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HARD AND FAST. Diamond Atelier’s BMW R nineT Neo-Racer

Posted on May 6, 2017 by Andrew in Café Racer, Streetfighter. 23 comments

Written by Martin Hodgson.

Almost a year ago to the day, Diamond Atelier sent us the images of their first ever BMW R nineT build, the ‘DA#4’. The Pipeburn exclusive quickly turned into magazine covers around the world and took out the top spot on this very site’s own 2016 Bike of the Year Awards. It’s been a hectic period for Munich locals Tom Konecny and Pablo Steigleder, releasing more incredible builds and a limited production series motorcycle all of their own. But you didn’t think they were going to give up their trophy that easily, did you? Hell no. They’re back and laying down the gauntlet for 2017 in a massive way. Here’s their ultimate Neo-Racer, the DA#9T BMW R nineT.

If there is one thing more impressive than the machines that Tom and Pablo create, it’s the fact that they’ve been in operation for less than four years. Now the phone rings off the hook with the orders flying in, but sadly success also brings the tyre kickers. They’re starting to get used to it, the guy that walks in, talks for a day, promises they have the money to fund the build and then… “We’ve heard this monologue countless times and only on the rarest of occasions does it lead to an order,” the lads despair.

But then one day, a rather unusual phone call came through. “All he knew was that he wanted a BMW boxer engine with an aggressive yet elegant shell around it and with no further questions asked, he ordered. He simply said, “I never take long to decide. If I feel something is right, I do it.” The client was so confident in what DA can do that he didn’t even specify which model BMW he wanted to use. Talk about a vote of confidence, but just by looking at the images here you can see that they didn’t let him down.

“In terms of looks, our main goal was to give this R nineT racer completely different proportions than what people are used to seeing – even within the numerous custom builds already out there.” The first step in achieving this was to expose the front trellis frame that is normally covered by the stock tank. By coating this portion of the frame in the bike’s secondary colour, it takes on all the negative space beauty of styling normally reserved for Ducati’s. The entire rear frame section was then removed and a new subframe was hand fabricated and neatly welded to the rear load bearing cradle. While a custom seat base now sports a slimline seat stitched from a single piece of uber expensive premium hide.

Now Tom and Pablo could begin to apply their immense metal fabrication skills, as they set about crafting a tank like no other. The top piece of the fuel tank is straight out of the Pierre Terblanche play book and gives the BMW a muscularity it doesn’t normally possess. But form was not their only concern, with the tank having to hold fuel as well as being home to the ridiculous amount of electronic componentry required to keep a modern factory BMW alive. The enormous tank doesn’t look anything but perfectly in proportion and the triple flutes on each side bring an old Hot Rodder’s trick to this new-wave miracle machine.

The understated tones of the paint allow the lines to really stand out and they’re further accentuated by the pinstripping laid down in all the right places. The heavily bobbed front fender and low mounted MT headlight were all about giving the nineT a more aggressive appearance. But eager to make the engine a strong part of the visual statement, the boys had another trick up their sleeve. “The piece we are most proud of are our own signature valve covers that were specifically machined for this bike. This is a prototype set we created together with Simon Dabadie from DAB Design.”

But the engine couldn’t just look good, as the lads explain, “To ramp up the power output, we sent off the engine to boxer specialist Andreas Reh from Rehcing, who was highly recommended to us from all directions.” What he sent back is something truly special; a big bore engine taking the capacity out to 1400cc and delivering a whopping 145bhp from just two cylinders. More power is possible, but the engine is built to deliver that performance reliably and hosts an array of the very best performance bolt-ons to match.

“A big bore engine taking the capacity out to 1400cc and delivering a whopping 145bhp from just two cylinders.”

The exhaust system is big bucks and beautiful, with the stock headers replaced by Remus titanium free flow ones. The rear can had to match the overall theme of the bike and yet still unleash a GP like howl and a Spark’s titanium unit does that just perfectly. The new tank means a change to the airbox and a custom fabricated unit feeds both chambers thanks to a shared K&N filter. A Pressure flow oil cooler aids in delivering that reliable performance with the ECU tuned to do it all on regular 95 octane pump fuel.

