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HELP, HELP ME HONDA. JSK Moto’s Surfin’ 250 Honda Rebel Scrambler

Posted on September 4, 2017 by Andrew in Scrambler. 19 comments

At first glance, Taiwan and California would seem to be world’s apart. But when you’ve spent your childhood in the East and now live on the West Coast, we guess the two just might cross-pollinate in some pretty unexpected ways. And for JSK Moto’s Samuel Kao, that mix was the guiding light for his latest build, a Honda Beach Scrambler with more than a little Taiwan built right in.

Named ‘Project Argent Corundum’ (meaning ‘Silver Jade) by Sam, the build is based on a Honda Rebel 250 that was stripped down and customised with the intention to create a lightweight, fun motorcycle that was a real tribute to youth. From the factory, the motorcycle weighed in at around 141kg (331lbs) and the JSK team managed to trim it by a solid  23kg (50lbs). Another goal for the project was to keep the original engine and frame but customise everything else with parts sourced from Taiwan – Sam’s birthplace.

“Using parts from the East was a decision to pay emotional tribute and respect to the first  25 years of my life, being raised in Taiwan,” says Sam. “With this project, we found there are lots of quality parts from the country. Regardless if it was for aesthetics, mechanical design, or engineering, the parts and professional services we used all have roots from there”.

Good in the desert, too

The front shocks for Argent Corundum are an OEM part for the Taiwanese SYM T1. These are then connected to the frame with a WRRP triple tree. Keen to fit a pair of BMX bike carbon fiber handle bars, they commissioned local metalworkers Black Smith Co. to make a bar mount to fit on top of the triple. They also installed WRRP rearsets and exhaust. For the break and clutch upgrades, Sam utilised a Frando master cylinder, clutch cylinder and caliper with PSR fluid reservoirs thrown into the mix. To make the engine breathe a little sweeter, they also slipped on a SIMOTA air filter.

“Then we commissioned AirRunner, our favorite custom painters, and once again they managed a truly beautiful job. We wanted to make it a budget friendly build, so this time the tank is not hand-made but instead a slightly modified tank sourced from a Royal Enfield. We chose that tank for the same reason we chose the number plate and headlights; the basic design elements of the bike are cubes or rectangles and the tank also followed the theme. Another reason why we chose the tank is because it can hold 17 liters (4.7 gallons). With that much fuel, you can basically scramble it for days on end before your next fill-up”.

The Honda’s rear shock is a custom-tailored Gears Racing HILL-2 Plus and the rims are from the Kymco Quannon 150m, as is the aluminium rear swingarm. Rubber-wise, Sam used the classic Maxxis 17″ flat track tires for the general riding setup. And for sand use, some German Continental TKC80 hoops are fitted.

“Project Argent Corundum was intended to be a lightweight, easy-going motorcycle that really only focuses on one thing. Happiness. Often we pursue the intense thrill of acceleration from a large displacement motorcycle. That’s cool. But we found that sometimes it feels great to get on a small bike for a bit of off-road fun”.

“a lightweight, easy-going motorcycle that really only focuses on one thing. Happiness”.

And as you can see from the photos, it’s also a very versatile little Scrambler. “It can be your little motorcycle to take for a free ride at a dry lake,” says Sam. “You can also use it as a racetrack pit bike, run local errands, or to take your board and go surfing. Whatever your pleasure is, this Honda won’t burden you with anything more than happiness”. Where do we sign?

Taking a break from the happiness

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  • AB

    Cool. It makes me happy just looking at it.

  • Len Farquharson

    Man and machine in sync; sweet!

  • I like it…but what do I know!….man and machine in sync for sure…DUDE! Surf is up!

  • Thoughts on the exhaust?

    • JayJay

      Cool. The can is very neat

  • the watcher

    Cute little Honda, but this bike and board shit is just bogus. Enough hodads.

    • Bogus? Hodads? Please explain…

      • Jonno Shakesby

        Riding to and from a surf in a warm country is one of the finest experiences I have attained, infinately more pleasurable than stripping off a freezing wetsuit and shivering your bollocks off waiting for the van to warm up. If riding to surf is bogus then colour me bogued for life. Quite why an adult would pass such judgement on another is beyond me but hey, we are all different. Lovely machine by the way, just the ticket for the job in hand.

      • the watcher

        “Hodads”: (n) people who dress, talk, or act like surfers but don’t actually get wet! “Bogus”: (a) bollocks.

        • the watcher

          Oh, and whilst I’m grinding axes: if you can grow a beard and get a tattoo you’re too old for a skateboard!

        • Dave Coetzee

          Some thoughts that struck me, besides being a cool li’l bike.
          Is it roadworthy – to actually be ridden from home and back?
          Riding it in thick sand may bring an inner unclad thigh (part below baggies) into contact with a hot exhaust pipe!
          What does one do with all the sand on one’s wet feet after a surf?
          Hopefully security of a ruck-sack containing one’s essential possessions, eg. wallet, drivers’ license & bike’s key, while surfing is not an issue.
          What makes you think I haven’t been during for 30 years – but even though I’ve always had scramblers, the cheapest car is much more practical for changing clothes and shelter for sudden changes in the weather, to name a few.

          • the watcher

            Aye, just look at the Wheels &Waves photos. Thousands of motorcycles, half a dozen boards. Nuff said.

          • Jonno Shakesby

            Have fun grinding that axe, at 46 I will continue to grind pool coping. Sandy feet… Oh the humanity.

          • the watcher

            Grind on, my friend, grind on…..

  • martin hodgson

    Love it!!! You could sell ten of these in my town in a day. Every morning many of us are quickly down to check out the surf and then shoot home to grab a board if it’s looking good. Many do these on pushbikes and loaded up with a board over the shoulder wobble along down the road at a snails pace!!

    This just makes all the sense in the world, as does starting with a Honda 250. Millions of these things, so you can pick them up for next to nothing unlike bikes like SR’s, R series BMW’s etc Super reliable engines, parts are dirt cheap.

    And this is just a trick as hell version of a style of bike that really should inspire. I think most have been put off by cost and while you can’t do this level of work cheaply, you can imitate the core philosphy.

    Absolutely love it, the mono-shock, exhaust and tank are the highlights for me!!

  • Andy Rappold

    Like: Exhaust, …
    Don´t like: Everything else…specially the ridiculous tank.

  • Dig it. Lots of cool little details and nice craftsmanship. And maybe the best factor, I just really wanna ride it!