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DGR 2015 – Joshua Mikhaiel Photography

Posted on October 1, 2015 by Andrew in Event. 36 comments


An event like the 2015 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is always going to attract lenses. Whether they be of the mobile phone variety, the video sort or good old-fashioned SLRs, you can bet there’ll be a veritable avalanche of photos to capture the event for posterity. But it’s not all tea and cakes. The hard truth is that for the most part, the average Joe or Jane’s shots are anything but distinguished. But then again, Sydney’s Joshua Mikhaiel isn’t just any average lensman.


“Hello Pipeburn. My name’s Joshua. I picked up a camera for the first time 4 years ago as a young journalism student with some romantic notions of being a war correspondent / photojournalist who could change the world. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked on photography as a way of capturing the stories that matter in the world.”


“I primarily work as a wedding photographer through the week – that’s when I’m not dreaming up my next trip to the third world to use my camera to bring back stories of hope and change.”


“I’ve been addicted to motorcycles visually since I was a young kid but I’ve been riding them for a year and a half and always looking for the next project to chop up and turn into something louder, dirtier and more offensive.”


“I love the freedom and the new relationships I’ve built around bikes. I love that I’m not locked in a car when I’m out on the road and that I can interact with people and see and smell everything that’s happening in the world. I couldn’t imagine ever hanging up my jacket.”











Like what you see? Well then, you can view the full set of Josh’s DGR shots here. And you can also follow his online antics here and here. Enjoy.

  • JorisJ

    Nice pictures! Can somebody tell me what bike the girl is riding in the 5th pic? Thanks

    • Bultaco Metralla

      I believe it is a Honda GB500 see for full details

      • JorisJ

        thanks! think that’s the one

        • Ryan Jones

          good looking bike. not very convinced by a single cylinder though…must not be a lot of them in the states.

          • guvnor67

            They’re good bikes ( see also XBR500), Factory cafe straight out of the box, and look great with a few personal tweaks!!

          • Very underpowered though. Surprisingly, I never saw one single GB500 that someone went to the trouble of doing motor upgrades to. And this was, at the time when there were new, lots of XR500/XR600 hop up stuff available. I think they only came to the US for one year and didn’t sell to hot. Bikes were getting better, faster and better handling pretty quick in that time period and there wasn’t a market for a super slow retro/nostalgia bike yet.

          • guvnor67

            I believe you have hit the nail on the head! Were they to release them now, with the whole retro thing gone loco I reckon they’d sell. Sadly, at the time not a lot of people ‘got it’, and I remember they were fairly pricey. I wanted one but couldn’t afford it, and ended up buying an almost new 4-pot with 2 or 4 times the ponies for a lot less money. I’d like one now but the few I’ve seen have still been silly $$$s or stuffed. The one on the DGR pics looks good though!

          • Really nice photos though!

          • guvnor67

            Yes, really good photography

          • lemieuxmc

            San Diego DGR, lot’s of fun and cool bikes.

          • JorisJ

            here in Belgium they were really expensive according to my dad and indeed a bit underpowered if you looked at a Ducati monster for instance.

        • Bultaco Metralla

          I was living the dream in Canberra in the early nineties. Commuting each weekend to Sydney and back on my K100RT, riding to work on a Le Mans 3 and I had the chance to buy one and didn’t. Not through lack of money but through lack of persistence. Have regretted it since.

          • JorisJ

            Don’t know over there, but in Belgium they are rare and really expensive!

          • Can you live the dream in Canberra? I would have thought the two were mutually exclusive… 😉

          • Bultaco Metralla

            When I could walk into a bike shop, see Le Mans 3 in superb nick and buy it out of that month’s paycheck. That was living the dream. Canberra roads were a racetrack, the roads down to the coast were a marvel and the Snowy Mountains Highway was a great way to spend a day.

        • Geebzilla400

          That particular bike is the baby brother, a GB400TT. The picture above is a GB500

    • foiled again

      She’d better look after her license plate.

    • Heres one with my wife on my GB500 from our DGR. Super rare here in the states. Had a couple 400’s in New Zealand though. Very fun little bike.

      • JorisJ

        that looks great! i like the seat a lot!

  • Richard

    “I primary work as a wedding photographer through the week – that’s when I’m not dreaming up my next trip to the third world to use my camera to bring back stories of hope and change.”

    That is an epic quote. This guy is one of the REAL heroes!

  • I think the Ducati photo #6 needs to tighten his headlight unless the plan is to illuminate the front tire. Great photos!!

    • Tire disco?

      • LOL, maybe if it was a yellow light.

      • guvnor67

        He might b a doors fan .. ” C’mon baby light my tyre … ” sorry

  • revdub

    Great pictures and a mad proper beard to be seen in the third photo. My hat off to the photographer, and I tip my beard to this gentleman.

  • Dr. Terrible (Mauro Toffanin)

    The red Triumph in the first pic is such a beauty!
    Now I want to don my cravat, press my tweed and sit astride my classic-styled motorcycles too. The very next year I’ll join the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride for sure.

    • Do it.

      • Dr. Terrible (Mauro Toffanin)

        I have already subscribed to GDR’s web-site (and donated).

        For the next edition I will join the ride ^^. I’m spreading the words to all my friends who are motorcycle enthusiasts and are not shy to dress like a gentleman, so we can be part of the ride as a sponsored group.

  • guess i must be getting old but looks like a load of twats trying to be old, what happened to youth and originality, u run out of ideas

    • And if we were all out there on 2015 R1s, you’d be calling us ‘Power Rangers’ and talking about the good old days. There’s no pleasing some people.

      But in the end, what matters is getting involved. It’s the difference between raising $3,000,000 for cancer research and just sitting on yr ass making negative statements in comments sections. Capiche?

    • Guzzto

      Pesky kids aye, The Wellington DGR looked the same but scratch below the bearded tweedy appearance and you’ll find a lot of riders who have tonnes of motorcycle knowledge and years of experience, sheds full of classic machines and a deep love of all motorcycles. It was a great day and a great vibe and it raised money for charity. It was all a bit of a laugh and a lot of fun. I can’t see what the problem is.

  • Guzzto

    That chaps got a good eye.

  • Great footage!

  • Hardley T Whipsnade III

    I’ll play Devils Advocate and go with Mr Ratty’s opinion on this one . Individuals in halloween dress pretending they’re living in a past era they know nothing about rather than doing something constructive and original with nary a gentleman ( or woman ) to be found and nothing even vaguely resembling ‘ distinguished ‘ . As far as Andrew’s constant attempt to defend the event with the money aspect the simple fact is I know [ and may be one of ] many individuals who donate more than that $3 million on an annual basis avoiding the typical ( less than ) 25 cents on the dollar [ after administration/event etc fees ] that ends up in the intended recipients hands [ In other words Andrew I’m not in the least bit impressed ] Fact is these events are more about publicity than the charity involved ; with the charity’s only real purpose/presence being a vain attempt to try and validate what would otherwise be an inane non – event

    Despite my disdain for the event though the photos are top drawer !

    • yep but have lost a few mates to the big c recently, if some of it dribbles down to where it matters guess we shouldn’t complain if they are prepared to ride around looking like nobs