM logo on the side of the tank etc. A good idea but not so good in the implementation. the matt grey and blacked out color combo makes the bike looks fierce and muscular. the side covers are ok nice, at least it has a side covers rather than just plain naked.

        The side gap is understandable. Maybe they want make the tank and tail aligned to each other and wanna retain the stock chassis as much as possible due to legality issues here in Malaysia. Chassis modification is strictly prohibited here. Tampering with the chassis will make the bike illegal on the road and will be confiscated for good. Thank you our beloved government, customization to bikes and cars are almost impossible here!

        I just don’t understand what is unfinished here. Surely its not a bad build, not ‘that’ bad in my opinion. hmmm, each to their own, I guess.

        Kipidab guys! Malaysia boleh!

        sorry in advance. This is my 1st comment and English is not my 1st language.

        • Amir Bagheri

          you are 100% right buddy

  • MotoTrooper

    Looks quite nice and cool from either head on or behind but side on…yeah….what the-
    That massive glaring gap where the frame and the seat unit tell each other to go to hell and the side covers that make it even more apparent. For all the work that went into sculpting the tank and tail this effort fails.

  • MayDayMoto

    The strange looking thing on the tank is a vintage HM Wing Honda logo, the decal/paint is glossy while rest of tank’s paint is satin, and in the photos makes it look weird when seen from an angle and out of focus. One of those details that probably looks great in person but doesn’t photograph well. The side covers are pretty cool, I like how they carry a downward line from the subframe through the carb, across the heads to the exhaust ports. I like this overall, but it does feel a little wonky, with lots of little things not lining up that add up to a sense of clutter and mess. Maybe they got a little too ambitious with the metal shaping. A shame about the pipe wrap too.

  • Dave Coetzee

    If it were mine, I’d re-align the rear shocks and thereby raise the rear of the bike to improve the stance and the symmetry between shocks and frame, while making space for newly designed side-covers that will live happily with the bottom of the seat.

  • Spyker May

    The author is correct, the CBX750 is a good bike – the last of the great UJM’s, however this is a BAD build.

    I am not sure what will scare me more, riding a bike of this calibre that has been the subject of such dodgy work, or the fear of ripping the dude’s arm off when I shake his hand (not sure I have ever seen anybody that skinny).

    In fact I like the original CBX750 a lot. I am talking about the first iteration – with the half fairing (pic below). Certainly not the Hong Kong cop thing or the full fairing thing that came later and/or was apparently only available in Europe (although many people bought stuff directly from Japan; even some dealers – so nobody is really sure what was officially sold where).

    Honda was one of the co’s that had the square/rectangular light in an attractive looking package – the double square is perfect on the CBX.

    The CBX was the ultimate sports-touring machine and (to me at least) it looked ‘bad-ass’, in the sports-touring arena that is – an arena often inhabited by some of the most nerdy/anaemic looking motorcycle’s there is. Many have since tried to emulate upright 3/4(-ish) fairing look – none could match the raw look of the CBX.

    Wherewithal at hand, I would hand a CBX750 (F) to a shop like AC Sanctuary with an open scope. Then tour Japan (Honshu), north to south, on it.

  • TK4

    Lose the brown seat, brown grips and pipe wrap. Its lumpy, ugly and unfinished.

  • Bowds

    Looks like it’s been in a crash.

  • rubberburner

    not a fan of the cbx lineup especially the Asian Police edition. The CBX750P is an ugly piece of shit compared to the original CBX, a bad base to start a build with IMHO.

    Overall, quite a nice build. The tank and tail looks aggresive and muscular. love the sharp lines of the build. couldnt really understand the gap between the side covers and seat though..maybe the want to avoid the downward sloping chassis and have a straight horizontal line between the tank and the tail section. Yeap it looks a bit wierd at some angle but at least they bring something different to the table. Mean angry looking machine..liking it!

  • Ros Ariff

    The thing about the gap between the seat and side cover,the original frame are not straight, its curvy, which, the solution is simple –> to cut and realign the frame..but unfortunately the stupid law in our country doesnt permit that sort of chassis modification..and plus the owner wanted the bike to be road legal, nothing can be done..😑

    • Amir Bagheri

      your are right and that gap is not the big deal my friend, he can fill it with something like I did!

  • Prakash

    Superb build. Loving the muscular tank and tail section. I guess lots of man hours have been used to fabricate it. The gap under the seat is quite visible, but i think the side panel did a great job to distract it. Not a fan of pipewrap, but didnt really noticed it because its black. Maybe if paint it with high temp black paint would be the other solution for it. Overall, i think its a bad ass bike to ride.

    • Amir Bagheri

      I like your comment man

  • TruthBringer

    Like so many builds landing on CL & eBay, the small picture form draws the eye, but when you look further you are quickly let down and scared away.

  • Amir Bagheri

    nice job dude, keep doing the good work, don’t listen to those they can’t open one screw and tell you what to do and what is wrong, there is nothing wrong man is beautiful, they need to know everyone has vision and this your’s.