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Sal’s Honda CT110 Brat – Ellaspede

Posted on March 4, 2017 by Andrew in Brat. 13 comments

Written by Sal Farrajota and Hughan Seary.

What’s old is new again. In Australia and New Zealand, the common Honda CT110 ‘Postie’ bike is a familiar sight and sound. Used in both countries by the local postal services, they’ve been buzzing along footpaths and dropping off mail for the best part of 30 years.

In Australia, second-hand examples of the common Postie are a popular option for a cheap runabout, given their robust nature and ease of riding.

A birthday gift to owner Sal by ‘the generous legends at Ellivo Architects’, this particular 2003 Honda CT110 was enjoying farm life after its retirement from daily post delivery. $800 later and it was heading back to the Ellaspede shop in Brisbane for a new lease on custom life.

Being an Architect and co-founder of The Artificial Design Studio, Sal has an interest in custom design and bespoke items so the little red Honda was destined for some custom work.

The postman always revs twice

Having met one of the Ellaspede Directors years prior at University, Sal knew it was a perfect opportunity to collaborate with other designers, so he got in touch to get ‘wheels in motion’ on the little one-ten.

Being so common, naturally there are a large number of previous CT110 custom examples getting around, but it wasn’t until Sal noticed the previous Ellaspede EB008 build that ‘The Artificial Postie’ really gained direction.

During initial discussions with Ellaspede about the build direction a vintage 125cc Honda tank was dug out and ended up providing the perfect starting point for the build and colour inspiration.

With some incredible character already, the tank patina was left intact to reference some old on what would otherwise be a relatively new fit and finish.

The strip down began with the frame modifications and tank mounting being the first port of call. The frame was seam welded and shortened at the rear before any excess frame holes were welded up.

Tank and seat mounts were fabricated to suit the new tank and seat layout. Fabrication continued with a custom seat pan, front guard, modified headlight brackets and various other mounts.

The old & new combo works well

The stock headlight was retained on a lowered stock mount, while the remaining lights and indicators were replaced with smaller aftermarket items. New handlebars, mirrors and an Ellaspede Ninja Star Licence Plate Holder also made their way onto the build.

Factory brakes were checked and rebuilt where necessary, along with the front forks, which also gained new fork boots to complete the refresh. The gearing has been modified for city streets via a new chain and sprockets.

Honda’s original motor was still within spec and after some paint and polish now breathes through an aftermarket filter, rebuilt carb and polished intake. Gases exit via a low mount custom stainless system and turbo muffler.

The usual bolts, bearings and brackets were cleaned and replace where necessary throughout to complete the mini makeover.

Sal’s favourite part about the build? “The integration of the old fuel tank and the new custom seat really transform the entire bike into something unique”.

And we definitely agree. It makes the bike look a little more ‘motorcycle’ like with the current tank setup, while still retaining everything that’s great about Honda’s little hero.

Between returning to city work from farm life and the vintage patina tank we feel like Sal’s CT110 is a great little example of “what’s old is new again”. Proof that sometimes a little character adds more than the sum of some new parts.

[EllaspedeFacebookInstagram | Photos by AJ Moller]

  • the watcher

    Wow! Talk about one extreme to the other! Anyhow, cutesie little bike, just not convinced this is the place for it. After 10 minutes giggling you’re gonna want a real motorcycle.

    • Watcher, we’re a broad church. We’re just as happy to go riding with guys on $50k Ducatis as we are with ‘P platers’ (look it up) on old postie bikes. We don’t judge. If they like bikes, then we like them. Hope you feel the same…

      • guvnor67

        And of course the Postie Bike Challenge where they cover somethin like 5000 kms of all sorts of terrain at I think an average 70-80 kmh. Brilliant. There’s a young fella round our way with a bright yellow one with apes n whitewalls that cracks me up every time I see it- rides in all weathers too!

      • the watcher

        2 wheels good, 4 wheels bad? I used to say so. Had loads of crunch-boxes, a Fizzy, and latterly an HB100. I no longer have any desire to revisit the experience. Motorcycles, to me (natch) are cool, fast, individual, noisy, bad-boys’ (or girls’) toys. If utility is your bag, try a Landie. Not judging, just saying.

      • Well it’s my first bike which has been great to learn on, perfect for inner-city commutes. I’ll keep you posted when I get a real bike @disqus_6VJqYjKBBP:disqus

    • Len Farquharson

      A very practical incarnation of the most mass produced motor vehicle in the world. Two of my friends who are both experienced big bore motorcyclists are about to embark on the overland route Newcastle Australia to London UK. There choice of motorcycle? You guessed it; two ex Australia Post Honda 110. They will be giggling most of the way.

      • the watcher

        You may be a little premature in your prediction. Road trips always start out fun; they tend to get a little less beer and skittles with the miles.

  • Patrick Davey

    The fuel tank is actually an XL175 1973 model. Great job.

  • Duke Fan

    One of the most rideable useful bikes I’ve seen in forever! You could go anywhere with nothing but a smile on!

    • the watcher

      Til you came to a long, up hill slog, or get stuck behind an artic in the pissing rain at 55mph, or a strong wind is in your face, or worse, at 90 degrees, or….Need I go on?

      • Duke Fan

        All valid points watcher!

  • bill smith

    It is odd, It made me grin, now I want to ride it!