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FIRST GEAR. Draggin’s Men Rebel Stretch Jeans

Posted on April 30, 2017 by Andrew in Review. 3 comments

Remember when jeans used to be, well, just  jeans? When they weren’t all selvedge this and indigo that. When they didn’t have to be worn for 18 months before they looked good and felt comfy right off the rack? As much as we like the new-wave of denim that’s hit the shelves in the last 10 years, we do kind of miss the ‘classic blue jeans’ style. So Australia’s Draggin jeans, clearly reading our minds, has just released their retro-tastic ‘Rebel’ stretch jeans. James Dean, eat your heart out.

As one of the very first companies to make and sell protective jeans to motorcyclist in 1997, Draggin are considered by most to be a world leader in keeping you safe should your bike’s rubber ever leave the road. I’ve been riding with a pair of Draggin’s black Slix Jeans for almost a decade, and they the only pair of riding jeans I have quite literally worn out from overuse.

“I’ve been riding with a pair of Draggin Jeans for almost a decade, and they are the only pair of riding jeans I have quite literally worn out.”

The ‘Rebel’ offer the same level of abrasion protection, but with a much more classic look. And their relaxed fit and pre-worn denim means that they offer pyjama-levels of on-bike comfort without all the usual hard work of wearing them in for years beforehand. Countering one of our own personal bugbears, the protective lining has no visible seams or stitching on the jean’s exterior. Nice.

Safety-wise, the Rebels have it all covered. The protective lining is made up from DuPont Kevlar and Dyneema, known as being the world’s strongest fibre. All your major crash points are fully covered, including your butt, hips, knees, the sides of your legs and your thighs. And if you’re an armour sort of a guy, there’s additional hip and knee pockets for CE approved armour that’s easy to remove and replace if need be. Check them out now.


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  • the watcher

    Yeah, but I am old enough to remember when all jeans (read Levi’s) were indigo, and always took 18 months to wear in unless you sat in the bath in them. Then you could get it down to a year.

  • John Forsythe

    Those photos are hilarious.

  • martin hodgson

    Very nice! I had a pair of their Camo pants that I used and abused for years. But being a bit older a pair of jeans is probably a little more suitable for me these days when not in leathers. Agree with the piece, can’t stand the stitching on the outside that so many have (Some people obviously love it, not I!). The two things that make Draggin a standout for me is the level of comfort, which very few jeans with good protection provide. And the quality of the armour pockets and their locations. Plenty of people ensure they have the knees covered etc but the CE armour to fit the hips of Draggin jeans is about $30, maybe even less and honestly the one time you need it you’ll realise you would have paid a hell of a lot more to have the protection. A cracked hip or a few $10 buck notes….