As the DA boys describe, “In addition to the demand for a boxer engine, the customer was also looking for performance improvements in most of the Beemer’s other metric’s, too.” So with the engine sorted, it was over to the handling and braking department and clearly they’ve not let their lucky customer down. Up front there is a full Wilbers ZF fork setup secured in custom triple trees; it’s as good as anything on the market today and a favourite of German racers. Assisting the precise handling offered by the new front end is a Wilbers steering damper to rid the machine of any scary tank slappers.

Diamond is mounted in top triple

At the rear end, a Wilbers Blackline shock is ably assisted by an AC Schnitzer fully adjustable paralever strut. The factory Brembo brakes are good, but to make them even better they now get their power from a set of ABM custom steel braided brake lines. The ABM Multi-clip bars are fully adjustable and give the nineT and drastically different riding position. With AC Schnitzer fully adjustable rear sets completing the road racer riding position. But nothing says you race the roads like big dollar BST Carbon Fibre Wheels wrapped in sticky strips of Pirelli Supercorsa SP2 rubber.

Need more fiber in your diet?

Their reduced unsprung weight helps improve performance in every measurable way and with some custom paint and a machined rear hub, they’re candy to the eyes. To wrap the build up, the intent was to keep things as clean as possible and a total re-wire with Motogadget and ABM components does the trick. The final touch for the lucky owner is a 0.20 carat diamond neatly set in the top clamp; if you’re going all out you might as well do it in style. While a trip to the German TUV has the bike road legal and their scales reading out an interesting number. Now a svelte 170kg and packing 145bhp, the BMW DA#9T is going to be as hard to catch on the road as it is in this year’s Bike of the Year Awards. Break a leg, boys.

Like a car park in heaven

[ Diamond Atelier – Facebook – Instagram | Photos by Lukas Magerl ]

  • the watcher

    Ooh err! 145 horse boxer. That’s gonna startle a few Alpinestars wearers! Imagine their expression when this comes past. Looks good too (if you like the minimal thing, and I do)

    • Vulgar? It’s tiny, and bang on brand…

      • the watcher

        Where you gonna park it? Christ, 0.2 carat is easy a gram of smack, or a couple of good size rocks. Or at least a pair of top shit Nikes.

        • Timbo Baggins

          You are not alone

  • diego ribba

    First RNineT modified that looks different. all look the same to me, but this is something else. i love this bikes, but this one takes the game to a new level

    • martin hodgson

      Couldn’t agree more 🙂 That’s what the boys wanted to do, create a nineT like no other… and they’ve knocked it out of the park!!!

  • Some people are moaning about speed and crotch rockets but the combination of a stylish custom with brute power like this muscle RnineT, is simply jaw-dropping for me!!!
    The photo with the machined rear hub of the carbon-licious wheel and the Spark megaphone is pure porn gentlemen!

    • My pants are tenting as we speak.

      • the watcher

        Too much information…..

  • deABREU

    Isn’t that air filter is totally open to muck and water sprayed from the rear wheel?

    • martin hodgson

      Having run Supercorsas on my Ducati they’re definitely NOT a wet weather tyre. And I doubt this bike will be taken out in the rain. But on a sunny Sunday afternoon…. I can’t think of a bike we’ve featured this year that I’d rather throw my leg over!

  • Ann Luu

    Bike of the Year, much?

    • martin hodgson

      Definitely my number 1 so far for the year, absolutely perfect Sunday bike! 145hp from a boxer motor, you can just imagine the torque and how hard it pulls, looks incredible and will handle as well as anything on the road!

  • Super aggressive! Love it!

  • Thoughts on the space behind the headstock?

    • I actually didn’t know the nineT used a trellis frame. And to show it off in such minimalism with the colours and with a wicked custom tank… it’s awesome and such a change to see from the other custom R NineT’s
      I love this bike. The boys have their look down pat but they push the boundary each time. For me, I love the shared filter under the seat. Trick af.

  • Tim

    Muscular, svelte and brutal bike. This is the first nineT that has visually appealled to me. So sexy it’s making my pulse race and palms sweat! Beautiful article and photos as well. Cheers, DA and Martin Hodgeson for delivering two gems!

  • Len Farquharson

    Breathtaking genius at every level! There is no substitute for power! Love photo 7. Das ist hochintelligent!

  • Rob

    Without financial constraints (assumed), and without client constraints beyond “a boxer”, yields magic ….. made my day, thank you DA and Pipeburn

  • Krylov

    Carbon fiber wheels TÜV-approved? I don’t think so.
    (I wish, however, they would.)