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‘Tall Bobeus’ BMW R1100GS – Moto Adonis

Posted on December 12, 2016 by Andrew in Scrambler. 8 comments

For most mere mortals the taller they are, the better life is. Tall people are statistically proven to be more likely to land jobs, attract a suitable mate and impose their will on others. But as a biker, I see things quite differently. I see a really tall person in public and I think quietly to myself, “I’m glad I’m not that tall. Riding a bike would be impossible…” Or maybe that’s just me. Whatever the case, it just so happens that today’s feature build grew out of just such a thought. Take one very tall guy called ‘Bobeus’, add a BMW R1100GS and the Netherland’s Moto Adonis, and you can bet the end result will be sky-high.

“Hello again Pipeburn,” says Moto Adonis’ Daan Borsje from Roosendaal in Netherland’s  southern nether regions. “This time we’ve produced a rather special BMW, and one that were really quite proud of. Our customer, a rather tall tattoo artist named Bobeus came to us wanting to build something that would suit his height and give him a little more comfort than his current ride, a rather cramped old CB750. We agreed that it was probably time for something bigger and better, and we got to work.”

Rolling around potential donor bikes in he is head, Daan kept on coming back to the legendary BMW GS series; yes it was a good fit for his giant-like frame but it also gave Daan the opportunity to build something totally different from anything Moto Adonis had done before.

Note telelever front suspension

“Bobeus bought himself a decent 1997 BMW R1100GS with quite low miles and we started on the design,” says Daan. “After talking to Bobeus, we decided to make the frame a key feature for this scrambler.” And with the bike already sporting a fairly unique front Telelever set-up direct from Bavaria, somehow the idea didn’t seem so far-fetched.

“It isn’t easy, but we always try to listen to the demands of the customer – after all it’s his money and his dream bike we’re building. So together with the tattoo artist, we designed the rear frame with all his characteristic, tattoo-proven curves,” says Daan. And that’s no lip service. If you check out the guy’s work, you’ll see the similarities. “We also worked together on a new seat pan design and a stylish electrics box.”

To complete the bike’s rear, Zutphen’s Miller Custom Upholstery made the bike a brand spankin’ new leather seat that perfectly fits the bike’s new tail. “Then to finish the rear, we hand-made a fender and then we added a Bates-style brake light and some nice, small blinkers,” says Daan.

“At the front we replaced the good old ‘duck face’ with a smaller, cleaner fender and headlight combo,” he says. Then on top of the headlight he fitted a blindness-inducing foglight that is apparently “as bright as looking straight in the sun.” Sounds painfully cool, Daan. The final tweaks here included some new handmade light brackets with integrated blinkers and replacing the factory dial with a nice, small, two-in-one Acewell unit.

With the hard work all but done, it was time for the finishing touches. Daan decided to give the whole frame, front forks and rims a matt black powder coated finish. Then the tank was painted in a combo gloss and matt finish with a very military-looking shade of blue grey. “The exhaust was upgraded with a stainless steel muffler from Shark, along with part of the exhaust pipe. Yes, it sounds great.”

Fog light is ‘as bright as looking straight at the sun’

Then all that was left was some new kicks. “After putting it all together, we fitted a set of Bridgestone Trail Wings and a new cross handlebar with Biltwell grips. Then we stood back and looked.” With smiles on their faces, Daan and the team decided that this bike was ready for its first test ride. And so off they went to their local forest.

Daan’s gear by John Doe Motorsports

Daan reports that the bike’s off-road manners are as impeccable as its on-road ones, and with BMW’s famous front-end still fronting their top shelf off-road machines, it’s really no surprise at all. What a damn nice scrambler. To tell you the truth, we’re a little jealous of Bobeus. On second thoughts, we think we might need to test the bike for ourselves. We’ll meet you in the forest, Daan. Don’t tell anyone you’re coming. We’ll be the guys with the rope and the bottle of chloroform. See you soon.

We want his job

[Moto Adonis: Web – Facebook – Instagram | Photos by Mark Meisner]

  • Dave Coetzee

    Daan good job with excellent pics!

    • Daan Borsje

      Thanks Dave! I love it too

  • I can’t help but think what it’d look like with a more svelte tank on it. Thoughts?

    • dCarter2

      Love the tank color but I don’t get that shape. Those tank stripes don’t really work for me either.
      The rest is very clean. Love the rear frame and the foglight!

    • Or keep the tank, but add an R 80 Dakar style mini fairing, and a high mount front fender perhaps??

  • Robert Henry

    The tank….I’m bi polar and this is what my not correctly medicated brain keeps screaming at the “you need to behave part of my brain”…so here goes, the tank looks like a face hugger (from Alien), Kermit the frog and a roll of black electrical tape had weird sex in a fertility clinic. I know I’ve often said snarky things but my meds and I both agree this needs to be screamed at my monitor. The rest of the bike is nice, the tank just gives me an irrational fear that it may leap off, attach to my face and make mutated BMW babies that will burst out of my chest..

  • Ethan Sanders

    How tall is Bobeus? I’m a fairly tall rider as well.

  • Coton

    The consensus seems to be that the tank looks weird and I agree, but look at other gs customs, very few change the tank because the frame is just so weird underneath… A good metal worker could keep the same base and narrow it down maybe? I’m not sure but it seems like a challenge. I would also have gone with a high front fender that would balance the line a bit more in my opinion.

    The sub frame is really, really cool. I love that agressive treillis style and it suits this bike so well.