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KING HIT. MotoVida’s Kickass Ducati 1098S Streetfighter

Posted on August 9, 2017 by Andrew in Café Racer, Streetfighter. 26 comments

Anyone who knows about cage fighting will tell you that the match itself is the easy part. Believe it or not, the pre-match process of ‘making weight’ – or losing mass to make your fighting weight by intense dehydration is the risky part. Go too hard and you could be facing hospital time or much, much worse. But for Canada’s MotoVida, the consequences of dramatic weight loss had a decidedly more pleasant outcome – more go. And here’s their title-winning champ, a 1098 Ducati they call the ‘Cage Fighter’.

MotoVida started out a few years back as a small shop and while they’ve grown since, they’re still only a team of five. Clearly dedicated to the service, customs and restoration of pretty much all makes of bikes, they’ve recently added the Moto Guzzi and Aprilia notches to their belts. “We’ve built ourselves around a completely relaxed and inclusive riding community,” says the shop’s Brent Giesbrecht. “We place an emphasis on the fact that old or young, novice or veteran, it does not matter what you ride. Everyone is welcome”.

Located in the heart of downtown Kelowna, British Colombia, they are lucky enough to have easy access to some of the country’s best riding roads and a climate that offers a lengthy riding season. And when it does snow, Whistler is only a half day‘s drive away. We could live with that.

“The donor bike is a 2008 Ducati 1098S,” says Brent. “We call it the ‘Cage Fighter’ because it’s got some streetfighter styling with cages we used to cover the open belts”. The bike was brought in by the customer in perfect original condition with a request to turn it into a stripped down cafe fighter. They knew he wanted a brown seat with some stitching, a shorter tail section and an industrial, gritty look. Apart from that, they were free to do pretty much whatever they wanted.

“We decided to give it a raw, industrial feel by working with the angles and lines of the trellis frame. We also wanted to play the bare metal look against the carbon fiber accessories that were already on the bike”. The soft lines of the swingarm were incorporated into the plate mount while carrying on the trellis theme. Once the lines were chosen, the engine was dropped, the bodywork’s mounting tabs were removed and the frame was completely re-painted.

The subframe was then shortened and lowered slightly to follow the new line of the fuel tank. It now also houses a lithium battery and an LED tail light covered with a stainless screen. “Mini signal lights finish off the sub frame. The seat and pan were made to lock into place without any fasteners as well as to cover the exposed area of the tank that would have normally been hidden by the fairing”.

Brent says the biggest pain was cleaning up the Ducati’s side of the bike, as the factory-installed electrical harnesses and plumbing sit outside the frame. “With the battery relocated under the seat, we were able to move the remainder of the harnesses to inside the frame”. Another steel box was then built to house the ECU and regulator and was also finished with a stainless screen.

“The plastic belt covers were binned in favor of cages made with stainless rod”.

And with the love given to the left side of the bike, it became obvious that the right side was getting a little jealous. “The plastic belt covers were binned in favor of cages made with stainless rod. A single LED headlamp, minus any housing, lights the way while the slightly taller than stock Woodcraft clip-ons carry CRG mirrors and Motogadget bar end signals”. The exhaust is a stock 1098 header system, but with a custom stainless megaphone.

All up, it’s a Ducati that looks like it’d give as good as it gets. With the stock 1098 putting out around 140hp at the rear wheels and MotoVida’s no-holds-barred ‘making weight’ regime, we’re guessing the end result that would be a bike that’d be ready to take a stock 1199 into the tenth round.

[ MotoVidaFacebookInstagram | Photos by Darren Hull ]

  • Artem Terekhov

    Pardon me, but I want exact numbers! It’s strange that article (and build) is centered around the concept of weight loss, yet final mass is nowhere to be found 🙁

    • It’d be a guesstimate only. Weighing a bike isn’t a simple task.

      • Artem Terekhov

        I’d say that it’s not an easy task for a layman, but the builder here went through all the trouble with the bike. Industrial scales are pretty common (widely used in logistics and shipping), I can’t believe he couldn’t find one. I mean, isn’t he just a little bit curious about weight himself? 🙂

    • Clinton Bailie

      Absolutely Unbelievable… Anyone willing to cut up a perfectly good 1098s is a Legend in my books

  • the watcher

    Always wanted a 1098s, but I wouldn’t want this one. Just buy a Duke Streetfighter if that’s what you like; don’t mess with one of the purest sport-bikes ever built.

    • the watcher

      And don’t get me started on the seat….

      • guvnor67

        OK, about that seat. . . .

        • Flying W

          Yeah, it looks like it should be sliced open and filled with lettuce, ham and tomatoes. This bike is ugly, and Andrew doth protest too strongly. And btw, it’s British Columbia, not Colombia.

        • the watcher

          I’ve said it before; the Big O, Johnny C, Arnie P. The men in brown? Did Mick want to paint it brown? Is the rider wearing brown always gonna shoot you in the back? No. And I’m certain I’m not the only one who won’t be back in brown. Enough!

          • guvnor67

            Or in a long brown limousine for that matter. .

    • This is a custom bike site. Messing with stuff is what we do. 😉

      • the watcher

        Sure, but the Streetfighter is so half-assed from the factory (the plumbing and wiring look like they were done by my local council!) that it’s crying out to be messed with. For me, the 1098s is damn near impossible to improve, and certainly not by removing the bloody gorgeous bodywork.

        • How much does yr local council charge for bike mods? 😉

    • Clinton Bailie

      This is not a Streetfighter… its a 1098S custom built to be purely unique…. This is Pipeburn after all. Cutting up bikes is what we do!

  • AB

    I own a 2015 Ducati Streetfighter 848. I was quite excited when the e-mail popped up this morning. Not for long. Sorry guys it looks like a patched up crashed 1098 not a cohesive naked build.

    • Is it true that the Ducati Streetfighters are incredibly uncomfortable?

      • AB

        Nah – the 1098 had lower bars which increased the reach. The 848 are 20mm taller – still aggressive but you quickly get used to it. The seat on first ride feels like a plank but is surprisingly fine for trips. It is possible that in almost two years of ownership my bum has firmed up – it’s not just a motorcycle ride – it’s a workout as well 🙂 . And of course the usual Ducati right peg oddity – again one adapts.

        Suspension is ‘Italian’ ie firm. I really need to eat more pies to sort that out!

  • Will

    I’d love to know what headlight that is, been needing a new LED lamp and that looks sharp

  • Andy Rappold

    Mechanical look and all…that thing looks a bit too busy for me. A bit paint here and there would have smoothed out that chaos , me thinks.

    • Could it be that there’s more detail shots than wide shots?

  • Gman

    Yikes!!! This is a lesson on restraint: show some. No disrespect to the builders but if Pipeburn is going to post bikes with the Subheading “Badass”, it best be badass. Not badass.. not even close. Let me be quick on the eye sores. Cage, seat(lopsided and wrong color) jagged asymmetrical metal do dad?? Just to name a few. But the real pity here is not the build but the hyperbole used to describe it. Weightloss?? Badass? Of all the beautiful builds submitted to you guys daily this is the one you pick and label Badass???Wow!! Hat off to the builders; bike are hard to build. Pipeburn, great builds are not hard to find, make an effort…

    • That’s the longest way to say ‘I don’t like it’ I’ve seen in ages…

      • Gman

        Lol! Being defensive doesn’t get anyone anywhere. I think you missed the point… Cheers Andrew;-)

  • guvnor67

    Not too keen on the seat here, and to me the cages look unfinished. But, the general lines and look are OK, and I love that exhaust.