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First Gear: Spidi’s New Mystic Jacket & Gloves

Posted on March 29, 2017 by Andrew in Review. 7 comments

We’re sorry. Really sorry. Sorry for two glaringly obvious omissions that we’ve almost completely neglected to cover since we kicked this blog over way back in 2009. What are we talking about? Gear and girls. ‘Gear’ as in showing you the latest moto outfits to keep you cool and safe. And ‘girls’ as in women riders a.k.a. the industry’s fastest growing segment. But fear not; from this day forward we’re going to be doing our best to rectify this. We’re calling it ‘First Gear’, and for our opening salvo we’re especially targeting all the ladies out there. Looking for some new gear? Meet Spidi’s new Mystic women’s jacket and gloves.

If you want great leather, you go to Italy. Simples. Spidi’s proximity to Italy’s best tanneries means that their leathers are amongst the world’s best. And we’re pretty sure it shows. With a complete lack of scars in their chosen hides and the fact that their close proximity means that they they get to choose the best before the rest even get a look-in.

On the design side of things, it’s nice to see that the Italians have managed to keep the jacket’s look subdued, too. For many years, we’ve preferred English jacket designs due to their typical British functionality and distinct lack of overly styled, fashion for fashion’s sake intentions. And it seems Spidi have been taking notice. Should you want the jacket in a hot pink, powder blue or Michael Jackson red, you’ll be plum out of luck. And there’s zero useless frilly bits. Thanks Spidi.

The Mystic jacket comes equipped with EN1621-1:2012 certified ‘Multitech’ protectors on the shoulders and the elbows, while the EN1621-2 certified ‘Warrior’ back protectors can be easily added as an option. And no, we don’t know what all those numbers mean either. But if it’s approved by a bunch of European Safety Boffins, you can bet it’s going to save your backside (or elbows) better than most.

“A women’s jacket that is fitted to women? Those Italians think of everything!”

Elsewhere you’ll find ‘Flex Tenax’ protection (it’s Spidi’s Polyamide-derived fabric that is wear resistant like Kevlar, but can also stretch), a removable warm lining, velcro waist adjusters and amusingly, a ‘Fit for Lady’ design. A women’s jacket that is fitted to women? Those Italians think of everything!

And should the mood take you, you can get Spidi’s matching Mystic gloves. You’ll get the same goat leather and Flex Tenax abrasion resistance, along with knuckle and palm padding, side reinforcement, and secure wrist closures.

Were it not for the fact that we don’t have the right bits in the right places, we’d be hitting up Spidi for some free samples quicker than you can say ‘we’ll do a full review, we promise!’ Make sure you take a look if you’re in the market.


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  • Jim Roberts

    girls are gear

  • Ann Luu

    Nice to see women riders aren’t being left out any more.

  • martin hodgson

    That’s one of the best parts of the current custom scene, that women are not only welcome but play a big role. There are some really great female builders out and I’m sure we will see some of their handy work very soon.

    Spidi gear is quality too, I’ve got their STR-4 gloves and absolutely love them. I have never understood why people skimp on gear, bikes can be replaced, your body can’t! I was always taught from a young age if you can’t afford good protective equipment you can’t afford to ride. Spend a little less on other things and always good for the best quality tyres and safety equipment you can afford. Spidi is definitely in the top handful of manufacturers and give how many women are riding all styles of bikes these days it’s great to see safety equipment being tailored to meet their needs. The industry will only get bigger and stronger the more we welcome women into the fold and acknowledge those who have been around for years!

    • I’m somewhat disappointed to say that the first comment on this post was more than a little derogatory. Deleted it as last time I checked, it wasn’t 1975…

  • Ian

    This jacket would look good on a man (read that as meaning me!) minus the slight extra material for the hips–understated styling, doesn’t look like a silly power ranger like so much bike gear, not is it covered in frilly bits pandering to a supposed ‘female’ cliche of style–the market will do well if it responds with this kind of mature look, and i might even be able to get my wife riding more.

    • Agreed. I’d wear it in a heartbeat. It’d look great with my high heels… #dadjokes